Kimroy Bailey Robotics Camp 2015

Kimroy Bailey Robotics Camp 2015

Demonstrating BaileyBotics home security robot at the KB Renewable Robotics Laboratory

“Best camp ever!” exclaimed teenager Jevaugh Bruce, when he described his experience at the Kimroy Bailey Robotics Camp held by KB Robotics. Similar sentiments were shared by his fellow camp participants with many of them expressing their anticipation for camp 2016. Kimroy Bailey Robotics summer camp kicked off on June 6th  with 60 eager students rearing to delve into the world of robotics and programming. Four camps were held with each lasting for 1 week. The first camp was held at May Day High school in Mandeville and the following three camps in Kingston at The University Of Technology (UTECH).For each of the 4 weeks, a new batch of students spent their days learning how to use the Google Sketch software to design their robot, to build and assemble our company’s BaileyBotics robot, to create their own app and then use that app to move their robot.


Intro to solar energy and wind turbine assembly at the KB Renewable Robotics Laboratory

Our course focused on robotics but students were also exposed to demonstrations on how to assemble a wind turbine. Renewable energy and its uses are a passion of our leader Mr. Kimroy Bailey. Kimroy really wanted the students to appreciate their natural environment and how it could be used to provide electrical power for human beings. Students were also treated to grand field trip to the rural countryside of Mendez Town Trelawny, where the Kimroy Bailey Robotics laboratory is located. There they got to see our 3D printing machinery in action.  Students were taken on a hike into the gently sloping hills of Mendez Town. We were interested in offering a holistic experience; hence our students’ physical stimulation was taken into consideration.

BaileyBotics Fire Fighting robots ready to search and extinguish candle lit fires

Kimroy Bailey Robotics also has its own brand of educational kits called Bailey Botics. Bailey Botics are firefighter robots that are equipped with heat sensors and a small fan. These sensors discern possible fires which are then extinguished by the fan. A major highlight of the robotics summer camp was its culmination into our closing ceremony held at our same Robotics Lab. The barbecued chicken wings and garlic bread proved to be a big hit with the sixty participants and their invited parents. However it was the robot obstacle course competition that really got everyone riled up. Four teams geared up their Bailey Botics robot to meet the goal of outing all candles in the fastest time while navigating the obstacle ridden course.

Elated students pause for a quick group pic in one of the 4 Kimroy Bailey Robotics Summer Camps

What sets Kimroy Bailey Robotics’ summer camp apart is not only the newness of Robotics in Jamaica but also the company’s emphasis on hands-on course delivery. Over eighty per cent of the course is spent on practical applications of knowledge. This type of focus engenders understanding and a love for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects. Overall both parents and students can be satisfied that their one week experience was pushed to the max

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