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A Multi-Billionaires’ Attitude Towards Money

How most persons see money

Money, money, money. Many say money makes the world go around. Others say it is the route of all evil. Some say they would like to have it, but not too much of it because it makes people corrupt, they just want enough to be ‘OK’. Others would say money is the silver bullet that will solve everything in their lives once they have it. What does the Trott Bailey Family think about money? To live comfortably and happily, a multi-billionaires’ attitude towards money requires a complete renewal of your mindset has to be achieved wherein there’s no fear of earning, spending or losing money.

$1 Vs $1 Billion the Principle of moving up! A multi-billionaires’ Attitude Towards Money

It is an absolute fact that it is a million times easier to move from $1 to $2 than it is to move from $1 billion to $1 billion and $1. When you are at the bottom you can only go up, but when you are in the billions there are a million reasons to go down. The Trott Bailey Family has absolutely no fear of losing money. That fear can cripple you, it makes you watch every news on the stock market, read every article about the trends, constantly calling your portfolio manager or whoever manages your funds stressing over every drop of a hat. When you only have $1 you don’t stress about a damn thing. You’re mentally is who gives a f*** I am dead broke anyway. Believe it or not, that mentality is priceless and that is the only way we look at money, “Who gives a f***”. God blessed us, nobody can take it away from us because nobody gave it to us. If Popsie, the nickname for God, decides to take back some or all then hey, we know He has some awesome plans up His sleeve. 

The one thing that allows us to have a stable mind is the fact that the Holy Spirit built our empire. It is not because we are smart, or savvy, or techy, or genius, or anything. We listen and follow Popsie and we desired extravagant amount of wealth and He said: “Here you go kids”. The Trott Bailey Family Group of Companies operates in over 120 different countries. The Kimroy Bailey Group manufactures Rasta Robot and other educational robots and renewable energy packages in 12 countries and ships globally from Istanbul and Hong Kong to over 122 countries.  Sher Trott Bailey and Kimroy Bailey are totally hands-off with all business operations. Country and regional managers have all anatomy to do as they please. Only the peace of God can allow us to retire at 25 years old. Yeah, we are 25 😉 and we’re forever young so we’ll always be 25 years old. So next year, we’ll just be 25 again :-).

the duo owner of the trott bailey university kimroy bailey and sherika trott bailey having a quick kiss for the cam

No Investor, Ever!

For our family, there are some principles that we stand by and one of the major ones is that we do not partner with investors. The reason behind this is simple, each person that comes into your business comes with their own agendas, their own way of thinking. Usually, an investor is not there for the long haul, he or she is only there for the ‘haul’ lol. We think the term ‘Angel Investor’ is a mockery of the use of the word ‘Angel’. Investors are anything but Angelic! 

We say this to our Masters Study Business students all the time and the first question is ‘So where are we going to get the money from?’ It always makes me laugh because my question to them is ‘When the investor invests do you think you ‘get’ any money?’ Our Masters Study Business Students would stop for a moment because naturally, they know that the answer is not a simple YES, so why is the answer NO? People frequently think investors come with the money magic! 

sherika trott bailey at the trott bailey university in south korea along with baby keilah trott bailey

Money has Very Little Power! A multi-billionaires’ Attitude Towards Money

As a multi-billionaire, you quickly understand how little power money has and how much can be achieved without money. This topic is covered in great extent in Developing a Global Business Course, we will not burden this article with the stats. But the students normally follow up by asking: “how will we launch a global business, market our company and export our products.” Believe it or not, you don’t need an investor to do ANY of the above! Again the Developing a Global Business course has the answers but we can hint at how Bodybuilding for Mr. Bailey allowed him to penetrate the Southeastern Asian Market and make billions from robotics sales and Trott Bailey University enrollments. Bodybuilding did not cost a penny and did more than enough marketing for the Asian Pacific arm of the Trott Bailey Family Group. 

You are who you think you are, why not think you’re wealthy?

First, you need to see yourself as a multi-billionaire, yes even if you do not have a penny in your account and you can bearly keep your internet service-connected. A multi-billionaires’ attitude towards money is more about the mindset than it is about the money. Money goes and come, your mind is here to stay. Think wealth, think empire building, think legacy, dream BIG and Keep Believing nobody can take that away from you! TeamKB

When you think you are wealthy, it makes you quickly realize how much you can do without a single penny. When you think you’re poor, it makes you depressed, it makes you wonder who can help you up, it makes you feel hopeless and then once money comes along all is well. When you understand that you are wealthy right now, you are a multi-billionaire right now then you realize that there is no need to wait for help, you are going to hustle your hustle, you’re going to fight your fight and stop the pity party BS! 

Our family also believes in leaving an inheritance for the future generations and within this modern ecosystem most businesses most so-called ‘Global Businesses’ are owned by shareholders and are run by CEOs who have no input or loyalty beyond their paychecks to the growing health and sustenance of an empire. And why would that be, they don’t own the business they cannot pass it on to any children. They are on mere contracts that can be easily terminated. They can be easily fired.  The sum total of their desires is to do a tidbit better than the preceding CEO. However, the mindset of a multi-billionaire must be towards your family, and endurance of your name, your legacy and a piece of the pie for your generation to come.

kimroy bailey and his beautiful daughter keilah trott bailey leaving a great inheritance for his little baby that is a multi-billionaires attitude towards money

A Billionaire doesn’t Make You Any Less Human

A multi-billionaire has to have his or her pulse on what’s happening in the world and certainly, that pulse cannot come from watching the New. He or she needs to know what’s happening by experiencing, by being on the streets and by streets I mean the streets across the world. So, yes a multi-billionaire naturally must be a world traveler and must be able to blend in and become one with a regular man or woman. Above all, a billionaire is a regular person. As a matter of fact, being a multi-billionaire is only one tiny percent of what you are as a human. Just because you are born rich or you became rich building your business doesn’t stop you from being human.

KB and Sher both love table tennis, for example, Sher loves to shoot guns, eat Asian cuisine (or almost any cuisine for that matter, she just loves to eat) and water sailing while KB loves bodybuilding and Keilah loves to dance along to Baby Shark. Wealthy yes, but first humans. Billionaire or not, you are human and money will never change that. So, start with the little, a multi-billionaire has to have a family first, not money and a true love for their spouse.

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August 5, 2021
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