Request for Support: KB Foundation Tag Drive

Request for Support: KB Foundation Tag Drive

concert ticket (Final)
The Kimroy Bailey Foundation: Gospel Concert and Fun Day

In a bid to raise funds for the Caribbean’s first 100% Renewable Community Center, The Kimroy Bailey Foundation  has organized a day of fundraising activity in the form of the 100% Renewable Gospel Concert and Fun Day. Our  Non-Profit Organization is requesting corporations, businesses and individuals to kindly assist our vision by sponsoring  or donating to the events scheduled for Independence Day: August 6, 2013. Volunteers from the Kimroy Bailey Foundation decided not to sit aside and wait for help but to do what they can to raise funds needed to pay performers including: Minister Kevin Downswell and DJ Nicholas, the  MC: Nadine Blair; and to cover  the Fun Day equipment: Bounce-A-Bout, Electric Mary-Go-Round, Bungee Trampoline and the other costs attached to organizing a grand fundraiser.

With this in mind on Saturday July 13, The Kimroy Bailey Foundation and its group of dedicated volunteers journeyed to the towns of Falmouth, Trelawny and Montego Bay, St. James to continue our efforts to raise funds for the 100% Renewable Community Center in Litchfield, Trelawny. Staying true to our 100% Renewable Theme we used bamboo ‘tins’ to collect donations and armed with $50 and $100 tags, the group of over 20 volunteers ventured out with eager spirits and hopeful hearts.

Some of the volunteers from the Kimroy Bailey Foundation smile for the camera with their Bamboo tins

This marked the second in the series of tag drives across the island. The first stops were Christiana and Mandeville Manchester the previous weekend, July 6, 2013. We arrived in the laid back town of Falmouth at about 11:00am where residents going about their business were eager to contribute funds and talk to our volunteers. Volunteers approached individuals, delivered a 30 second pitch about the community center and how their donations can help and then persons would then purchase tags or contribute what they had. The reception in Falmouth was great.

Residents from Falmouth and Montego-Bay Contributed to the Kimroy Bailey Foundation’s 100% Renewable Community Center


Donors proudly paused for a photo after contributing in our KB Foundation bamboo tins 🙂


Numerous residents eagerly contributed to the cause, some asked all the questions they could think of, others shared words of motivation and wished the project all the best while most gave what they had after hearing what the 100% Renewable Community Center is all about. After about an hour and a half of navigating the many streets of Falmouth, one of the first town’s in the world to have piped water, we had to prepare to leave and head further west to the second capital, Montego Bay.

Donate Online to The Kimroy Bailey Foundation Community Project

We settled at a public hang out spot along the Hip Strip in Montego Bay to enjoy our home cooked lunch of french fried chicken, sliced bread and drinks, then it was back to the business at  hand.  In contrast to the easy going pace of Falmouth, Montego Bay was bustling. The streets were filled with people and our volunteers bravely approached to ask for donations and sell tags, in order  to help bring us closer to our goal of over $5 million Jamaican Dollars. The funds are needed to purchase computers, solar panels, wind turbine plus other components of the project. Many persons gave willingly, some even more than once as they encountered different volunteers in different sections of the town. Many individuals were curious about the project and the work the Foundation is aiming to get done. Many engaged in discussions on the topics of energy conservation and proclaimed their support for  the use of renewable energy locally.

Volunteers from the Kimroy Bailey Foundation flocked the streets of Falmouth and Montego-Bay in their bright yellow Team KB Shirts.

We would like to say thanks to all who stopped to talk to us, whether you had the chance to contribute or not, whether you gave a little or a lot. We are grateful and we salute the people of Falmouth and Montego Bay who made a long day in the sun a very fulfilling experience for all our volunteers. We express our invitation to corporate Jamaica or anyone interested in contributing to the Caribbean’s first 100% Renewable Community Project to contact The Kimroy Bailey Foundation via email or cell (876) 834-5971. The Community Center will be a homework and training center with internet access, printing and other facilities for students and residents in a rural Jamaica. The center will be powered using 26 solar panels and a wind turbine and will also host skills training for unemployed and youths in the area for various vocations including renewable energy system installation. The center will contribute to the lives of thousands of individuals, primarily youths in rural Jamaica.

concert ticket (Final)
The Kimroy Bailey Foundation Fundraiser: 100% Renewable Gospel Concert and Fun Day

Inspire the Change by Sponsoring, Contributing or Donating to our Fundraising event. Contact The Kimroy Bailey Foundation (876) 834-5971 or Click Here

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