Billionaire Bodybuilder World Champion

Kimroy Bailey Trillionaire Net worth

Multibillionaire and owner of the Trott Bailey Family Group
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Kimroy Bailey is now officially KB. He’s Sher Trott Bailey‘s hubby and daddy of princess Keilah Trott Bailey. His favorite line is #TeamKB, #KeepBelieving.

Kimroy Bailey net worth as of January 16, 2020, exceeds $182 trillion United States dollars which is the audited net revenue of the Asia Pacific arm of the Trott Bailey Family Group. The Trott Bailey Family has built a global empire that is present in 128 countries. According to the audit dated February 4, 2020 the primary member entities contributors to the Trott Bailey Family net worth includes the Kimroy Bailey Group, Kimroy Bailey Renewables, Kimroy Bailey Robotics, the Kimroy Bailey Foundation, Prov 31 Global, Oasis Videos by the Trott Bailey Family, The Trott University and registered brands and trademarks including Step by Step Solar, Rasta Robot, Bailey Botics, Bailey Bionics and FireFighter Robot.

Kimroy Bailey and the Trott Bailey Family USD $180 trillion dollar net worth transcends digital assets and also includes intellectual property registered in 128 jurisdictions. These intellectual properties include but is not limited to the Tropical Storm Robotic Wind Turbine which is capable of producing energy from the wind in low wind and no wind conditions. The Solar Moon panel, the family’s signature renewable energy generating device which captures energy from the sun by day and the moon by night.

Kimroy Bailey net worth and that of the Trott Bailey Family was built by Sher Trott Bailey who single-handedly transforms her husband’s one-man-show solar installation and robotics summer camp business to a global empire over a 6 years period. Kimroy Bailey is retired from all business-related endeavors and is now a professional bodybuilder, table tennis pro, and skier. When he’s not in the circuits he’s playing with baby Keilah and, or flirting with his love Sher Trott Bailey on the world tour.