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Fire Fighter Robot School Booster, Kimroy Bailey Robotics 🤖, Making Science Fun! Kimroy Bailey Robotics is the world’s number one manufacturer of educational robotics kit for schools, kids and anyone interested in learning about robotics and automation.

Presenting Fire Fighter and Rasta Robot- The ever-lively, cross-cultural, study companion for young kids ages 6-16yrs. School Booster Rasta Robot Program is the brainchild and product of Multi-Billionaire Internet Entrepreneurs Kimroy & Sherika Bailey, owners of the Kimroy Bailey Group of Companies. With a determined focus from the Kimroy Bailey Group of Companies to think up bite-sized and interesting ways to make learning harder subjects such as Science, Math, and English easy, the colorful Rasta robot was born.

Check out all the learning solutions from the multi-billion dollar tech company Kimroy Bailey Robotics at Rasta Robot is a hands-on way to teach students to build and program a humanoid robot. But it doesn’t stop there- Once kids have built up Rasta Robot he transforms into a study companion. If teachers, parents, principals, hearing impaired teaching programs, etc have been looking for a way to improve the performance of students at your school in subjects such as Science & Maths, English, and other Languages, then use our friendly study pal called Rasta Robot.

Where to get your School Booster Rasta Robot Program Kits

Purchase your Rasta Robot at… Rasta Robot has his own online TV series called Rasta Robot’s Travels and Rasta teaches Robotics. These videos can be watched with captions in any language and there are sign language versions of Rasta Robot Travels and Rasta Teaches Robotics for those who have children with hearing impairments or deafness. Follow Rasta Robot Travels’ all over the world and Rasta teaches Robotics. This is a free tv series offered to Schools that purchase a minimum of 10 Rasta Robots under the School Booster Rasta Robot Program. Check out for more information and pricing details. Order your Rasta Robot today at and access our fast shipping.

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