Step by Step Solar: How to Connect 🔌Solar System Components

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In this video, Kimroy Bailey walks through all the steps taken to connect the solar panels to the DC breaker, to the charge controller, to the batteries, and finally to the Inverter. I also look briefly at the order to turn on the circuit breakers to avoid damaging the charge controller.

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Video Table of Content – How to Connect Solar Panels to the Charge Controller

00:05 What Can a 300W Solar System Power: Refrigerator, basic lighting, and 2 computers

00:47 Overview of the connections for the solar panel system from the solar panel to the breaker, then connected to the charge controller, Controller to Battery and Solar Batteries to the inverter.

02:00 Quick introduction to the wind turbine connection to supplement our solar system

02:35 Connecting the solar wires to the battery terminals

03:30 Always connect your battery negative first for your solar and wind turbine system

04:00 Solar connection safety

04:20 Ensure that your circuit breakers are OFF before making connections

04:50 Connecting the Positive terminals for the battery

05:20 Troubleshooting your solar system circuit using a multimeter

06:10 Checking the voltage that comes in from the solar panels

06:40 How to turn on your circuit breakers in the correct order

07:20 What does the LED Light on the Charge Controller indicates \ Charge Modes

08:00 Overview of making the 4 connections for the Charge Controller

08:35 Powering the İnverter for the first time after completing the solar system installation connections.

09:20 Powering up the inverter and conclusions

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