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In this episode of Step by Step Solar made possible by the Trot Bailey University Kimroy Bailey provides run through with our Solar Installation Pop Quiz. Learn how to confidently install a reliable solar energy system. Step by Step Solar Connection Pop Quiz: Charger, Inverter & Battery Beginner to Solar Pro

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In this video, my wife and I provided a detailed guide for an absolute beginner to understand the basic components of a solar panel system. We outlined how to power flows from the Solar Panel to the Charge Controller and from the charge controller to the batteries. Finally from the batteries to the inverter which converts the Direct Current to Alternating Current. Importantly we looked at why each component is separated using a circuit breaker. We wrapped up the video by looking at the use of surge protectors to help in the safety of your solar components. For a complete blueprint to install a complete solar panel system you can purchase the Step by Step Solar online course which provides Expert hand-holding with high-quality videos and learning materials to guide you from start to finish on installing a complete residential solar system.

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Solar Installation Pop Quiz for the Step by Step Solar Course from the Trott Bailey University. 

1:48 – Details about the solar panels. Correction – 250W not 250kW (Thanks to David James)

2:04 – 8 hours per day x 3kW (total capacity) = 24kWh/day not 12kWh Here is a guide for some of the topics covered in the Step by Step Solar Video 1 from the Kimroy Bailey Group.

00:18 – What are the Appliances that this 3,000W Solar System Power

1:48 – Details about the solar panels and the System Capacity

2:15 – Aluminium Rails – These are used to secure the solar panels to the roof

3:07 – End and Mid Claps – These are used to secure the solar panels to the Aluminium Rails.

3:39 – Using Power Tools and Allen Keys to install your solar panels during installation

4:05 – Solar Panel Installation Safety


5:38 – Working in the rain

6:34 – How long does it take to complete a solar installation

7:05 – Solar Panel Electrical Connection: Series Connection, Parallel Connections, and Series-Parallel Connection

8:45 – Safety Equipment for Solar Installation and Other Tools required for a beginner to install a professional solar system.

9:33 – Tightening up the Mid-Clamps with the Allen Key

9:58 – Solar Panels and Storms / Hurricanes

10:43 – Ensure that your electrical wires are facing top up.

11:49 – First Four Panel Installation Completed (1kW of Power Installed)

12:18 – Connecting the Electrical wires on the first 4 panels (1kW completed).

12:46 – How to Make a Series Connection between Solar Panels, the Beginners Guide

12:58 – How to Make a Parallel Connection during Solar Installation Training for Beginner

13:55 – Starting the second row of solar panel installation

14:15 – Second-row end and mid clamps solar installation training

15:44 – Solar Installation Training Calculation: Can 1 solar panel power a refrigerator?

17:33 – What is Included in the Step by Step Solar Course

19:00 – Solar Panel weight

20:43 – Preparing your Tools and Installation efficiency

21:17 – Starting the Third Branch of Panels which will be connected in parallel to the other two branches.

22:11 – How to do a Solar Installation when you have limited roof space

22:25 – Direction and Angle which the solar panels should be faced during installation.

In this episode of Trott Bailey University’s Step by Step Solar Kimroy Bailey and Sher Trott Bailey covers the Solar Installation Pop Quiz

SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY Guys we have listened to your feedback and we know safety is EXTREMELY important in solar installations. We do acknowledge that this is not the safest solar installation video. While safety tips are clearly mentioned at 4:02 and 4:20 such as PPE and Harnesses. Rest Assured that the Step by Step Solar online course has an entire chapter dedicated to OSHA and Solar Safety Standards.

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