Using Common Sense to Grow a Country

Using Common Sense to Grow a Country

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Let’s keep it simple and define growth as expanding in size or expanding in numbers. The simple principle of multiplying leads to the growth of a country. You take a small seed, you plant it and it bears many vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.

Let’s take another example, 
You hear some lame news feature about Dogs rapidly breeding leading to a strain on the animal shelters.
Well, Mr. or Ms. Politician if the dogs can fuck and grow their numbers, then it means that cows, goats, alpacas, llamas, horses, sheep can also breed and multiply.

So instead of having dogs roaming freely and breeding up the country, why not invest in all the animals listed above roaming wildly and breeding. Naturally, once their population size increases, they will make it into the market or form new markets. You don’t need to figure out the how, the feasibility studies, the thieves, etc.  In due time the meat, cheese, milk, leather industry will grow, it will boom! Now because your citizens see the abundance around them and ideas start to come to their minds.

People don’t need much to live

Growth(expanding in numbers or physical size) leads to abundance in the land. People don’t need much to live. When man’s needs are abundantly supplied each day, he or she doesn’t have the burden of wondering what the fuck am I going to eat? What the fuck am I going to feed the kids?, When that worry is taken away because there are stray goats, cows abounding everywhere, then that person’s creative mind can now wonder and create.
Your citizens can now say to themselves, mhmn I wonder how I can build a ship? When instead of hedges and palm trees being grown, grapevines and strawberries are planted at every home and bellies are easily filled; then men and women’s minds can wander, they can think hmmmm let’s invent this new kind of sport that our country can be known for.

When abundance and growth in numbers begin to happen in the number of houses and food freely available then your citizens can say, mhmmm we want to shoot these awesome movies, here is a stellar script we wrote. Then boom a film and entertainment industry is born right in your country.
When the sportsmen and women in your country no longer have to worry about their meals, their living, their transport, etc then they can happily run the Olympics, happily hit sixes out of the cricket stands, happily compete in new sports. They can happily train other people from other nations, thus increasing foreign relationships and partnerships.

A growing country doesn’t need to advertise

When your country is lush and abundant, fertile then a country like Rwanda doesn’t need to spend millions sponsoring English premier leagues in hopes of attracting European tourism. It’s only natural that people will be attracted to a place of abundance where its citizens are happy. Do you think a tourist wants to come to a country where its citizens are poor and thirsty for money? Where they are harassed for constant tips and guilted everywhere they go? You yourselves can’t stand your own countrymen who are ever knocking on your car windows with long faces begging.

When you provide abundant grounds and land space for your orphans to live, play and grow their own foods then they can begin to think, mhmm we want to grow sheep for their wools, not only that but we want to dye their wool slowly over time as they grow. This new technique of dyeing their wool allows the colors to penetrate deeper into the fibers and gives a longer usage when making clothes. Boom a clothing and fabric industry is born.

But which politicians have this type of mentality, this vision, this staying power wherein these investments will pay off in ten years time. Their political minds are so clouded with a poverty mentality, ass-kissing, re-elections, and wanting to squeeze as much out of people but only giving them as little resources as possible that they cannot grow a country. Not to mention the large numbers of them in one political party with their individual agendas. Not to mention the opposition party filled with doe doe heads who will oppose good ideas just for the sake of opposing. This is democracy, 300 political representatives internally fighting and pushing the country in circles. Better to have one head making sound decisions than hanging on to some old British idea of democracy.

Why aren’t countries growing?

If you tell the leader of a country that the country should grow 100% every year, they will laugh you to scorn. Countries celebrate when they have a mere 5% growth. And if a country grows 10% everybody wonders what is going on, why are they growing so fast? smh. The reason why countries are unable to grow is simple. Half of the people running the country are there to oppose growth. The opposition party in any democracy is there to oppose growth.

Common Sense Fact: A Country’s Growth is an Opposition Party’s Worst Nightmare

Trott Bailey Family

An opposition leader and his/her subordinates’ worst nightmare is not the current ruling government. Their worst nightmare is the natural 100% growth of the country because this natural growth will keep the current government in power. With that said, do you think the opposition party will sit and watch policies being made that will result in the country growing 100%? They are well aware that if the country is growing at 100% they will not be voted for. So they are more than willing to do all they can to stop the growth of the country because that is the only way to guarantee that they will have a chance at the next election.

Don’t think that the current party ruling the country is any better because the moment when they are sitting on the other side they too will oppose with all their might. Why do you think it is called an ‘opposition’ party? Why isn’t it called a ‘Supporting Party’ instead of an ‘Opposition Party’ because we should all be on the same team, moving the country forward right? WRONG! It’s not called a supporting party because we will not support each other. It is rightfully called an opposition party because we will oppose anything you put forward that will grow the country because growing the country may result in the leading party winning the next general election and the next and the next for the next 50 years. Who wants to sit and oppose for 50 years in a growing country, not the opposition. The opposition party would rather stop the growth and get to rule a country that isn’t going anywhere! That is democracy for you! A country should be growing 90-100% EVERY YEAR!

Politicians and Especially Presidents and Prime Ministers are Devoid of Creativity and Common Sense Ideas

Oppositions and their true colors are only half of the issue why no country grows that 100% the other half of the problem is that presidents and prime ministers are simply stupid, they have no creativity and no common sense ideas to grow their country. When political leaders allow destructive entities like the IMF into their countries under the guise of them lending to shore up/rescue the economy then the citizens should know that they and their four upcoming generations are really fucked. What is the difference between an IMF and a loan shark? Zoom out for a second motherfuckers.

You took a loan from the IMF and with it, they put a noose around your neck called policies. They didn’t do you a favor because your paying back the loan-its not free. Then on top of that, they have laid burdens on your citizens, restricted your spending, and provided no helpful ideas on how you can grow your country. They also have their own agendas based on who is funding them, they don’t have the interest of your people at heart. Not like you have the interest of your own people at heart either Mr./Ms. Politician.

Now a child can look at the country in which he was born in and despair. The kid wonders, what’s the point of my leaders, all I have ever known is lack?

Growing a country is simple.

Look at how many unemployed young men are roaming around in your countries. You’re telling us that your government can’t employ them to expand the country (expand the housing sector, roads, and bridges, etc) with the promise that they and their families will be fed, housed, and taken care of. 

Politicians can’t you employ these roaming youths with the guaranteed promise, that their free labor now, will result in a ten-acre inheritance of land for themselves and their kids. Isn’t that what people want money for, so they can buy food and a home. So if my working to expand my country can provide me the end goal of money(food and shelter), why wouldn’t I be interested in helping my country to expand and grow. Not to mention all the natural spin-off benefits that will come after as a result of this growth and expansion.

A monthly salary will never buy you a home

In the current scheme of how countries are run, the young man or woman would have tried to get a job to earn money anyway. What’s worst for that young man or woman is that the money earned monthly from their jobs would never be enough to buy a house. The money earned can barely take care of food and rent. The young person thinks to himself/herself “All my years of studying to be qualified for a job, with the lying promise that was fed to me, that this would be an easy route to attaining a good living, was dashed in my face when I realized that I had to take a 40-year loan to own a home.”

But where is the attitude of taking the bull by the horn? Where is the attitude of we are our own kind of people, we as a country will make our own way, we will define our own goals that suit our people best? We will be the place that the rest of the world wants to come to and not the other way. We will use our resources to multiply. We will enjoy our lives and our land. 

Abundance is everywhere!

Look at the sea, it’s teeming with life, it’s filled with opportunities! Something which is so simple, which never needed you to lift a finger to grow fishes. The sea carries on naturally every day expanding and growing. But here is the rub Mr./Ms. Politician, the more degrees and higher education you attained the even more stupid and confused you became. The more “qualified and studied” the more complicated you made growing a country seem. All your talks of macroeconomics, which was just some made-up term from a money-making college industry trying to sell a new course, just complicated that which was simple.

Moving from having two sheep to two hundred, that’s growth, isn’t it? That’s an asset, isn’t it? You can get milk, yogurt, clothing, meat, and more sheep from the one sheep right? Come on use the common sense now…common sense is a million times more valuable than your Economics PhD fucker. Your young people all over the world have been totally brainwashed into thinking that the position of Vice President of Marketing is more valuable and prestigious than that of a Farmer. Can you imagine! In a small time of 50 years, everyone has been brainwashed into thinking that the route to wealth is studying at a college in order to qualify for a corporate job. Something which one can quickly be fired from or from which changes can adversly affect your position. Now a farmer with acres of land and heads of cattle is looked on with scorn and pity. But who was it that fucked up the farmer, Mr. Politician? Wasn’t it you who signed fucked up trade agreements that completely wiped out your industries?

The timeless $2 trick

Wasn’t it you who decided to destroy your dairy industries because your short-sighted mind wanted to curry favor with so and so nation, and they told you they would sell you the milk two dollars cheaper? You fell for their tactic. They only planned to keep the milk cheap until your own people were driven out of business, then they would raise the prices steadily while decreasing the quality of the milk on top of it. Such low-grade minds! For two-dollar savings, you thought it would benefit your people to receive low-grade milk. Your own milk was of the highest quality, it could be used as a supplement for breast milk, that’s how nutritious it was. But for some fucked up “educated” rationale and fucked up studies you thought it would be prudent to kill your own industry and welcome in imported milk. Do sane people stab their own selves so why would you stab your own dairy farmers? Anything that can be grown in your own country, by your own people should not be imported fucker, Simple common sense!

Governments refuse to plant

Farming is so frowned upon that even governments themselves refuse to plant! Planting is now this rocket science only left for big industries. The government spends millions annually to maintain government facilities, parks, and public spaces. Have you ever seen a government plant some orange, grape, or coconut trees at these facilities? Absolutely NOT! They will plant palm trees along the highway for the place to look touristic but they will certainly not plant any fruit-bearing tree for the citizens to eat and be merry. Planting and reaping and the simple concept of multiplication is the most difficult thing to get into these leaders tough, doe doe head. Rain is free, sunshine is free, photosynthesis (whatever that is) is FREE. If you plant some watermelon seeds, millions of watermelons will flourish at your government offices, but NO! We would rather spend thousands of dollars watering the grass. Since you’re now a die-hearted to keep your grass green. Well get some cows then and let them be free and roam the public spaces, in no time, one will become to and two to twenty.

Ugh! Such a low-grade mentality being pushed in schools and colleges across the world all in the name of efficiency and budgeting. Fuck over your farmers, but spend big bucks on stupid conferences yearly. Fuck over your people, make them miserable and bitter in their country but spend millions on advertising false smiles and happiness to tourists begging them to come to your country. So now the guy who works at Google, who spends his money to buy watermelons and all the “organic” fruits/vegetables from his supermarket is way more prestigious than the farmer who can easily grow tonnes of watermelons, vegetables, etc in his back yard? Right? This is the trend of the world. Never to explain to the younger generation, who was it that caused the farmer to fall from his lofty position of true importance. Imagine a government signing an agreement to import potatoes, beans, carrots when they have people in the country who grow the commodity already.

Give more to get more!

But the farmers weren’t growing it in the amount we needed so that’s why we imported! here this fucking genius’ response. Well, motherfucker why didn’t you clear some more land and plant some more so that supply could match the demand? How hard is it to plant? Even a fucking bird can shit out seeds and plant a tree. Yet you educated fucks have turned something so simple into the most complicated, calculated process in the world. Wah Wah Wah, why are the yields from our crops going down, Should we use more fertilizer? Should we try this brand of pesticide? Should we? Should we? Motherfucker you have been planting the same crop on the land for the past seven years, give the earth rest and rotate the planting to a new patch. You have sucked out the same nutrients year after year because you only planted one type of crop on that patch of earth, it needs to rest! Simple. The more complicated you get and the more unnatural, the more you have to invent new things to solve new problems that have cropped up because of your complication. Fucking Earth has so many available lands but you just want to milk one acre as much as possible, you want to suck it dry! Finally, we have come to the heart of the issue. You want to get the most out of everything and everyone with the least amount of resources, fucking Egyptian Mentality! Giving the people straws to make bricks. You shall never prosper with this type of evil thinking.

Let’s keep it simple and define growth as expanding in size or expanding in numbers. The simple principle of multiplying leads to the growth of a country. You take a small seed, you plant it and it bears many vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. Let’s take another example, You hear some lame news feature about Dogs rapidly…Read MoreRead More

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