Robotics Event Services

The Flagship product for Kimroy Bailey Robotics the Rasta Robot which teaches the fundamentals of robotics

Rasta Robot

Cocktail Anyone?

Give your guests an experience they will never forget with the KB Group Robotics Event Services. The moment when they drink miniature cocktails from the Rasta Robot. They will be greeted with the warm Jamaican Accent and the robot may even answer a question or two.

Robot Choreographed Group Dance
Robot Mimic Guest Actions

5 Rasta Robot Package

Kimroy BAiley Robotics - Robot arm serving food

Bailey Bionics

Chicken Anyone?

The cameras will be flashing and pics uploaded to Social Media in minutes. Guests will talk about this event for years to come. That moment when their wings were served by a Robotic Arm. Talk about Futuristic!

Add a Drumstick to my plate please
Give High Five 🙂

Bailey Bionics Package


Laser Glasses

Thrill your guests

Great fit for the futuristic theme. The Kimroy Bailey Group Robotics Event Services will provide laser glasses that shine bright, lighting up the dance floor and definitely giving your guest the futuristic vibe.

Laser Glasses Package

Kimroy Bailey Quad copter with lights 2

Drone Lighting Display

The Wow Effect

Great for low light settings similar to that of a VIP ambiance. Guests can look up and watch as these flying robots hover with multi-colored lighting displays.

Drone Lighting Package

Kimroy Bailey Robotics suit

Full Robot Suit

Something to Talk about

Take your event into 2030 with the Full Robot Suit package. How about a cool, walking, moving robotic suit. Our team member will Suit up and wow your audience and ensure your theme is well communicated.

Robot Suit Package

Quad copter choreographed flight at the Kimroy Bailey Robotics summer Camp

Drone Choreographed Dancing

Interact with the future

This is a controlled dance display using drones. Fun demonstrative way for guest to interact with the technology of the future.

Drone Dancing Package


Load at the Speed of Light

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