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Kimroy Bailey Group Corporate Renewable Services

Kimroy Bailey Group Renewable Business Process Outsourcing solutions takes the headache out of planning a mega wind turbine or solar installation project. As the leader in the Renewable Energy and Robotics Sector we are proud to offer Renewable Business Process Outsourcing solutions to make the work lives of our client’s and their employees more joyful and their operations more profitable.

Our goal is to incubate multi-billionaires in the renewable energy industry. We stay ahead of the industry latest technology and provide world class training in partnership with the Trott Bailey University, Software and BPO tools so that our clients do not have to be bogged down with the keeping up with the trends. Instead they can focus on daily business operations and trust us for the latest products to keep their staff motivated, their customers satisfied and their profit margins increasing.

Types of Companies that Outsource their Training To Us

You need our Renewable Business Process Outsourcing Solutions if you are a

  • Government
  • Development Bank
  • Real Estate Developer or Power Company
  • Solar Installation Business
  • University / School
  • Anyone, Anywhere in the world working on a small, large or Mega Renewable Energy Project for: Solar, Wind, Hydro or Geothermal

What is Renewable Business Process Outsourcing consultation like?

We have a brief discussion to see what level of support you will need. We can take hold of the entire project or just a specific component if you already have a team capable of handling the other details.

We offer

  • Complete hand holding and project execution end to end
  • Training and Tooling Services – Empower your team to handle the project operation after installation and commissioning with our Training and Tooling Services
  • Perfect for companies who want to get their staff certification updated. Great refresher courses and trending technologies and operation plans
  • Renewable Business Process Outsourcing Tools and Equipment Services: We provide all the tools needed for your job. From Cranes to hydraulic trucks, safety gears to system components and everything between. We also handle land preparation, clearing, siting, surveying, to ensure you select the optimum site for your renewable energy project to accelerate project payback timeline and profitability.

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