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Table Tennis World Champion

The Table Tennis World Champion Course is the number one place in the world to learn simply how to become a table tennis world champion. Follow the footsteps of Kimroy KB Bailey who has traveled the world with the Trott Bailey Family on the fun family world tour playing against the best players of the sports across Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

100 Business Ideas and Advice

This Trott Bailey University course will guide you in the right direction while keeping it simple. Our course is filled …

Bodybuilding for Marketing the Billionaire in YOU

This course is developed and instructed by Mr. Kimroy Bailey. Bodybuilding became one of his recent passions and it has contributed exponentially to the Trott Bailey Family Group of Companies exposure in Southeastern Asia and has increased the family's wealth exponentially as well. This course shares bodybuilding tips and tricks and Global Marketing Strategies that you have never ever seen or considered before.

Step by Step Wind Turbine Installation Training for Residential Homes

The Trott Bailey University developed this wind turbine training program for residential homes as a course companion to our signature Step by Step Solar course over 5. This wind turbine installation course has blossomed to stand on its own and is now the industry standard for wind turbine installation and certification for wind turbine installers across the globe. We have trained over 900,000 wind turbine installers over half a decade in 120 countries and 75 languages.

Step by Step Solar Panel Installation Training for Residential Homes

The Step by Step Solar online course will teach you how to confidently install a reliable solar energy system at any residential property. The course was developed by the Kimroy Bailey Group and accredited by the Trott Bailey University. We have certified over 260 million solar installers from 137 countries in 108 different languages.

FREE Step by Step Solar Energy Installation Training Course Level 1

FREE Step by Step Solar Energy Installation Training Course Level 1 is the #1 FREE solar installation course with over 412 million students in 198 countries. Learn the basics of an off-grid solar system, how to install a residential solar, System Components, and Much more. The Level 2 Course of Step by Step Solar costs only US $1818, get your global solar accreditation from the Trott Bailey University.

Step by Step Solar Panel Installation Training for Commercial Projects

The Trott Bailey University Developed the Step by Step Solar Panel Installation Training Course for Commercial grade solar installations varying from hotels, restaurants, and local businesses. This course is the most natural extension of the Step by Step Solar panel installation for the residential home course. Level 2 has much more hand-holding and is delivered in a semi-live format with a course start date. The course caters to a beginners who is fresh from level 1 but ambitious in landing a commercial job or working in one of our network of projects with other certified installers. The wonderful course experience that Level 1 offered a great in course experience and commercial solar is just as awesome. Tons of supporting documents, one on one session to ensure that you clearly understand and fun tasks to prepare you for a commercial project in a light-hearted way.

Mindset of a Multi-Billionaire

Global Exporting Simplified

The Trott Bailey University has been conecting the dots on export and importation between the 80 countries within which they operate. Exporting is incredibly easy and much more profitable than keeping your products local. This course will show you the ins and outs of export, pricing, margins, and winning your importers' trust.

Fire Fighter Robotics Kit: Robot for Beginners

The Fire Fighter Robotics Kit was developed by the Kimroy Bailey Group to teach kids how to make a functional robot capable of searching for a candlelit fire and extinguishing the blaze. The Fire Fighter Robotics online course was developed by the Trott Bailey University with kids in mind. As a result, the course is designed to be easily followed by kids and adults alike.
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