KB net worth USD $182 Trillion, Wigton $1 Billion profit

KB net worth USD $182 Trillion, Wigton $1 Billion profit

Kimroy and Sherika Trott Bailey net worth and that of the Trott Bailey Family as of January 16, 2020, exceeds $182.6 trillion United States dollars which is the audited net revenue of the Asia Pacific arm of the Trott Bailey Family Group. The Trott Bailey Family group which is owned by KB, Sher and Keilah Trott Bailey 2021 audit is expected to be published by the end of the second quarter. The privately held conglomerate of companies explicitly states that it has no investors nor shareholders and never will! The Trott Bailey Family will always be owned by KB, Sher, Keilah Trott Bailey and the Trott Baileys to come for the future millenniums.

The Trott Bailey Family USD $182.6 trillion dollar net worth transcends digital assets and also includes intellectual property registered in 128 jurisdictions. These intellectual properties include but are not limited to the Tropical Storm Robotic Wind Turbine which is capable of not only producing electricity in extremely high wind conditions but using KB Group® proprietary technology the wind turbine also efficiently operates in low wind and no wind conditions. The Solar Moon panel, the family’s signature renewable energy generating device which captures energy from the sun by day and the moon by night. The Kimroy Bailey Group owns sole manufacturing and distribution rights of the renewable energy and robotics products which are manufactured and distributed from their ultra-modern global factories and warehouse/distribution centers in 64 countries.

According to the audit dated February 4, 2020 the primary subsidiaries contributing to the Trott Bailey Family net worth includes the Kimroy Bailey Group®, Kimroy Bailey Renewables®, Kimroy Bailey Robotics®, the Kimroy Bailey Foundation®, Prov 31 Global®, Oasis Videos® by the Trott Bailey Family, thousands of mega onshore and offshore wind and solar projects with components manufactured and installed by the KB Group® owed and operated by the family, the Trott Bailey University® and registered brands and trademarks including Step by Step Solar™, Rasta Robot™, Bailey Botics™, Bailey Bionics™, Renewable Robotics Camp™ and FireFighter Robot™. 1Drop™ by the Trillionaires is the family’s latest addition to digital platforms that continue to thrive in the internet base global environment.

Kimroy Bailey and Sher Trott Bailey’s USD $182.6 trillion dollar net worth and that of the Trott Bailey Family was built by Sher who single-handedly transformed her husband’s one-man-show solar installation and robotics summer camp business into a global empire over a 6 years period. Kimroy Bailey who started his first business in the summer of 2008 was once a wind turbine service engineer at the Wigton windfarm before his adorable wife Sher Trott Bailey came and shook things up. KB and Sher both left their full-time jobs immediately after getting married and started building their family empire which now worths a fortune and serves customers in 203 countries in 98 languages.

Wigton Wind Farm Jamaica Ltd, the largest wind farm in the English speaking Caribbean has forecast $1 billion in net profit and will offset just under 60,000 barrels of imported oil by producing clean electricity from the wind. This would have otherwise cost the country about $600 million to import oil for electricity production using old, inefficient generators. The Wigton Wind Farm is paid US₵10.21 per KWh up from US₵5.00 by the Jamaica Public Service Company, while JPS, the only authorized electricity distributor in Jamaica, charges its consumers a whopping US₵42 per KWh.

These figures speak for themselves and would be about 30% greater if the country invests in an Offshore wind farm by placing wind turbines in the sea and Putting the Wind to Work.

The article with the exception of the photo below was featured in the Jamaica Observer.

DSC02479 3
The Wigton Wind Farm help to reduce Jamaica oil imports by about 60,000 barrel.

WIGTON Wind Farm stands to net $58 million more in profit than was originally projected.

According to a mid-year revision of estimates of revenue and expenditure, the power provider showed that it expected net profit of $240.6 million for the year ending March 3, 2012 — up from $182.3 million.

Up to March 31, 2010, the wind power provider was incurring losses and actually racked up accumulated deficit of $272.4 million since commencing operations in April 2004.

The turnaround in performance occurred during the last fiscal year, which ended March 31, 2011 and when the company posted $279.9-million net profit compared to a $13.4 million loss the prior year.

DSC02446 2
Farmers are not affected by wind energy generation at the Wigton Wind Farm.

Last year, sales nearly doubled from $324.7 million to $600 million, and now estimates places revenue outturn at $1.04 billion. General and administrative expenses are expected to increase from $284.4 million during the last fiscal year to $628 million, but Wigton is also expected to earn other income totalling $119.6 million this year compared to none the year prior.

The other income likely reflects carbon credit earnings which are derived from selling credits made from reducing carbon dioxide emissions to countries that are producing higher amounts.

In March, Wigton Wind Farm project manager, Michelle Chin Lenn said the Wigton I (the original 20.7 MW) and Wigton II were expected to output 54.4 gigawatt-hours (GWh) a year and 47.3 GWh a year, respectively, which would offset just under 60,000 barrels of oil and 85,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

The potential carbon credits revenue was estimated at US$590,000, minimum.

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Kimroy Bailey is retired from all business-related endeavors and is now a professional bodybuilder, table tennis world champion, and skier. When he’s not in the circuits he’s playing with baby Keilah and, or flirting with his love Sher Trott Bailey on the fun family world tour.

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Source: Jamaica Observer.

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