God’s Plan for MultiBillionaires’ KB Group

multibillionaires Kimroy Bailey and Sherika Trott Bailey with some of their Robotics Products.

God’s Plan for MultiBillionaires’ KB Group

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The Kimroy Bailey Group® is disrupting many business models and ideologies about business in the 21rst century. Firstly, the company boldly declares on its website that it is a privately held company whose policies and directions are guided by Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven. The multibillion dollar Group of Companies which includes Kimroy Bailey Renewables LLC, Kimroy Bailey Robotics Ltd, and the Kimroy Bailey Foundation all managed under the umbrella of the Kimroy Bailey Group® INC.

The multi-billionaire owners, husband and wife duo, Kimroy Bailey and Sherika Trott-Bailey make no qualms about the fact that they are disciples of Jesus Christ, whose aim is to depict Christ in the business world.

The couple in their own words state that

“When people think about God, especially Christians, they don’t think about him in a business context. People prefer to keep God in little religious boxes. However, God is the ultimate business man-just not according to this world’s ways or standards or even some seemingly right and religious standards that the church holds. Because His ways far outweigh and out-smarts our Earthly ways of doing things

The Kimroy Bailey Group® is a peculiar cookie in a business world where capitalism rules, but mind you, this is a no-fluff company. This multi-billion dollar giant busted onto the scene under the Kimroy Bailey Robotics brand by selling solar training courses online. Two years later their Step-By-Step Solar™ course is the number one selling course on the internet! Surpassing even the sell rate of courses coming out from veritable institutions such as Harvard and MIT.

Some of God’s plans for the Kimroy Bailey Group®

The Kimroy Bailey Group® is an emerging giant in the Renewable Energy and Robotics industry. The group has managed to carve out its own billion-dollar industry called renewable robotics. The Group’s business lines range from e-commerce for Solar Online Training Courses, Solar & Wind Installation Equipment, Solar Gaming & Learning Apps.

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The Group offers Business to Business services such as Business Process Outsourcing and Consultation Services to a variety of industries including but not limited to Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind), Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Education, Home Automation, Hotel, Media, Movie, Fashion & Entertainment.

The Kimroy Bailey Group® is also carving out new niches in the App Development Industry with a niche in Renewable Energy Work Productivity Apps, Renewable Energy Related Gaming Apps and Robot Events & Entertainment.

The Trott Bailey Family -Renewable Robotics Multi-Billionaires

But imagine that there were a calculated sequence and pitching angles for the wind turbine blades that could allow for electricity generation even in low wind conditions. What would that mean for the rest of the world that has very little wind in their neck of the woods?

Conclusion for the children of God

Another cutting edge invention from the Kimroy Bailey Group® is their Intelligent Robotic Wind Turbine™. This game-changing technology is poised to transform the currently static wind turbine technology on the market.

God is the openly declared inspiration behind the Kimroy Bailey Group® of Companies and all of the ideas and products that emanate from this rapidly growing company. Sherika and Kimroy Bailey describe their own personal relationships with God.

“How can I say it- Popsie (God’s nickname) does it BIG! He is a showstopper and his plans for each person on Earth are 100,000,000 gazillion times better than they have for their own selves. But everybody has to have their own relationship and experience with God and believe for their own selves. God doesn’t force himself on people, He gives everyone a choice”

Sherika goes on to say,

 “Kimroy and I believe God for extraordinary things and so we get extraordinary things. Meanwhile, another person might only desire simple things so that’s what they get from God-simple things. Nothing is wrong with a simple thing but what you desire you get. My husband and I love to let God flex His muscles in our lives. God so rarely gets believers on the Earth who will take him at his word and believe in him against all odds,” declares multibillionaire Sherika Trott-Bailey.

Rasta Robot™

The now multi-billionaire couple has come out with a unique robot in the educational space. This introductory robot that teaches beginners the fundamentals of robotics is the brainchild of innovative husband and wife team Kimroy and Sherika Trott-Bailey. The Rasta Robot™ also cross over into their Renewable Robotics niche by providing on-hand advice and real-time consultation to renewable energy system installers.

Kimroy Bailey Group's Rasta Robot under KB Robotics which teaches the fundamentals of robotics
One of the product from the Kimroy Bailey Group®, the Rasta Robot which teaches the fundamentals of robotics

 But Why a Rasta Robot™?

Kimroy & Sherika jointly declare that “Like many of our products, our ideas are inspired by the Holy spirit. God has a love and global vision for our island country of Jamaica and the world. For Jamaica he wants our people and culture to be globally depicted in a different context. We are just the willing vessels ready to be used. The popular cultural image of “Rasta” is usually depicted in the Media as an individual somewhere in the tropics smoking marijuana, on the beach, under a coconut tree. We wanted to flip the script. Now when people think of Rasta we want them to think-‘Oh Yeah Jamaican technology, cutting edge, smart and savvy’ because that’s who we are.” 

The official Rasta Robot ™introductory video from the multi-billionaire Trott Bailey Family. Watch millions of awesome videos uploaded daily at Oasis Videos™ by the Trott Bailey Family

Robotic Wind Turbine

What is the problem does the Robotic Wind Turbine™ Solves?

The current wind turbine technologies available are able to generate energy in high wind regions only. Consequently their use is limited to a few areas within a few countries.  Suitable high wind areas get even less available when dealing with the skyscraper sized wind turbines which can generate massive amounts of power.

Stay tuned as more dynamic and world-changing inventions come out from this family and its many lines of products & services. This Kimroy Bailey Group® of Companies is surely going to keep the World on its toes with bated breaths as it rapidly expands and dominates financial and business landscapes. It’s a short matter of time before trillions of dollars, far surpassing the wealth of any current Company or Group of companies – You name them Walmart, State Grid Corporation of China, Sinopec group, Toyota Motor, Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil, Apple Inc, Facebook LLC, Amazon, Google begin to flow out of the Kimroy Bailey Group®. Let’s just call it a new number-Centrillions of dollars.

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