Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 7.

Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 7.

“Here’s my nephew, Zolokhan welcome, your father and I were just talking about you.” Zolokhan’s uncle, Simeon gestured to him with open arms.

Smiling at seeing his uncle, Zolokhan greeted his father King Titan first with a bow and quickly hugged and chest bumped his uncle. The two had grown very close in the past couple of years.

“Zolokhan I haven’t seen you since you’ve returned from Mwebele. How are you my son?” His father, King Titan asked

“I’m strong father,” Zolokhan replied.

Nodding his head his father said,
Forget about what I said, about the punishment and our argument,” King Titan told his son.

Nodding his head Zolokhan understood everything his father was trying to say.

The festivities will start in three days, the Mwebele tribe has already started to arrive and set up their camps. The Mabutu tribe will follow next. All preparations are in order.” King Titan summarized.

“Zolokhan you will be in charge of transporting the foreign envoys safely, you are well learned in their languages and customs so instruct the servants accordingly.” King Titan continued.

Simeon, ensure all the tribe warriors keep alert to prevent any disruptions to the festivities.” The King instructed his only brother.

Brother, do not worry so much. The most we ever have at these festivities is some of the young boys getting too rowdy with the girls, I will take care of it brother” Simeon smiled.

“That should especially not happen!” King Titan stated to his brother.

Yes My King” Simeon bowed while throwing a glance to Zolokhan.

Father I have the tally collected from the various leaders,” Zolokhan informed his father.

Let me hear it my Son,” said King Titan.

For the festivities, we expect 5,478 people from Mabutu tribe, 9,249 from the Mwebele, and our own people is 13,680. Foreign envoys and their entourage total 1,600. İn total that’s over 30,007 people. There might be unaccounted guests so let’s make preparations for a few extras.” Zolokhna reported.

Mhmm, the tribes are really prospering. Lots of children and families being created . This makes me happy”. Smiling King Titan nodded for Zolokhan to continue.

” We have 8500 cows, 13400 goats, 13,000 guinea hens, and 1200 hogs ready for slaughter to feed everyone per day. The Mwebele tribe will assist with water by redirecting their pipes from the Wengua River.” Zolokhan reported.

“6,000 extra pits have been dug for the people to ease their bodies and have been filled with capsicum, pimento, and mint leaves to remove all smells. These have been dug at good distances from the main camps.” Zolokhan finished

“Excellent! İt will be a great year. Zolokhan are you ready for Katya?
Astonished at his Dad’s sudden question, a speechless Zolokhan looked at his father.

Laughing a loud laugh King Titan said,

You thought I would say, Prince Vulcan, didn’t you?” Hitting his desk in laughter his father said

“Don’t you underestimate your future wife now” King Titan flicked his eyebrows up and down at Zolokhan.

You don’t think she is unqualified to be apart of the fights father? Zolokhan asked the king.

No I don’t,” his father said confidently. Mwebele Chieftesses are uncommon women. They have many capabilities. She will make a fine competitor and more importantly, she will make a fine wife for my son”


Eh Em,” Zolokhan said clearing his throat to change the subject.

“For your grand entrance, we have four lions pulling your chariot. Five hundred dancers, fifty tamed elephants, and 100 singers.
We also have three hundred Wilderbeasts and Rhinos for the animal riding competition.
Various prizes of spices, herding animals, softened crocodile skins, gold, lumber, young fruit trees, and exotic seeds will also be distributed amount to winning tribes. The foreign envoys will undoubtedly bring their own personal gifts but they have sent ahead lots of exotic spices, perfumes, flowers, wines, and silk clothing.”
Zolokhan concluded.

Ah, Zolojhan and Simeon, with you two by my side I feel comforted,” the king said.

A satisfied and smiling King Titan concluded their meeting and dismissed them. Zolokhan and his uncle Simeon then went hunting together, sharing and trading stories along the way. İt was from his uncle that he learned a lot about his mother and father when they were younger.

A few days later, Queen Nebuli was in a secret meeting with two rouges she had brought in from the outskirts. They were to complete her dirty deed of scandalizing the Mwebele Chieftess. She would invite the young Chieftess and other royal women for wine. She would have the girl drugged with opium powder, her trusted maid would then be in charge of directing the chieftess home to her tent through a private alley which would be cleared out, then along the way, these men would finish the job. Finally, she would have witnesses on standby to shout out the scandal. The Queen smiled at how good her evil and vicious plan was. Like a hungry cheetah who had caught the gazelle so was her joy at destroying the young Chieftess.

“Remember you are to completely disappear out of our lands by nightfall. Use the crowds as cover. Don’t get caught.” She warned the two vagabonds.

Leaving her presence, the two men took off to their hideout. They had arrived ahead of time and secretly scouted out the layout of the Kezmizi tribe for the past week. Secreted in as new servants they were kept doing trifle duties around the large territory of the Kezmizi land. This way they were able to plan their escape route.

Theeron will we really do this thing. We are not good men but the Mwebele Chieftesses spared our lives when we were caught stealing in the Coasts.” Delphi his partner asked.

This Mwebele Chieftess is truly blessed and truly there is a Heaven with a God. Of all the men who could have been chosen to commit this evil act, it was us who owed her our lives. No Delphi we will not do it but we needed to make this Queen believe that we would so that we could warn the young chieftess ourselves.” Theeron told his friend.

Nodding in agreement, the two men thought up how they could approach the Mwebele Chieftess secretly.

“The Mwebele tribe has arrived and are already settling in for the festivities, now is the best time to try and see the Chieftess when everyone is busy. She will be open to helping people get settled and sorting out matters.” Theeron explained.

İt will work out brother, God is on the Chieftess’ side” Delphi stated.

Let us go near dusk, so no one can see us easily. I’m sure this Queen Nebuli will have her men watching us. İt’s not even s guarantee that she planned to let us live after we had carried out her plans” Theeron said to Delphi.

İt was worth taking the risk of accepting the job if we could warn the Mwebele Chieftess about the trap,” Delphi responded.

This Queen is quite cunning, she didn’t tell us of the victims title because she knew not many would be willing to do such a thing against the sacred chieftess, good thing we know the chieftess from before.” Theeron stated.

We are very bad men Theeron but I haven’t lost all conscience. This is the only good we have done in a long time. İt feels good and right.” Delphi said to his long-time partner.

We have been orphans together since we were seven, to survive we had to quell our conscience. Yes, Delphi it feels good to listen to it this time around. Come on let’s set out for the Mwebele camps and wait there for dusk.” Theeron concluded.

Nodding in agreement, the two set off to warn the Chieftess.

“Ahhh,” Katya let out with a big stretch. Patting Quanza on his head she said,

“What a long day Quanza!” She had just finished settling in old Elder Tacan who was drunk and thought he was a monkey. 


Though harmless he was a handful when he heard music. The children had a great laugh at the old man’s expense. Thankfully he had returned to his senses. Thankfully the old widows loved him and we’re in a constant battle to catch his attention; they would take care of him for the rest of the festivities.

Mwebele Chieftess” two men called out to her in unison. Hurrying towards her the two men bowed at the door of her tent where she was standing with Quanza. Looking at the two strangers she instantly knew they were not from her tribe. Curiously she asked,

“You seem anxious, What is it you want men?” Her discerning sense kicked in.

We must be quick and quiet Chieftess. Chieftess, there is a plot to destroy your honour at the festivities. We are the culprits chosen to do the deed. This is instigated by Queen Nebuli who plans to drug you then use her servant to deliver you to us. We have slipped away from those watching us for the time being but we must be quick.” Theeron exposed the plot in a rush to Katya

I remember you two, yes from the coast last winter.” Katya said,

Yes! Chieftess it is us who you had saved by paying our debt for the stolen goods. This is why we felt we had to tell you of the evil plans and to warn you to be on guard from the Queen in the future. You are wise Chieftess, you must have already realized that even if this plan fails, this Queen is a life enemy.” Theeron stated.

“What will you do?” Deplhi the quiet one spoke up and asked.

We hope you will think up measures. We plan to escape on the day of the planned incident. Please do not drink the wine or eat any food offered by the Queen Nebuli” The men advised.

Nodding Katya responded.

It is well. Thank you for telling me” The Mwebele tribe will be migrating to the Coasts in three months time. Come and find me there. I will reward you.”

Nodding the men bowed once more and left.

This information really had Katya wondering. She had heard rumours of the Queen of the Kezmizi tribe’s cruelty but to have it directed at her. Such a vicious plot to defile her… Why? Clearly, it was to stop the marriage, or had she offended the woman in some way. Even so, this was pure evil, laughing to herself, Katya said softly,

Well I know how to tackle evil, i will not take it easy on you.”

The next morning the Mabutu tribe started arriving and setting up camp. Many boys who had not seen their friends in a while took the opportunity to meet up. There was always good comraderie during the games.

Taking the busy time to slip away with Quanza, Katya went in search of a giant hornet’s nest. The hornet clan was a hot-tempered and stubborn clan to deal with but Katya knew their weakness. She knew where there was plenty of Ruby flowers…their favorite form of nectar.

When she arrived close to the rocky outskirts of the grassland it was already mid-afternoon. Which meant she wouldn’t be back till nightfall. Chieftess Dedoka however would understand as she had briefly mentioned her journey. Not questioning her too much the old chieftess had dimly nodded and told her to take care.

As she approached the hornet territory a bunch of scouts immediately buzzed at her.

Take me to your Queen, tell her it’s the Mwebele Chieftess and I have Ruby flowers in exchange for her help” she commanded.

Hey it talks, Jip” one hornet commented,

I heard it too Jop” another hornet responded

Usually we just bite them and they say ow ow ow” Jip the leader said.

“Don’t you guys listen? It said it wanted to speak with our queen”  another hornet flew up and said.

Mhmm, well you wait here. Oh, what was the message again” Jop asked the big human.

Ruby flowers in exchange for a favor” Katya summed up.

Right, Right..” with that the little hornet buzzed away to it’s Queen.

Coming back a few seconds later, Jop informed Katya,

“The Queen will see you now”

A team of hornets carried their fat Queen towards the opening of their nests. Hanging her head out, the lively queen spoke,

Ah Chieftess it’s you, first tell me where the Ruby flowers are then ask your favor ?” she said while handing them some newborn pupae to a hornet scout.

“I will show it to your scouts once this is complete.” Katya replied.

What!! Are we not trustworthy?” The notorious hornet temper quickly rose its head in the Queen hornet.

The Ruby flowers are a day’s journey from here, I do not have the time now to show it to you..” Katya calmly replied.

Huffing, the queen hornet conceded and said

” What is the favor?”

I need a few of your martyr scouts to attack someone.” Katya went on to explain the details of the plan. She introduced Quanza who would give the signal to the martyr hornets of who and when to attack. The martyr hornets would stay nearby in an abandoned nest and wait for the right time.

We have vacant nests nearby, they can come at the Elephants signal as you wish.” The Queen Hornet agreed. The Queen Hornet then called for sixty of her soldiers to follow Katya home.

Thank you, Queen Hornet, I will definitely keep up my promise.” With that Katya said her goodbyes.

Nodding to each other, Katya and the Queen hornet parted ways.

“Now we just wait for the invitation from Nebuli Quanza.” She patted her pink elephant, who would also play a crucial role in this prank against Queen Nebuli.

The next day, the festivities had officially started. Katya watched, along with her tribe, as the Kezmizi King rode in on a chariot pulled by four massive, fierce-looking lions.

Though she could speak to the animal kingdom, she still had to talk to them directly. It was not like she could eavesdrop on what the Lions were saying amongst each other. She, however, believed that as she honed her skill she would be able to really soon.

The Kezmizi King was followed by hundreds of dancers and singers. It really was a grand entrance as expected by that tribe. After the King, then came the other members of the royal family, then tribe Elders followed by invited foreign envoys. Prince Zolokhan rode on mighty looking Zebras alongside the foreign convoy, clearly he was in charge of the foreigners smooth welcome and future enjoyments.

After the opening ceremony, the tribes kicked off with feasting and partying. The next day would be a rest day followed by the competitions. This alternating pattern of feasting, rest, and then competing would continue on for over a month. Old friends would meet up, young boys and girls would trade animals and play away their days, fun acrobatic shows would be held and stories told around many campfires. Everything carefree and light-hearted as it should be.

That evening as Katya had finished bathing and settled into her tent a messenger from The Kezmizi queen came with the invitation message.

She wasted no time, probably wants my defilement to be the talk of the whole month of festivities.” Katya’s blood boiled at the woman’s wickedness.

İ will be a spear in your side from now on you evil woman” with this in mind, she whistled for Quanza.

The time is near Quanza, tomorrow we will alert the martyr hornets. Once I set out for the Queen Nebuli’s tent, you take off to call the hornets and let them follow you from high in the sky. At my whistle rush into the tent with them and they will do the rest. İt will take weeks for that wretched woman to recover.” Smilingly at their plan, Quanza gave a loud shout with his long elephant snout.

Come on buddy, let’s go sleep.”

The next morning Kitabi, Zolokhan’s cousin went searching for Zolokhan.

“Zolokhan, Zolo” Kitabi called out to his cousin.

Stopping mid-walk to his tent, Zolokhan turned in the direction of his cousin’s voice. The jolly face came into view, hugging each other the two went into Zolokhan’s tent.

Oye Oye man I haven’t seen you since the accident” Kitabı said.

As you can see I am fine Kitabı” he replied.

Mhmm, of course, you would be when you have a beautiful girl taking care of you for weeks” Kitabı said making weird kissing gestures and batting his eyelashes.
At his cousin’s antics, Zolokhan burst out laughing. Kitabı could always make him laugh.

“What would I do without you, you Hukuka(means “joker”)? Zolokhan said sincerely shaking his head.

“You would be too serious like Uncle Titan” Kitabi answered in a matter-of -fact tone.

Where’s Uncle Simeon by the way?” Zolokhan asked his cousin.

Father’s doing his usual rounds with the warriors, he loves everything fighting” Kitabı responded rolling his eyes

Did you two quarrel again?.” Zolokhan asked

“Do we ever stop? it’s the usual, why can’t I be more like Zolokhan, how did he have such a foolish son like me, blah blah blah…” Kitabı said throwing himself on Zolokhan’s bed.

Zolokhan had been around to hear several of their arguments and it was never good. Frankly, his uncle was downright mean when it came to Kitabı. Zolokhan had tried to speak about it to his uncle Simeon on their hunting trips but it only led to his uncle ranting in a long monologue for the rest of the hunt.

“İ don’t know how you don’t hate me Kitabı” Zolokhan said straight forwardly to his cousin.

That’s because I don’t even imagine that i can be your equal. Plus what’s so great about being heir to the throne? İt’s all a loss of freedom if you ask me.” Kitabı answered.

“No Zolo, it’s marrying a nice girl that can cook and playing every day with my children, that’s what I want. The very things which my father never gave me or my dead mother.” Kitabı said decidedly.

Nodding Zolokhan listened to his cousin.

Don’t be so hard on Uncle though Kitabı.

“Zolo, don’t be so naive about Dad either. He is a hard man that covets.” Kitabı said

What do you mean by that?” Zolokhan asked with piqued interest.

Shaking his head, Kitabi said,
“Let’s change the subject, when I think about father he only brings gloom.”

Let’s talk about Katya, the fights begin tomorrow. I will be cheering for the Mwebele Chieftess, after you of course..” his cheeky cousin said with a big smile.

İ am also excited to see what she can do but I really don’t want her to get hurt,” Zolokhan added.

Well the Queen is having a lunch meet-up with all the high-born ladies from the three tribes, Katya will be there. We can try to meet her after it’s over. You can talk to her then, check out how she’s feeling about the fights.” Kitabı hinted, proud that he knew the happenings going on for the day.

Mhmm,” Zolokhan nodded.

Oh Zolo, this Mwebele Chieftess is going to eat you for breakfast .” Laughing and choke holding his cousin Kitabi shook his head at his innocent cousin. Thank God he was so handsome or else he would be a mystery to everyone except Kitabi.

“Your very stubborn when your ready Zolokhan, always serious and in your head. No ordinary girl would suit you. This marriage is certainly blessed by the heavens. I’ve never seen two people more suited for each other.” Kitabi concluded.

Come on let’s go walk around and then head to the Queen’s camp when we’re ready.” Kitabi then suggested. Nodding in agreement, the two took off the shoulder to shoulder.

At Queen Nebuli’s meet-up, Katya warmly greeted by some of the girls she already knew, others she nodded to in greeting. Queen Nebuli especially fawned over Katya, welcoming her. After giving a welcome greeting to everyone she invited Katya over for an intimate chat while the other ladies were otherwise occupied. Katya was confident in her plans and so she hadn’t hesitated to accept Queen Nebuli’s invitation.

Young Chieftess you have grown into a very beautiful young girl, awhh and that beautiful hair. You are surely going to catch Zolokhan’s eyes.”  The Queen gushed.

Smiling slightly and demurely Katya replied,
Thank you, your a very beautiful woman yourself so your compliment is even more of a delight,” Katya said smoothly.

Her ego stroked, Queen Nebuli managed what seemed to be a genuine smile.

Knowing our Kezmizi men Katya let me give you some advice for when you and Zolokhan marry.” Queen Nebuli went on.

Leaning in as though she was keenly interested, Katya looked at the Queen, Satisfied that she had Katya’s interest, Queen Nebuli whispered,

“Kezmizi men have large sexual appetites, it will serve you well to not be a jealous wife when you two are married. Just think of the other women as your helpers and you will live in peace.” She smiled and patted Katya’s hands.

İnternally Katya saw through her for the snake she was. Her words and her manner reminded Katya of her mother’s friends,” The Aunt’s”. This was their style, to offer advice under a loving caring facade but which was instead nothing more than deadly poison. In a few sentences this woman had tried to sow insecurities and discord in her upcoming marriage. She had also classed Zolokhan as a cheating husband though Katya was wise enough to know Zolokhan’s character was not that sort.

“Bring the wine !” Queen Nebuli commanded a nearby female servant.

Returning with the wine, the Queen began to pour. Katya took the opportunity when the Queen was looking down to release a low-pitched whistle as a signal to Quanza’s keen hearing. Katya coughed to cover it up.

Rushing in at full speed into the Queen’s tent, Quanza made a scene. Katya pretended to scold him while apologizing. At the same time, the buzzing hornets swarmed Queen Nebuli, each giving their final sting. Screaming and fanning her hands, Nebuli tried to run but the hornets followed. Rushing around, her servants tried to use blankets to fan away the angry wasps. Taking the opportunity Katya left with Quanza. When they were some distance from the Queen’s tent, Quanza and Katya slapped hands to trunk.

Good job Quanza!” That will keep her down for the rest of the festivities”. A satisfied Katya smiled from ear to ear.

Keep who down for the rest of the festivities, Katya?” Stiffening at the sound of Zolokhan’s voice, Katya turned around slowly trying to wipe the mischievous smile off her face.

“Zolokhan i didn’t take you for eavesdropping.” She said.

Raising his eyebrows, he said,
Fine don’t tell me.

Turning to someone behind him he said,
Let me introduce you to my cousin Kitabi.”

Bowing, Zolokhan’s cousin put on the charm.

Welcome to the tribe Cousin, it was really dull over here in Kezmizi but with your arrival, even the sun has move over. ” Rolling his eyes at his cousin, Zolokhan thought

İf this is his idea teaching me to charm the ladies or in his case Katya, Kitabı could keep it to himself.”

Laughing at Kitabi’s sincerity and absolute confidence, Katya greeted him warmly.

There are some wild wilderbeasts for the riding competition, would you like to see them? Zolokhan asked her.

Hearing his cousin behind him sounding like a choking warthog, Zolokhan turned to look. Grabbing his hand and excusing himself to Katya, Kitabi dragged his cousin to the side.

Zolo, come on wild wilderbeasts? Jeez don’t you think going somewhere where you too can be alone would be better.” Kitabi scolded.

You yourself said she was no ordinary girl Kitabi, i think..

İ would love to see the wilderbeasts, I have been trying to tame the things for a while but they are so fast and so bullheaded.” Katya remarked.

This is their mating season they will be extra heated and fierce at this time now.” She said excitedly.

Told you you two were suited for each other. Well i will leave you two wilderbeast lovers alone, bye bye cuz”.

Calling out to Katya, Kitabi said his goodbyes.

Leaving the two behind Zolokhan wasted no time in saying what was on his mind.

  Where were you the day i left Mwebele? and Why would you want to compete in the fights?”

With a knowing smile, Katya once again thanked the Heavens for giving her an open and good-hearted husband like him. His light could not be hidden nor were there any shadowy places hiding any ill intent in him. What you saw was what you got.
Quanza hurt his foot bottom the night before, which I didn’t tell you about. So I had to clean and apply salve to his foot. He also likes belly rubs for comfort. I overslept and when i woke you were gone”

Feeling a little jealous of the pink Elephant for the belly rubs Zolokhan nodded at her explanation.

Why shouldn’t I fight? İ am the best warrior in the Mwebele tribe.” She stated arrogantly.

Not only am I the best in my tribe but im the best in the upcoming competition. İ will win.” She said even more arrogantly.

Something about her arrogance fired his blood and his competitive nature rose to the challenge.

“İs that so? Hmm, we will see little Chieftess, I hope you remember your words when your feet go out of the ring!” Zolokhan answered arrogantly back.

Only in your dreams will that ever happen, when i am done with you and Prince Vulcan I will make what you two have been doing these past years seem like child’s play.” She replied and pushed his chest with her chest arrogantly.

Your right about one thing, when you’re in the ring it’s definitely child’s play, baby chieftess.” Zolokhan shot back getting heated.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you when this baby shoves you to the dirt!” She replied.

The only person who will be eating dirt will be you baby Chieftess.” Zolokhan came back at her.

Ah Zolokhan Zolokhan, you really don’t know what’s coming for you. I’m like a stealthy  cheetah at the foot of a clumsy Rhino.” She shook her head and said.

İf your the cheetah and I’m the rhino, be reminded the Rhino always wins in the end.” Zolokhan said matter of factly.

The game isn’t always about brute strength.” She replied cockily.
“Anyway the wilderbeasts are waiting.” She abruptly ended.

Smiling, their blood pumping from their posturing like two roosters in a cockfight, the two made off towards the wilderbeasts.

At the very large and sturdy pen holding the herd of wilder beasts, herdsmen were running to and fro to manage the rutting bulls.

Nearing their pens, Katya was surprised to hear them speaking.

what are they going to do with us Olp?” One said

” They gonna ride us and then let us go Ur.”

‘Oh ok” the one called Ur replied quickly going back to his grazing.

Are you competing in this too?” Katya asked Zolokhan.

” Yes , it’s one of my favorite sports. Didn’t you see me last year?” Zolokhan asked her.

” Mhmm, I never noticed.” A big cheeky smirk on her face.

Rolling his eyes he said,

with an ego so big how could you”

Slapping him on his upper arm she replied.

I just meant I hardly stay for this event.”

They spent a couple more hours walking around seeing the sights until they realized they were hungry. Agreeing to part ways and meet up later in the night, they wished each other well in the fights.

“Here’s my nephew, Zolokhan welcome, your father and I were just talking about you.” Zolokhan’s uncle, Simeon gestured to him with open arms. Smiling at seeing his uncle, Zolokhan greeted his father King Titan first with a bow and quickly hugged and chest bumped his uncle. The two had grown very close in the past…Read MoreRead More

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