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Renewable Training Services and Staff Support

The Kimroy Bailey Group of Companies is the fastest growing company that seamlessly integrates Renewable Energy and Robotics. We are the world leader in Renewable Energy Training and we have a training solution for YOU! From Do It Yourself Installers to Large Solar Corporations we have the training solution for you.

  • Solar Installation – Step by Step Solar
  • Solar Sales
  • Solar Refresher Courses
  • Solar Maintenance
  • Wind Turbine Integration

Learn How to Confidently Install a Reliable Solar Energy System with

Step by Step Solar

Training Options:

Online Training Course

The Kimroy Bailey Group offers a world-class Solar training program for Do It Yourselfers, Small Solar Companies and Solar Corporations who utilize our platform to train their staff. Our Online Solar Training Course material are far from an ordinary online course. Less boring Powerpoint presentations, long wordy documents and more interactive videos with animations and a simple Step by Step guide that anyone can follow.


Live On-Site Training

Our team of expert solar installers and travel to your institution to conduct a live training with your staff anywhere in the world.

Globally Recognized Solar Certification

The Kimroy Bailey Group is a globally recognized brand and so too is our Renewable Energy certification. Upon completion of our online course or on-site training, our students receive the prestigious Kimroy Bailey Renewables Certificate of Completion. We know that certification is only the begin of the journey. We offer a series of products and services connected our students with potential customers or employers.

Who are our Courses Tailored For

  • Do It Yourselfers and Begining Solar Installers.
  • Solar Companies Installation Staff
  • Students studying Renewable Energy at any level
  • Solar Corporations and Teams undertaking Mega Projects

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