Solar Installer Customer Consultation

Solar Installer Customer Consultation

Solar power is still a pretty new concept to many people. A potential customer will have many questions so you should be prepared to confidently answer all their questions. A good first impression during a consultation could be the difference between you getting the job over a competitor. So here are a few tips on the core areas you and your customer need to discuss during a solar customer consultation session. There are four simple and straightforward topics that must be discussed during a solar customer consultation. These topics are Why are they going solar, What are their solar goals, How much do they know, What is the customer budget and what can they get for their budget? Now, let’s get straight to it.

Solar Customer Consultation Topic #1: Why is your customer going solar?

The answer may seem obvious at first- they want to save money on their energy bills. However, there are usually underlying motivations for choosing to add solar to their homes. Try to get the background story- Do they feel cheated by the power companies? Did their neighbors or friends install a solar power system recently? Are they getting tax rebates or special low-cost loans to pay for a system? Are they trying to increase their perceived property value? Are they environmentally conscious? Getting the background story builds rapport and helps you to design a system with their needs in mind.

For more awesome tips and tricks and to get your global solar certification ensure that you enroll in the Step by Step Solar™ online course accredited by the Trott Bailey University. We also have Rasta Robot, Table Tennis, Global Business, Wind Turbine, and hundreds of courses available.

Project Planning for Solar Installer Customer Consultation

  • Solar Customer Consultation Topic #2: What kind of performance do they expect from their solar power system?

This area of a consultation session is very important because usually, customers have unrealistic expectations regarding their solar power system. Hence, you need to cover all the bases i.e: grid tie vs off-grid system, appliances that the system will power, cloudy days, battery capacity and battery maintenance, overloading the system and loss of power etc.

Deep diving into these areas and clearly communicating the solar power system’s capabilities will avoid buyers remorse later on. I also recommend that you offer written pamphlets with answers to these frequently asked questions.

Solar Installer Customer Consultation #3: How much does your customer know?

With a fairly pricey investment like this, you can bet that your customer has done some research. So don’t try to pass on the lower quality stuff to a potential customer- unless the customer specifically wants something cheap. There are perceived higher quality brands of inverters and batteries in the marketplace. When you are talking inverters, brands like Outback, Schneider, and Samlex are considered very good. While the Rolls batteries are considered the gold standard in battery storage. Customers spending this amount of money i.e US 10,000 or more are keen on quality.

Solar Installer Customer Consultation #4: What is their Budget and What can it get them? 

Discussions about the budget will determine whether the customer is able to buy the premium equipment.

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