Renewable Services

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Training Services and Staff Support

From Do It Yourself Solar and Wind Turbine Installers to Large Solar Corporations the Kimroy Bailey Group has the training for you.

  • Solar Installation
  • Solar Sales
  • Solar Refresher Courses
  • Solar Maintenance
  • Wind Turbine Integration

Learn about the KB Group Renewable Energy Business Process Outsourcing »

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Solar Business Process Outsourcing

The Kimroy Bailey Group offers efficient and high-quality Business Processing Outsourcing Solutions for small, medium and large scale businesses. We will assist your solar company to:

  • Find Qualified Leads and Customer
  • Close the Sale
  • Install the Solar System
  • System Monitoring / Troubleshoot
  • Customer Support.

Learn about our Renewable Energy Business Process Oursourcing »

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Renewable Energy Consultation Services

We offer consultation services for Large Scale, Mega Projects that need to connect many dots when handling large multi-pronged initiatives in the solar industry. We act as a connection point for all the players in the Renewable Energy Industry.Learn about our Renewable Energy Business Process Outsourcing  »
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Renewable Mobile Apps & Software Solutions

Our goal is to constantly create software application tools for Work and for Play. Keep your Sales, Installation and Customer Support team motivated with productivity and gaming tools to make their lives more efficient and fun while helping you meet your sales and installation goalsLearn about the KB Group Renewable Energy Business Process Outsourcing »