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Psst.. I’m Going to See my Witch… but that Bitch will send me to the Ditch!

It surprised us, the Trott Bailey Family, just how prevalent the witchcraft lifestyle was on Earth. Literally, everyone has a witch or warlock he/she consults these days. Looks at us being naive!  We see that there are trusted and unquestioned sources like Disney, Cartoon Network, and Youtube Kids videos already planting the desire for witchcraft in children’s minds. So the naive Trott Baileys should have expected that when these kids grew into young adults, some would seek out these witches/warlocks. What’s more, we were born in a country that loves witchcraft. We know of people who base their moods, friendships, hate, and future decisions on horoscope readings. Still, there was a time when we never fully understood its prevalence and just how close it was.

We were once blind to the fact that when we were shaking Pastors’ and Deacons’ hands-on Sunday, they had used the same hand to cut chicken necks and sprinkle the blood with their witch doctor on Saturday. We were once blind to the fact that many of the persons who we interacted with within the corporate circles were wearing witchcraft ornaments like guard rings.

We were surrounded on all sides by perfect smiles from people who had just tried to use witchcraft to kill us. We can talk about this topic now because we are more aware and because such things can never affect our family. We are seated with Jesus Christ far above such evils. Many who have tried to harm our family using witchcraft can attest that the moment their witch tried that shit, their witches were instantly killed in front of their eyes by Jesus himself. Not that they will ever talk, but they know themselves.

Now witchcraft is not just about turning to a witch with some crystal ball or cutting goats’ necks and testicles. What about the people who go to these demonic sources and then turn around and give other people advice? For example, influencers and other people on Instagram and Youtube who have turned to witchcraft practitioners for life advice and to increase views, subscribers, and followers. They in turn come on their platforms and spill out the same evil advice from Satan to you the viewer. And you’re so stupid and pathetic the first thing you check in the morning is the latest posts on Instagram and video from your fav Youtuber.

Where do we even begin on this topic? Who are we writing for? We have no compassion for people who consult Satan’s minions for advice. Let them fuck up their lives and souls as much as they want. But we realize that we do have compassion for the young and pure at heart. Even if it’s only just one that’s left, that has not given their hearts to witchcraft, and with some regard for God, then we will write this article.

Now nations like India, Thailand, African nations, Middle East, etc which are steeped in witchcraft and false gods didn’t surprise us. What surprised us was the prevalence of witchcraft in the West. A place that touts that it’s founded on God and Christianity.

Mr. or Ms. Pure heart when you see a place like New Orleans which is steeped in this Vodoo lifestyle suddenly flooding out or being hit by some disaster, do not waste your compassion. Similarly when you see a country like Haiti so ravaged and filled with all manner of catastrophes-reel in your compassion. These are people who have openly chosen Satan as their master. What good can you expect from serving and depending on the Father of Evil?

When you hear a reporter out of his or her filthy mouth say something like, “We hope and pray that God will help the people of New Orleans or Haiti” be thankful that you didn’t see that tongue rot right there on TV. Who the fuck do they take God for? Why didn’t the reporter say ” We hope Satan and the Vodoo doctors help the people of New Orleans”. Why don’t they go and pray to this powerless Satan to relieve them from their disasters? Call on Satan, the one who you really turn to when you want to curse your co-workers, when you want to kill someone, when you want riches, when you want advice, and when you want peace of mind.

Do you know why they can’t turn to this comfortless and evil source in a calamity? Because they know that it’s only God that has true power. All their fuckery of getting guard rings, hexes, consulting tarot cards, evil witchcraft conferences, etc is just useless. There is nothing to be gained from Satan.

Mr. or Ms. Pure heart, what actually starts happening to a person as he or she becomes hooked in dealing with the devil in the form of the harmless-looking tarot card reader who runs a cute bakery shop on the side, is that his/her mind becomes cursed and warped. He/she just can’t think right, you become filled with fears and terrors which keep you going back to the witch.

Now, it never crossed the minds of the dumb-dumbs that the witch they are consulting for help and riches, is herself poor and miserable. Since you have invested so much trust into the power of this evil witch, why is she not rich? Why doesn’t she know how to prevent disasters in her own life? Why can’t she tell you about all the numbers in the Lotto that’s going to play tomorrow?

It’s time you see people for who they really are

Mr. or Ms. Pure heart, when company executives, board members, investors, church officials, politicians, doctors, teachers, tv directors, tv producers -fuck it just everybody who you would have thought weren’t going into dark rooms and making sacrifices, are actually the ones around you doing it, then your over respect and awe of such people should vanish. You see, you care too much what these suit and tie types think, you believe in the doctors’ report, you think the teacher is sweet, you want to be in the good books of your church leaders and peers. You want your mother-in-law’s approval, you want the boss’ praise, you want to emulate some famous star’s look, etc. What the fuck for? Which one of them isn’t secretly or openly guided by darkness? Can anyone see clearly in the dark? Can good political policies come out of darkened minds? Can witchcraft workers come up with good work policies that benefit workers? Can fear-filled and vindictive teachers inspire children in any way? The same people consulting evil advisors/witches/warlock/ are the same ones creating movies, television series, teaching kids, running governments, etc. How can any good come out of these people? That’s why movies are so uninspiring, music videos are so visually creepy.

Take a look at some of the weird cartoons on Cartoon Network for example. It’s why evil bitches can get their own tv reality shows and depict messed up womanhood. It’s why the UN can pretend to be doing good and helping out nations on the surface but be so broke. It’s the fact that the majority of the world depends on witchcraft that has caused so much poverty, sickness and murders on the Earth. The mind of such people can only think of evil and can never bring prosperity. Only lack and falseness can come out of them. There is no peace for their households. They bring calamity on their own heads and that of their children. There are families steeped in generations after generations of witchcraft who have reaped poverty, deformities, suicides, weird deaths, and madness on their children. 

Why pretend that it’s only a few who are living this lifestyle in the West?  Nowadays your weird for talking about God like you really believe he is real, but it’s cool to consult a tarot card reader or astrology signs for life advice. Even the tarot card reader who only started out doing it as a con job to earn money cannot escape from the evil results that come from straying into Satan’s territory. It’s all powerless and a bunch of bullshit that can never work against God’s people (don’t rush to assume that church attendees are synonymous with God’s people). However, the ones who have put their belief and have given over their hearts in trust and reliance on Satan opens a garbage dump of sorrows in their minds and lives.

Overall Mr.or Ms. Pure heart the point of the article is not to make you fearful or suspicious of everybody. It’s simply to make you unimpressed by people and to watch what advice is going into your ears. It is also to highlight why a lot of what passes on television dramas, reality tv, and children’s videos seem so weird, cold, mentally callous, wishy-washy, and uninspiring. It’s to give you some answers as to why the corporate world feels so oppressive, why are political agents so void of ideas, why sermons are so lackluster, why life on the Earth just feels heavy, poor, and filled with bad news.  It’s because the people behind these systems are connected to evil and barren sources for their guide.

When witchcraft has spread and become so accepted that a practicer can advertise their evil services on television and even have their own tv shows and cover the rottenness by saying they are helping people- then you know a nation has really started to wallow in the pit. When children’s content on DisneyTV and YouTube can talk about Good witches versus Bad witches, so thereby saying there are some good witches and good witchcraft out there then you know the kids are really fucked.

Well, how should one operate in such an evil environment?

We can’t speak for you, we can only speak for ourselves and use ourselves as an example. For the Trott-Bailey Family, we literally don’t give a fuck about any of these False gods like Allah, Vishnu, Satan, or the forms of evil like Voodoo all that fuckery, etc. Our attitude is simple: Anyday or Anytime Any Motherfucker tries to step to us- our God will fucking rip your god or witch apart in the blink of an eye.

August 5, 2021


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