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School, Teachers, and Modern Day Parenting are all fucked up!

Schools, College and Universities are just a glamified daycare

Trott Bailey’s: What is a school? Right now it’s nothing more than a glorified babysitter for children. It’s where the children go while the corporate slaves called parents go off to staple paper and act frazzled.

Well ya… these city-bound, energetic and lively children need somewhere to stay in the meantime duh. We as working parents have no time to educate our own children, the thought of that is laughable! 🤣😂😆🤣


🤣 Look at these idiots, talking about educating our own kids! So  year 1850! Ancient.


It’s not like I am a parent who is living any type of life where I can train my kids with useful skills. If my little Jevaughn or Zeynep wants to learn about the countries in the world, it’s not like I can take him to them. If he gets curious about ships it’s not like I can show him how they are made or we can go sailing around the world as a family.
 I don’t even have the basic skills of building a home, something which I was taught from very early was one of the five needs of mankind. I don’t aspire for anything for myself except steady employment. That’s what I can pass on to my kids too.😌

Dumb ass Parent

Trott Bailey’s: 😋
Let us just get to it- schools are not teaching the kids anything useful for handling the practicalities of life. Once children have learned basic math and good diction then the education system goes downhill from there. Kids are natural learners, with a variety of skills and natural talents. To try and systemize and judge their abilities by one set of standards is foolhardy. However, this is what a school does. İt systemizes children to take the place of their system cookie parents.

Trott Bailey Family

The Ultimate Lie

Parents and schools lie to the children that their form of education is important for their future. They lie and tell the children that a college education is the gateway to wealth and a good living.

However, as a young kid growing into a teenager you started realizing that nothing you learned in school was ever really impactful towards your life and happiness. Your happiest time was chilling and laughing with your friends. Your most unhappiest was the seeing Mr. Simpson show up for Math.

School kept you away from your parents and from spending time with them. School made everything complicated. Teachers crushed your imagination. Parents in partnership with the school militarized your free time: you have to wake up at the same time every day, catch the bus, go to this class do this homework, etc. The one school trip off the fucking campus was the most memorable time of school life and even then the teachers cramped the vibes. If cramping your vibes was not enough, the field trip was only once per year, can you imagine!

The Payslip Slaves

Now take a look at your parents slaving away to have payslips so they can qualify for a forty-year mortgage. Look at your cheapskate parents who were always pinching pennies at the supermarket. Look at your overworked and distant parents who can’t stand it if your school has to close for a week. They are truly disgusted at the thought that and you, their kids, have to be at home with them.

Hey, Mr. or Ms. Young and Aware you can feel it in your gut that your school has no common sense can’t you? When they teach you quadrilateral equations and Pythagoras theorem you know this is pure bullshit. God forbid you should ever corner your lifeless and lackluster loser of a teacher and ask him or her the whole point of their lesson and when was the last time they used Pythagoras bullshit in their career?

Mr. Young and Aware take a look at your teacher…what the fuck is admirable about him or her? These fuckers are the ones who were looking for the easiest jobs to get into. Teaching was the minimum entry to getting a payslip and the payslip could get a mortgage. There are no greater cop-outs and quitters on life than teachers. What is Mr. Simpson, this stagnating fuck-wit, going to teach you from his outdated textbook? Your teacher will not tell you this but teaching was never the dream of 100% of teachers. It’s just that when all else fails then try teaching. School is the path of least resistance, in other words the daycare must go on.

Alright, so you have to go to the babysitters to endure their teaching. You would think at least they could teach you practical common sense things that will empower you to have a better life than your fucked up parents right?

Yet this lifeless institution – from the Ministry of Education all the way down to the Principals and teachers, are all fucking no life having dumb wits who regurgitate the same ole shit. Never to sit down with the kids and give them some life lessons like How to spot an evil man/woman bitch. Never to impart any good counsel to build children’s discernment to see through people’s bullshit. Always just quenching your ideas, your point of view is never good enough, it must be backed up by three sources. God forbid that you should be an original thinker, no!

What is the point of School?

  • Why doesn’t the school teach children how to build a house?
  • A 10-year-old child should know how to cut trees, place logs, and build his first home!
  • Why don’t they teach you how to grow food?
  • Why doesn’t it cross their minds to grow some chickens that lay fresh eggs across the camps?
  • Plant fruit trees, and ground provisions on the school’s property?
  • Basic common sense things like this which should be commonplace, are now given a spot on the T.V. news and becomes internet sensation if even just one Principal with some spark of life, does this at their school. Schools are that fucked!

The Parenting Guilt Trip

Isn’t the attainment of house and food, why your parents are slaving away at their jobs? Mr. Young and Aware, dumb ass parents never cease to guilt you with the reminder of how hard they have to work to put a roof over your head and food on your table. These fuckers called your parents, can’t let you chill in peace.

Listen Mr. Young and Aware if you’re born in a so-called ” developed country” where manliness and common sense are rare, know that you do not have to accept the bullshit of getting a mortgage to own a home. It is not the only route to homeownership. Nor is it a desirable route, frankly it is not even a route at all. Loans and interest will forever be a disgusting thing to mankind- nobody likes having it hang over their head.

Build Your Own Home!

Can you imagine if all young men knew how to build a home for their future wife and kids? İf they had their mill to cut wood and smooth it down. İmagine how useful it would be to know how to stack stone and bend metal? That way you can incorporate various materials in your home to give it your own style and personality.

Such a common-sense approach to teaching things that are essential is so clear to see, yet schools waste your youth on bullshit. By the time they are done with you your nothing more than a little know it all system cookie, the polite, nitpicky little asshole who loves to boast about your degrees but can’t change a tire, make a fire, fix anything or build a damn thing! 

This is the age when it is laughable when you know how to do anything with your hands. If you have practical skills you’re laughed at and especially if you have multiple skills. Laughable careers in this modern era are careers of the handy-man or the jack of all trade. But if you are a expert you are a hero. I am an expert web designer, like I don’t build the website that is for the web developer but I design it because I am an expert web designer. While the web developer can develop but can’t design.

Meanwhile in Papua New Guinea

On the other hand somewhere in Papa New Guinea, there is a handy-man who built his house along the coast with the help of his 13-year-old son. He just completed a new boat for his wife who loves to sail around the world. Their daughter who is 16 summers old, manages the family farm with everything the family of four and their neighbors could desire to eat from ducks to sheep to fruits to vegetables and everything in between.

That family is accused of being too primitive and the father should send his kids to ‘school’ and stop turning his boy into a man and his daughter into a know it all. He should let the Ministry of Education fuck them up and turn his kids into two more little system pussies.

Thanks to the scholars for NOTHING!

Whenever this Ph.D. having, specialists, or degrees having fuckers get together just know that all common sense has left the room and in walks complicated solutions, long-winded debates, high sounding words and jargons and references to outdated studies and statistics. Nothing gets done except excessive chatter! Better to have straightforward and simple sentences than trying to use complex words every two sentences to make yourself seem intelligent.

So schools push out large numbers of little system cookies each year at a rate that is too much for the small number of jobs available. Never once did the school or parents teach kids how to start their own thing or how to fend for themselves. All they know how to do is send out resumes and even in that, you have failed the children. The children have no real-world experiences to put on their resumes, no mentorships, or internships.

If this isn’t a form of hate and callousness towards children we don’t know what is! You have spent over ten years ” teaching” and molding a child yet have only made him or her worse off.

What a horrid and rotten future to look forward to. But you tricksters try to keep the children blind by glamorizing adult life. Yeah on T.V they sell you the life: you can stay out as late as you want, go to fancy restaurants, own a car, take trips, live it up away from your parents.

The reality is totally different: stuck in traffic, jammed up between people in train or buses, always doing overtime, maybe a trip once a year if you’re in the higher income bracket, barely making ends meet, pinching money, no adventure in life. At best your glory days are behind you. This is the path that your school and robot parents have laid out for you.

Fucking refuse it, kid! The fucking textbooks that they teach you are outdated. School never sets the trends and are always years behind in catching up. This is not the place to bank your future on.

We usually take jabs at how fucked up YouTube is but we will certainly give them credit or no not YouTube but the creators,  the people who have made ‘how-to videos’ on just about every topic. Here are some real teachers. It would be better for you to watch a guy build a house and follow along in your parent’s backyard than killing up yourself about college.

Mr. Young and aware, let us tell you something, you see these big corporations that every graduate is dying to work for- they are the biggest strains and resource suckers on the country’s economy. Do you know what keeps the country running: It’s the farmers, taxis, little shops/convenience stores, and more recently the weave business ( sounds far fetched but it’s true a bitch will work for weave🤣). These big corporations are forever getting tax breaks, bailouts, write-offs, extended payment plans for their electricity bills, etc.🤣 They don’t add shit to the national economy but suck it dry!

Why? Because they make the country look good. The corporations give the country the appearance of development. The corporations provide some place for the education system to dump it’s degree and PhD having doe doe heads. It gives the appearance/illusion of the education system being useful.

Mr./Ms. Young and Aware you would be so surprised at how creative you can be when you get involved in building your own home, farming your own food, traveling the world, learning how to build boats and ships, fishing, mastering the internet, animation, shooting movies etc. Choose the path of learning useful skills. Just dive right in, learn by doing. Fuck school!
Now no one is telling you to become some wild looking Alaskan Bush man or extreme weirdo far away from society and people. Don’t run into the other direction now. Build with abundance, grow with abundance and create with abundance in mind. Be superior to the system.

The sense of accomplishment, confidence and bravery it gives you is priceless. İt also means breaking the corporate curse for you and your future children.

February 2, 2021

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