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The Table Tennis World Champion Course is the number one place in the world to learn simply how to become a table tennis world champion. Follow the footsteps of Kimroy KB Bailey who has traveled the world with the Trott Bailey Family on the fun family world tour playing against the best players of the sports across Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

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May 23, 2021

Muscles and Agility are key to master the Table Tennis World Champion online course

Learn how to master Power, Speed and Reflex in the Table Tennis World Champion online course from the Trott Bailey University.

Intimidate (and scare) your oponent with raw power and incredible placement

Flexibility is key to be at all places, at all times to keep your oponent stunned at your returns

Catch your oponent off guard. Master the skills of the Brutal Backhand in the Table Tennis World Champion online course by the Trott Bailey University

It's about time you learn to play unreturnable shots. Let your opponent spectate on your greatnest. Hit the ball so hard and place it so well where they can only watch and wish!

Course Currilcum

    • Table Tennis World Champion Section 1 Highlight 00:03:00
    • Quadrillionaire World Table Tennis Champion Kimroy KB Bailey Vs Philippines #1 00:33:00
    • Service Training 00:28:00
    • Practice Match 00:04:00
    • Brutal Backhand Vs Table Tennis Machine 00:07:00
    • Chop Block Attack Vs Machine 00:10:00
    • Forehand Shot Placement 00:13:00
    • Forehand Power Attack 00:09:00
    • Forehand Swing and Speed 00:13:00
    • KB Vs South China #1 Female Coach 00:30:00
    • KB Vs South China #1 Female Coach Pt 2 00:10:00
    • Asian Master Table Tennis Pro League World Tour 00:33:00
    • Forearm Sweat and Endurance 00:30:00
    • Match Kimroy Bailey World Number Table Tennis Player vs Korean Champion 4 days

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  1. Simply an awesome course


    I recommend that you enroll and enjoy this course. I fully recommend from the land of the People’s Republic of China.

  2. Exceptional Table Tennis course


    This course really gets you going from the get go. I love the training videos where the instructor Mr Kimroy Bailey is practicing using the table tennis machine. My favorite section though is the units on how he serves and apply underspin to get the ball to change direction. Absolutely wonderful course. I am happy I enrolled.

  3. Not a spectator anymore


    I always enjoyed watching Table Tennis

  4. Best Table Tennis course on the planet


    I have been playing table tennis in Guangzhou china since I was old enough to hold the racket, in chai we call it bat. I’ve been to more than 6 table tennis concentration camp where you have to concentrate and play every shot like a robot. I have won numerous international and local TT tournaments. I love this course because Kimroy Bailey playing style is different. If you play from the textbook, you’ll never beat any Chinese player, not even a 10 year old because we invented the textbook. When you watch the videos in this course and practice like Mr Bailey plays this playing style will always surprise a Chinese player and we hate surprises, we love when you play text book top spin, back hand etc because we know what’s coming and how to beat you with it. This course is surprising very very interesting and wonderfully structured with lots of matches and no talking. The way it should be, learn by doing. Thanks TBU 🧑‍🎓👌 for an amazing course.

  5. Enrolled my 15 year old daughter in this course


    My daughter has been playing table tennis for about 2 years now, we wanted a refreshing way to teach her and this course absolutely did it. It doesn’t tell her dos and donts it just show her what Kinroy Bailey does and if she wants to try she can go right ahead. It also got me on the game too, KB plays with so much energy and passion you can’t help but want to learn the game as well. Thanks for making such an awesome course free as well. We really love the dynamics of the Trott Bailey University 🎓

  6. Smoke em with this table tennis course


    I’ve not played table tennis in quite a while, I loved the sport when I was in college. The course is excellent and really gets the blood pumping to go out over a table again.

  7. Awesome course for beginners too


    There are not much table tennis course in the Internet. This is no simple feat but an awesome course to take you on the road to becoming a professional player. Thanks TBU 🎓

  8. Table Tennis World Champion is a Champion course


    If you’re playing table tennis and you don’t merely want to be another player who’s not going anywhere then you want to take a look at this course. IT really shows talent from a different planet and skill that is above par to all that I have seen anywhere. Great course and powerful insights for service, ball placement and power! You hit it out of the park with this one TBU

  9. Excellent Table tennis course


    No text book, no out dated technique not even talking just showing us exactly what to do. İ absolutely love this form of teaching, so different, so fresh! Thank you Trott Bailey University for something different.

  10. Great course, no talking just acrion


    I’ve been playing table tennis for over 16 years now and professionally for 4. This is by far one of the best display of talent and skill in the game. I’m not one for muscles and haven’t played anyone super muscular like KB so I thought it would be hard to do long sessions with such super muscles but the guy is just great. You can easily see why he’s the world champion

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1 year

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