The Kimroy Bailey Foundation

The Kimroy Bailey Foundation

Sun, Sand, Sea and Sustainability

The Kimroy Bailey Foundation envisions a totally renewable Jamaica where our nation reduces oil importation and harnesses the vast amount of energy in the Sun, Wind, Sea, Rivers and Waste… It embraces the concept shared by the publication that won Top Blog Post of 2012, entitled: 100% Renewable Jamaica. Becoming 100% Renewable will not happen over night and the KB Foundation aims to put the words of this website into action.

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After placing 2nd at the IEEE Humanitarian Conference I decided that it would be a great idea to donate the US$750 award to benefit humanity, and what better way than bringing renewable energy to a sunny and windy rural district of Jamaica. The Foundation’s first 100% Renewable Project is to power The Litchfield Baptist Church and Basic School located at the entrance of the Cockpit Country in the parish of Trelawny, this has been estimated to cost J$3 million and has been re-scheduled to commence operation before the students return to new academic year in September 2013. The external energy supply to the facility will be removed and a combination of a Wind Turbine and a Solar System will be used to provide power.

Persons in the community and surroundings will be given lessons on how to save energy in the home

Benefits of the Project:

  • Such a project in the area will build the capacity among youths in the adjacent rural communities by educating and training individuals on energy conservation and provide an introduction to renewable energy systems.
  • The volunteers implementing the project will primarily be consisted of recent university graduates. These graduates will stand to benefit from numerous perspectives the vast amount of hands on opportunity to build and install a hybrid of wind and solar. Their involvement will promote a smooth transition between the theories behind the technology and a real world operating system and their project management skills will also be enhanced which is a great resume builder.
  • A vital phase of the project which is designed to ensure that the widest possible market is reached will be undertaken by a team of young volunteers who will be sensitising community members about the impact of climate change, issues on CO2 emissions and energy conservation.
  • The local basic school teachers and church administrators will be introduced to routine maintenance, educated on reducing energy consumption and provided with materials to promote energy conservation among their associates.
Individuals will be given lessons on saving energy in the Office and Classrooms.

Why the Cockpit?

R.E.-Powering the Cockpit using Wind and Solar

The Cockpit Country (CC) is a region that over 1500 species of endemic and in some cases endangered animals and plants call home.  Twenty-seven of Jamaica’s twenty-eight indigenous birds are found in the area, along with numerous breeds of amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates. The CC’s forests, along with its extensive network of caves, comprise the largest remaining block of moist wet limestone found in Jamaica [Cockpit Country Jamaica].The word “cockpit” means “a place where a battle or other conflict takes place”, and originated with cock-fighting pits. In the early 18th century (i.e. the period of the First Maroon War) the term was in nautical use, denoting an area in the aft lower deck of a man-of-war where the wounded were taken”. This rich history amalgamated with its profound beauty, animals, plants, caves, rivers, ponds and swamps speaks volume to this areas capability to captivate visitors if marketed effectively. The historic Falmouth Pier received its first Sunday cruise ship call on January 1, 2012 and has since captured more visitors than Ocho Rios and positioned Jamaica as the fastest growing cruise destination in the Caribbean [Gleaner Jamaica]. The Cockpit Country will be called upon to play the role Dunn’s River played in the early years of Ocho Rios’ growth. A trip through the CC is an extraordinary journey that reflects the diversity, nuance and vitality of one of the few remaining unspoilt areas of the Caribbean. The Kimroy Bailey Foundation will help to preserve the area by educating residents about the impact they have on the environment when they burn their trash, cut down trees for agriculture and damage the forest for ‘yam stick’ to name a few.

You may make your contribution to the Kimroy Bailey Foundation using the link below, All Donations will be well appreciated. .

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  • Mon Mckenzie Reply

    May the good Lord direct your thoughts and your delivery of these.

    April 5, 2013 at 5:18 pm

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