MEGA Power Off Grid Solar System 6.6kW Kit with 24 Panels

MEGA Power Off Grid Solar Complete kit from KB Group 24 Panel
Solar System Size Sheet for KB Group Mega, Super and Ultra Packages with Solar Panel
Solar Size Sheet for KB Group Mega, Super and Ultra Packages
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MEGA Power Off Grid Solar System 6.6kW Kit with 24 Panels

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Mega Power Off-Grid Solar can power 5 major appliances in the average sized households and save you 50% on your energy bill immediately.


The Mega Power Off-Grid Solar is excellent for average sized households. The combo pack can power up to 5 major household appliances. Experience immediate savings on your high electricity bill The average customer experiences over 50 % or more reduction in electricity costs after installing the Mega Power Off-Grid Solar Package.

The Mega Power Off-Grid Solar includes:

  • 30 Canadian Solar Panels with an Array Size of 9.9 kW
  • 2 Magnum Inverters that generates over 8,800W of Peak Power
  • 1 KB Group Power Center – Tried, Tested and Proven!
  • 2 Classic 150s Charge Controllers
  • 60 HEYClip Sunrunner Cable Clip & 30 Option D Racks 65″ x 39″ Module with Grounding
  • Cable Set: 10 Water proof Strain Relief with 2 holes & 2 with 1 hole, 2 UL Cable 4/0 x 120″ Red & 2 UL Cable 4/0 x 120″ white, 10 MC4 10AWG – 50′ Cable Extension
  • 2 MidNite Solar Surge Suppressor
  • 2 MidNite Solar Combiner Box
  • 12 MidNite Solar Breakers
  • 16 Crown Batteries / Equivalent at 48VDC Battery Bank and storing over 860Ah of Energy and a Total Capacity of 41.28 kWh
  • Global Shipping Available (Price Not Included)

The  Mega Power Off Grid Solar is suitable for the average family household. It’s a comprehensive system that gives a quick reduction in the monthly energy bill.

No More:

  • Wondering what type of types of equipment, size wires, amperage breakers etc you need for your solar system or wondering what you don’t
  • Buying equipment in pieces and hoping they are all compatible with each other

Mega Power Off Grid Solar Package can power:

  • Refrigerator
  • 20 LED Lights rated at 10W or less
  • 3 Television Sets
  • Washing Machine
  • 1 Dishwashing Machine
  • 2 Air Conditioning Unit
  • Microwave
  • Disclaimer: Factors such as weather conditions, time of year, seasons and battery charge status will impact any solar system’s ability to power appliances simultaneously.

Complimentary Course for the Mega Power Off-Grid Solar

This purchase also includes a Complimentary 1 month access to the Solar Rooftop Online Training Course.

The Step by Step Solar Rooftop course covers the intricacies of anchoring the solar panel to the roof. It also covers installing the aluminum mounting structure. Additionally, working at heights, safety instructions and precautions. Finally, The solar rooftop online course includes a detailed guide on connecting the solar panels in series or parallel. It helps persons decide which configuration is best for their particular system setup.

Recommended Course for the Mega Power Off-Grid Solar Complete Kit

For persons who would like a comprehensive guide on installing a solar photovoltaic system, we recommend that you purchase the Step by Step Solar Course. The Step by Step Solar Course teaches you how to confidently install a complete solar panel system. Most importantly, This course is beginner friendly and requires no past solar experience or installation expertise.

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2 reviews for MEGA Power Off Grid Solar System 6.6kW Kit with 24 Panels

  1. Kimroy Bailey
    5 out of 5

    Kimroy Bailey

    Stop paying the heavy energy bills. Mega Power Off-Grid Solar can power 5 major appliances. It can take a typical home off the grid or attempt significantly slash your energy bill immediately.

  2. Santiago Alejandro
    5 out of 5

    Santiago Alejandro

    This is simply una sistema buenísimo 👌. Yo instalado dos de esos sistemas en La Cuidad de México y funcionas perfectamente.

    Thanks to the Kimroy Bailey Group for making such a reliable package available with Global Shipping in a short time.

    Estoy un cliente muy contento ☺ con mis sistemas de paneles solares.

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