Smile Jamaica feature UTech’s Tropical Storm Wind Turbine

Smile Jamaica feature UTech’s Tropical Storm Wind Turbine

On Monday November 19, 2012 I was featured on TVJ’s morning time program: Smile Jamaica.  The interview was conducted by Nevelle Bell and Simone Clarke-Cooper. We briefly discussed the operations of the Tropical Storm Wind Turbine Model  that was placed 2nd in the recent Global Humanitarian Competition in Seattle Washington, USA.

Conquer the World: UTech, Jamaica placed 2nd in Global Research Competition

We also discussed a $3 million project The Kimroy Bailey Foundation along with wind energy company ConserveIT are trying to raise for a sustainable energy project in the Cockpit Country, Trelawny. This project aims to make the area’s oldest Baptist Church and Basic School totally independent of external energy providers using Wind and Solar Technologies.

My 1st Robotic Accomplishment: UTech Robot placed 3rd in international Competition

Nevelle Bell, Simone Clarke-Cooper, Robotic Wind Turbine and Kimroy Bailey during TVJ Interview

If you have 6 minutes to spear you can watch the video above and provide your response below.  🙂

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