The Journey to Seattle

The Journey to Seattle

Jamaica, Miami, New York, Seattle…

Day three of the countdown was consumed by immigration, connections and weather changes. I will provide a photo review of each day for the next couple of days to share the Seattle experience leading up to the competition. Yesterday I checked in at the Norman Manley International Airport at 4:30am for my 06:30 flight which started the 25 hour journey to Seattle Washington, USA. Minutes after takeoff and the plane seemed to hover over sections of the toll road which resulted in the day’s first photo.

The Portmore toll road and a section of the largest Transshipment Port in the English speaking Caribbean.

Few minutes later we were at the other end of Jamaica; the sun was higher, the sky was brighter and fogs lingered over the mountains at day break in Trelawny, Jamaica.

Sunrise over the Cockpit country, pure beauty. 

Last thing I remember after this was sleeping to the sound of “Nobody Greater” by VaShawn Mitchell and waking up to the announcement that passengers should buckle up and prepare for landing.

Minutes before landing at the Miami International Airport.

After spending about 4 hours going through immigration, eating, sleeping and more sleeping it was time for the second flight to New York. New York was cold, cloudy and rainy, I tried but couldn’t take a good pic while in the air due to the thick clouds so I borrowed one from Mark Vogan’s Weather Blog of downtown Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan complements of

50 minutes after landing at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York it was time for the final flight to Seattle. Seattle was twice as cold, my nose was running, eyes watery and already mi miss mi yaad. I heard it’s really beautiful though, well its only 2:00am so there wasn’t much to see but the airport had free WIFI so I can’t really complain, unlike MIA and JFK where you had to pay. The trip is going great so far just hoping that the weather warms up Jamaican style.

My conclusion goes without saying like the Trini & Bajan duo of Nicki and Rhiana said “I came to win” in one of my favorite motivational songs.

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