Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 6.

Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 6.

Vulcan’s thoughts became dark as he thought about his wretched brothers and hateful father. He would have to speed things up. Their treachery was still hanging in the air waiting to fall like a giant axe and he would be the target. He will certainly strike first he thought. İt used to pain him that the one person he wanted to please was the one who hated him the most. But after years of cruel beatings and  verbal attacks all traces of love had gone out of his heart for such a father. He would kill him with a clear conscience.

My Prince, Your back, welcome,” Cihangir said quietly.
Taking the Prince’s things, the faithful servant answered the Prince before he even asked,

“Lady Kadıja has gone to the fight training,
She has also learned all the royal protocols, my Prince, she is very quick” Cihangir complimented the young girl.

Very good,” the Prince responded.

“We will be setting out in a week’s time, I trust all is ready?” Vulcan asked his steward.

Cihangir bowed responding ,“All set my Prince”

“Very good Cihangir, You and the other servants take a rest for tonight. Have some fine wine and any meats you may desire. İ will tend to my own needs for the rest of the day.” Prince Vulcan ordered.

With a smile and a nod, an excited Cihangir  exited the Prince’s presence. Chuckling to himself, the Prince knew Cihangir was excited to see his love interest Bertal. He would grant their marriage once Cihangir was ready to ask.

Knowing his capable steward, he wouldn’t have to do much anyway. His bath was already prepared and food laid out. Grabbing some figs he decided to go check out the women’s fighting group. He wanted to see his woman Kadija in action.

“Kadija block!” Damara the leader of Prince Vulcan’s Elite troop of female fighters called out.
Good defense Kadıja, fix your stance and Twemba won’t be able to trip you so easily.”

Kadıja was enjoying herself, she didn’t know she would take to fighting so well, but she felt so alive. She had already become really good at throwing daggers. She got along well with these women. There was no fuss, just frank and raw fighting. Slapping hands with each other, that was the end of the day. The women dispersed to the showers and Kadija prepared to follow.

Where are you going beauty?”  a quiet intimate voice whispered from behind her.
The hairs on her neck and arms stood up recognizing that voice. The heat between them already blazing.

The Prince commands you to come with him” Vulcan teased her.
Feeling shy she responded,
My Prince, I’m dirty and sweaty. İ need to go to the showers”

“Naughty, Naughty beauty, I told you to call be by my name. Come with me, I think some punishment is in order.”

Her breathing picked up, her face grew hot. She knew his “punishments” meant mind-bending pleasure. Taking her hand he led her quietly through a secret passage to his private compound.

Still holding her hand, he brought her to a big bath house that was filled with all manner of exotic flowers. Letting go of her the Prince went to shift coal embers underneath the bathing pool which warmed the bath water.

Should I strip you? beauty” Vulcan asked her cheekily his eyebrows arched seductively.
Blushing Kadıja shook her head.
Will you turn away please.” She asked.
Taking a seat on a luxurious looking bench he said,
No, I will not”, He replied as his passion was already at a high. Kadija quickly figured out that he wanted to and was going to watch.

Just like at the river, strip for me Kadija”
Closing her eyes and turning her back to him, she fumbling tried to unfasten her top to lift it over her head. She heard his chuckles at her shyness and this fueled her courage. Squaring her shoulders her dancer’s instincts kicked in.

Swaying her arms and hips she removed her top. She thanked the heavens she wasn’t facing him full frontal because all of her courage would surely disappear. Swaying her hips she made her way to the bath, her long skirt was still on figuring she could take those off in the bath.

Seeing her intention, the Prince moved like a cheetah, grabbing her waist from behind.

Oh no you don’t”, with two tugs at her skirt, she stood naked.
Mhmm that’s better, this is how you stood  by the river.” Lifting her suddenly, she reacted by unclasping her arms which had been covering her bountiful smooth breasts to grab his shoulders. With a handsome smirk, his silver-grey eyes feasted on the sight. If Kadija could crawl into a shell with a snail at that moment she would.
Seeing her self-conscious reaction the Prince spared her and gently deposited her into the bathing pool.

“Your very beautiful Kadıja, i love to look at you. Don’t hide from me beauty. I am a slave to your body.” He said softly looking into her eyes.

“Are you hungry?” He questioned
Nodding she answered
“Yes Vulcan i am”
He smiled at the use of his name.

Taking off his clothes he quickly donned the long wrap garter that the male servants wore. He then left and soon returned with an assorted platter of food for her. Her muscles began to relax and as she ate the food invigorated her anew. He also ate while watching her eating the keeble berries. The Keeble berries caused her to remember their interlude and she became shy again.

Finally, she commented, “I learned all the palace protocols today.”

Mhmm Cihangir told me, very good beautiful.” He said.

I feel a little overwhelmed, I have been looked down on all my life. What if I don’t make a good queen? It would make me really sad if I embarrassed you but it would kill me if you looked down on me too” she spoke her feelings out loud. Her open nature was very endearing to Vulcan and allowed him to trust her even more as she never hid any of her thoughts from him.

Are you sure I am the Queen you need Vulcan?” Kadija asked bluntly.

“You are the only woman I want, so you have to be the Queen.” He answered.

” I won’t allow anyone to embarrass you or treat you disrespectfully Kadıja. And if I ever make you feel unhappy you must tell me. There should be nothing hidden between us.” Vulcan said directly.

Why did you want to hurt Prince Zolokhan?” She asked him.

I was having some fun. Also if I can eliminate an enemy with minimal damage to The Mabutu tribe then why not?” Vulcan said casually.

Why did you agree to the plot?“he asked

You are my king, I am loyal to you.” She responded.

What are those scars on your back? and Why were you crying that day by the river Vulcan?” Her long-held curiosity begging to be answered.

” My father gave me fifty lashes that day. And my scars are from similar beatings. This was the best Cihangir could do to prevent the many scarrings.” Vulcan calmly told her.

Looking at him her eyes softened, but he quickly responded,
Do not pity me beauty, while my father was cruel and unreasonable, he taught me everything that I shouldn’t be. I am fine.” He said.

Moving towards her he held her chin and looked into her golden eyes and said,

“I’m not all the way good Kadıja, I have a lot of bad in me. But I will never be bad to you Terah (baby/sweetheart)” he spoke softly and kissed her.

Nodding she said,

“that’s okay…I like you with the bad” she replied, her eyes soft…

How could you know so much about me when you stayed so far away? She asked him.

I was always close, Beauty. I have been close since the day we met at the river. At first, I was angry that this big-eyed girl had seen me crying. I came looking for you to tell you to shut up but I ended up just watching you with your mother.” He told her.

I was also there when the two boys tried to tear your clothes and tried to rape you in the alleyway,
what, you thought they ran because you were holding a stick?
Sighing his face hardened,
You cried so hard that day and scrubbed your skin raw. Do you want to know what I did? I killed them and fed them to the crocodiles in my pond.” Vulcan revealed.

Kadija soaked in all that he said, slowly the dots started to connect. Lymbanda had looked for his evil sons for weeks but had given up saying they had probably run away from the tribe or been attacked by wild animals.

The meat left at our door? Was that you?” She asked.

Yes I had it delivered secretly each week,” he answered.

Kadija do you really need to know everything that I have done? He asked.

Yes Vulcan, you said no secrets between us right? Plus I want to fall in love with you more and more and more and more.”

She smiled happily, her heart bursting from all that she had heard. Her star had always been close, with girly giggles she dipped her head under the water staying for a few long seconds.

Prince Vulcan took in her words and her girlish giggles and basked in them, his cold heart feeling warm and happy.

What about your mother?” She asked him.
”  She died when I was five, I just remember that I loved her a lot, she was very kind.” He said.
Ending her questions for a bit, she enjoyed the bath as his hands scooped water onto her shoulders.

What’s the most happiest thing that ever happened to you? She asked randomly.

Your full of questions aren’t you? After wrestling with my desires, your finally here with me, finally.” He answered

Why did you wrestle with your desires?”

Pausing and looking at her he responded,

“My father is a womanizing pig who got a servant girl pregnant when my mother was Queen, I think my mother couldn’t bear the shame anymore and killed herself. I didn’t want to be in any way like my father. I didn’t want to love someone below my rank.” He was being very candid. At her forlorn expression he held her chin.

“Are you ashamed of me,” she asked, big eyes filled up with sadness.

No Kadija, because loving you has nothing to do with my father. It doesn’t make me anything like him. I have no intentions to use you and discard you. My only intention is to give all the love I have in me to you and to take yours. You are my Queen and that’s the end of any more talks of embarrassment.” Prince Vulcan said firmly trying his best to reassure Kadija.

I will be your servant and love slave if you don’t believe me” Vulcan promised with a grin.

Smiling and crying at the same time she hugged his neck. She felt so happy at his calm words. She loved his personality and his encouraging words gave her assurance.
“I’m ready to get out, my slave boy” Kadija joked.

Eyebrows raised he replied,
As you wish my Queen,” he lifted her out of the bathing pool, took a soft cloth, and rubbed her dry. Then he lifted her naked body carrying her to his quarters.

Let’s sleep out the rest of the day, no one will disturb us,” he said.

Nodding they laid down together and fell asleep.

Vulcan’s thoughts became dark as he thought about his wretched brothers and hateful father. He would have to speed things up. Their treachery was still hanging in the air waiting to fall like a giant axe and he would be the target. He will certainly strike first he thought. İt used to pain him that…Read MoreRead More

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