Solar Plane for Jamaica’s Logistics Hub

Solar Plane for Jamaica’s Logistics Hub

The expectations of the expansion of The Panama Canal are to redirect fleets of mega-ships through the heart of the Caribbean. These vessels will save millions invested for transportation since they will now enjoy a shorter route and will create a US-Multi-Billion dollar Logistics Hub industry for any Caribbean territory capable of accommodating these vessels.Countries such as: Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Jamaica are either planning or expanding ports to accommodate mega-ships due to the Panama Canal expansion 1.

solar plane 1
Solar Plane Flying over Shipping Port [Edited Photo] Credit: Sunseeker
According to Minister Hylton, “When completed, The Global Logistics Hub will include clusters of global businesses operating from special economic zones and, technology, logistics and industrial parks.” JIS states that transportation will be vital to interact between the various parks. A resourceful idea to use Solar Planes to avoid traffic, lower the cost of fuel and manufacture these solar planes locally. Additionally, it provides a cheap and reliable medium of accelerating businesses between the economic zones, technology, logistics and industrial parks. With the trend of 3D printers, do it yourself solar kits, a team of dedicated individuals and the legal framework to promote local manufacturing solar planes can easily be manufactured in Jamaica or any island state in the Caribbean.

In Washington, DC, a small plane which carries only one person reached a maximum of 50mph based exclusively on solar impulse. Witnesses say its silent sophistication and well lit wings were more than just an eyeful as it glided onto the runway of Dulles International Airport in Washington.

Pilot, Bertrand Piccard made delightful jokes about his almost miraculous expedition. He explained that however long the journey, it is quite a feat to be the first to experience such a positive change in humanity.

Power the Port with 100% Renewable Energy and Put the Wind to Work

The flyer of the first solar powered aircraft to fly by night and day explained that this magnificent piece of work was fueled by nothing but the sun and 12,000 photovoltaic cells along its wings.

The length of time it would take a solar-powered plane to travel from Kingston to Montego Bay could be done numerous times in a round trip if done by a car. So, we can safely say that the only shortcoming of this experiment is its speed. However, this was not the point. Futuristic technology will always allow incredible improvements. This type of exposure is a well-needed chance to illustrate the prospective use of clean energy technology.

The speed of these aircrafts prohibits them from coming inland while commercial flights are ongoing. Flight during turbulence is discouraged because of the light weight of the machine. Evidence shows that it weighs at least the weight of a mid-sized car. Small yes, but effective.

An experiment with the aircraft during an episode of turbulence and the after effects of a tornado was done in Dallas and St. Louis, respectively. These types of experiments allow technicians and mechanics to have a better understanding of the aircraft in and of itself and give them the opportunity to make adjustments where necessary. Prospects for the future include an attempt to take flight around the world in 2015. The goal is to give people a glimpse of the endless possibilities of solar energy and alternative energy at large. Jamaica’s logistics hub should be far advanced by 2015 and would therefore coincide with new technology to increase the speed of solar planes and allow them to carry much heavier cargo.

solar plane 12
A Beautiful view of a solar plane over Jamaica’s Shipping Port [Edited Photo]
So far, research has shown that the plane can rise up to a maximum height of 28,000ft (8,500 meters) and enter an exquisite decent where the engines are switched off on a calm and clear day.

Willingly take a step into the surviving future of solar energy. Where the skies will be beautifully lit by solar-powered aircrafts and airports will be filled with the sweet silence of graceful ascent and elegant descent of well-designed planes.

Source: Guardian

For any Caribbean territory to launch ahead in the Global Logistics Hub race they will have to consider what happens after the mega-ships dock. One hundred percent (100%) renewable energy will drive the cost of electricity down and increase the number of vessels while Solar Planes will connect the dots between these Logistics spots.

Globalization poses many challenges to developing countries such as those of the Caribbean. These countries experience a great deal of unease regarding the maintenance of economic stability. Automatically, trading will become or already is vital to any country. The Global Logistic Hub presents an opportunity for Caribbean countries to experience growth and productivity.

In order to take advantage of these trading opportunities Caribbean countries could employ the use of clean renewable energy to cut the cost of expenses. Besides Putting the wind to work, and building offshore wind farms, Solar Planes provides a grand window opportunity for our manufacturing and cargo transportation industries.

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  • vintons Reply

    Hi Kimroy,

    Thanks for a good article. The solar-powered plane could be used in Jamaica to link the proposed hub with major destinations on the island. The fact that it is slow is not an issue as there are engineers who can sort this out eventually and whom I am sure are positioning themselves to take advantage of this development. Who would have thought that this could have been developed so soon. Solar energy is clean energy and should be among the energy solutions that the government should be giving priority attention and not just lip service.

    June 24, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Great article and possible great innovation Kimroy!

    August 7, 2013 at 7:11 am

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