NCU and UTech Robotic Collaboration

NCU and UTech Robotic Collaboration

Yesterday I presented at the Northern Caribbean University on Robotics Technology in Jamaica at a Forum organized by the CHIPS academic club, (Computer Hardware Information Processing Specialist). While trying to put the event in words I received a message from the organizer Mr. Oshando Johnson expressing his gratitude for sharing with the group.

Kimroy Bailey at the ‘Info Corner’ with articles on all that UTech Robotics have been through over the past two years

I personally think his message did a profound job of capturing the experience so I took the opportunity of posting the unedited version instead.

Mr Bailey: The event is now history and from my perspective it was well executed. the students and even faculty members were ecstatic and passionate when they were sharing their reviews of the event. Indeed the presentation was well done and we are indubitably proud of the knowledge you possess and your accomplishments. I remember one particular person saying, “Oshando my eyes have been open!” At that point I thought even more seriously about the impact you had on the attendants. Individuals that were present before the main presentation began were truly impressed and excited that they were looking at robots, and even more inspiring, they were created by you. The preliminary activity was well received, many persons were enthused about it and we certainly were exposed to a great magnitude of pertinent information in that short span.

I’m simply elated and happy that things went well. I must also admit that I’m saddened about the accident that occurred; (The wind turbine had fallen after the presentation and one of the blade broke) I hope no major problems occurred and you were able to demonstrate the same and even higher level of excellence in your presentation as you demonstrated for us. If there are any challenges and you need assistance, we will be more than willing to assist. Just name it.

My 1st International Robotics Accomplishment: UTech, Placed 3rd in International Robotics Competition

We hope the token will remind you about your experience here – at least the good parts. Mr. Bailey, numerous persons on this campus now envision you as a role model, and you have our support and partnership  I am one of those persons that will seek to model your excellence and be the best at all my endeavors because it is clear that you have worked and continue to work hard. Continue to represent God and your country and make this world better in all that you do. We anticipate another visit from you or even visiting you. Let’s keep the communication and partnership alive!

Oshando Johnson


Attendants at the CHIPS Robotics Forum looked on while I demonstrated during my presentation on Robotics Technology in Jamaica

Yesterday was truly a blessed day and my sole prayer is that at least one student have been led to maintain their passion for what they do and dream bigger dreams because they do come true.

Check out my : Tropical Storm Wind Turbine which was placed 2nd in the Global Research Competition

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  • Anonymous Reply

    Kimroy I congratulate you on all your achievements and I know without a doubt you didn’t get this far without lots of hard work and diligence.. I’m so proud of you and the way you are handling yourself with humility.. Keep on shining bro!!!!

    November 28, 2012 at 1:59 am

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