Ultra Starter Off Grid Solar System 5.0kW Kit -18 PV Panels

Ultra Starter Off grid solar Complete kit with 18 Panel from KB Group
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Ultra Starter Off Grid Solar System 5.0kW Kit -18 PV Panels

$22,400.00 $18,700.00

The Ultra Starter Off Grid Solar with Battery Backup is a complete package to power your home with free energy from the sun. The kit includes essentially all items needed.


TheUltra Starter Off Grid Solar System 4.95kW Kit is an Off-Grid Package ready to just unpack and install and instantly reduce your energy bill. Take the headache out of wondering which components you need to have and which you don’t. The SUltra Starter Off Grid Solar System 4.95kW Kit is the best deal to maximize your dollar and not just get started with Solar but get enough power to reliably power your critical appliances.

  • 18 Solar Panel Producing over 4.95kW of Power
  • 1 Inverter that provides of 6kW of Peak Power
  • 3 Charge Controllers Rated at 80Amps
  • 8 Deep Cycle Batteries Rated at 6V and stores over 300Ah of Power
  • 1 Panel Mounting Rack to secure your solar panels to your roof
  • Global Shipping Available (Price Not Included)

The Ultra Starter Off Grid Solar System 4.95kW Kit is for anyone who would like to add solar energy to their home without:

  • The headache of trial and errors as a result of shopping around.
  • Wondering what you need and what you don’t
  • Buying items in pieces and hoping they are all compatible with each other
  • Just want a simple solution that provides great power.
Discount Price US $18,700 😍
Valid until July 30, 2020 at midnight UC +0
Summer promotion also includes US $6,800 in system perks! 😲
  • Complimentary Installation US $4,200
  • 3 Year Monitoring US $1,200 (400/year)
  • 2 Year Maintenance US $1,400 (700/year)

You can secure the discounted system and all the benefits by making a refundable deposit US $4,000 before the promotion ends. This deposit will be deducted from your total payment so you’ll only need to pay US $14,700 when you’re ready for your system.

Importantly, we know that this happens so in the event that something comes up your deposit is 100% refundable, no question asked. (Well we will ask you for your account to send the refund to 😊)

What can the Ultra Started Off-Grid Complete Kit power in your home:

  • Refrigerator
  • 20 LED Lights rated at 10W or less
  • 3 Television Sets
  • Washing Machine
  • Air Conditioning Unit
  • Microwave
  • So much more!
  • Note: Sometime not ALL appliances will run simultaneously. This may be a result of, but not limited to: the time of day or power stored in batteries.

Complimentary Course for the Ultra Starter Off Grid Solar System 4.95kW Kit

This purchase also includes a Complimentary 1 month access to the Solar Rooftop Online Training Course.

The Step by Step Solar Rooftop course covers the intricacies of anchoring the solar panel to the roof. It also covers installing the aluminum mounting structure. Additionally, working at heights, safety instructions and precautions. Finally, The solar rooftop online course includes a detailed guide on connecting the solar panels in series or parallel. It helps persons decide which configuration is best for their particular system setup.

Recommended Course for the Ultra Starter Off Grid Solar System 4.95kW Kit

For persons who would like a comprehensive guide on installing a solar photovoltaic system we recommend that you purchase the Step by Step Solar Course. The step by step solar course teaches you how to confidently install a complete solar panel system. Most importantly, This course is beginner-friendly and requires no past solar experience or installation expertise.

Here is a Kimroy Bailey Group Solar Package Customer Testimonial to see the system in action.

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2 reviews for Ultra Starter Off Grid Solar System 5.0kW Kit -18 PV Panels

  1. Kimroy Bailey
    5 out of 5

    Kimroy Bailey

    The Super Power Pack complete solar kit is an Off Grid Package will reliably power all your major appliances including : refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, lights, TV, microwave and more. I fully recommend this package if you’re serious about stop paying energy bills.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Chevrova Dapos

    My husband purchased this package over a year ago and it was shipped for free to us here in Austria and it is working like a charm. Our home has been off the grid and we love our solar package, thanks Kimroy Bailey Group and our Agent Kramer.

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