Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 23.

Katya and Zolokhan Chapter 23. King and Queen of the World audio book from the Quadrillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family

Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 23.

God came to meet Jesus, who was happily riding on Katya’s and Zolokhan’s laden caravan. The two, Katya and Zolokhan, had given this friendly and enthusiastic man a ride on their way to Cappadocia. They had all been conversing happily all day.

Now as the cool evening rolled in, Katya and Zolokhan were at the front of the caravan driving their camels,while Jesus rested in the back of their covered caravan.
As God came to visit his Son, he shielded the lively couple’s minds and eyes from his presence. Jesus was delighted to see him and cheekily quipped

Missed me already?”

Rolling his eyes at his son, God hopped into the caravan beside Jesus and headlocked him under his arm.

More like I wanted to see Katya and Zolokhan.” God replied.

Smiling, Jesus understood how his father felt about the little couple. They were Heaven’s little family. Katya did not know yet but soon the family of two would become three.

These two, Katya and Zolokhan are even more spectacular as KB and Sher. Truly fine souls they have grown to be.” God the father said.

Nodding his head, Jesus passed God a roasted sweet potato, while he ate one himself. Jesus turned and took in God’s casual attire,

Is there a reason your so muscular today and what is with the open gayeta (shirt). Why are you copying my style, I’m the young one remember, your the fatherly one.” Jesus questioned teasingly

I taught you style remember, you copied my white-on-white suit with my white croc skin texture, I never said anything,” God replied

Mhmm, ok but come on what’s with the big chest, you look like hulk.” Jesus quipped.

Ignoring his son’s comments, God teasingly reached over and lifted Jesus with one hand and used him as a dumbbell. God said

We finally got us two who believe, and a husband and a wife duo at that! I did say there was nothing impossible for me to do.

For a second there you had me worried old boy” Jesus replied playfully to his father, always enjoying “pulling God’s leg.”

The Holy Spirit certainly tried his best with your first lot of disciples but they just accepted death, the others never included their wives and they most certainly were never ready or accepting of abundance. No…. only death and martyrdom had ruled the minds of your band of twelve.”  God said shaking his head

Mhmm well, I still rake Luke and the rest of them over the coals every now and again for writing about me like that in the bible. He made me sound so boring. What about all the times we twelve dived, swam and cooked out at sea? All the roasted pork we ate? What about the fun we all had wrestling? Sneaking through people’s fields and picking their fruits. We were like a group of fifteen year olds back then!” Jesus exclaimed

“Let’s not dwell on them, those twelve now know that they could have been living a much more happy and victorious life, all the time they were on Earth. Now however, we have KB and Sher for those thick skulls to watch and see from Heaven.” God said with a very upbeat tone.

I invited over all the so called ‘bible greats’ for coffee, from Abraham to David to Paul and Peter. All of them are open mouthed even now when they see all they could have done, how much fun they could have had.” God said

Did you invite Billy Graham?” Jesus asked

Well, he doesn’t count amongst the greats. The ones in the meeting are barely great much less him” God replied.

Mhmm but he was considered the symbol of pastor hood for the millennial generation,” Jesus replied mockingly rolling his eyes

I told Billy that he is the perfect example of how not to be a pastor. He never even once allowed his wife to say a few words. How refreshing and more impactful that would have been than all his sermons. He was distant from his kids and wife all his life all in the name of ‘God’. That was never my will.” God said

You roasted this sweet potato very good by the way, i see i haven’t spoiled you at all. You can cook.” God said jokingly

Yes being all powerful does come with useful skills pops.“Jesus quipped back

Katya and Zolokhan are naive and innocent still to many things, I like it very much that they are this way. My all-powerful son is doing a great job watching over his brother and sister.” God said to Jesus

Whenever you get complimentary like this, and so solemn i know you have decided to do something.” Jesus replied

As though you don’t already know?” God said chuckling

Even though I already know and everything is already finished and taken care of for the rest of the lives of these two, i still enjoy watching how your word all plays out in their lives, what routes they are going to take and how easy it will all be.” Jesus said

If it isn’t laughably easy, it isn’t God.” The two said in unity with their heads together.

The time has come for Katya and Zolokhan to conquer and inherit Kingdoms they never built, to eat from groves they never planted, to reap the riches of far away nations and for all Kings to bow to them. I will make them rulers of the world. Before they reach Cappadocia, that nation and all other nations once ruled by her, shall be in Katya and Zolokhan’s hands. They shall lift no weapon or drip any sweat to conquer these nations for we will make it easy for them.” God said

The stench of King Killin’s wickedness has reached Heaven’s nose, his time to recieve vengeance is now. He has accomplished my purposes of subjecting all the other Kings but not for him to rule them, only for Katya and Zolokhan to rule.” God continued saying

You have directed the angel of provision, Shadchan, to plant the seed of righteous indignation and the seed of courage into your two weapons of vengeance,” Jesus said knowingly

Yes, these two men that I have picked out shall carry out my punishment of King Killin. I have also decided to show the two men mercy and will restore them.”

It is good Father.” Jesus said contentedly.

Come now my son let’s have some butter with these sweet potatoes and use your power and reheat them,” God said settling in hungrily to eat the roasted sweet potatoes.

Back to King Killin:

“Lucario seems to be advancing well with his plans. He has befriended this Ratagan and has gotten our men on King Vulcan’s ship. I expect more good news soon. Once I’m done with King Vulcan, there is only those two left.” King Killin muttered out loud after reading the messages sent to him from Lucario

King Killin sat in front of his mirror again and began donning his disguise. Putting on his false scars, warts and false hump, he was soon transformed into old man Bardak. He took his secret passage way which exited to the cornfield. He walked to the market streets. He was very curious to hear what was being said by the servants of many of the rich houses. Hence he had been going out more often.

There were special days that servants of the nobility households went to the market. They would get the freshest produce and meats first. The servants had the freedom to get supplies and spend the day out. Hence a lot of meeting up and gossiping was done. Dressed as old man Bardak he had learned a lot of information this way.

Talks of the prosperity of the Mwebele and Kezmizi Kingdom were always on the tongues of the Cappadocia’s people these days. Traders would embellish stories of the two tribes’ prosperity. As soon as King Killin arrived in the large marketplace, he was assailed with loud conversations by women chatting about Queen Katya’s dresses.

” Dresses from Mwebele Kingdom. Only the finest for the finest.” One trader called out.

I have never seen designs like these before. I hear the Kingdom is so rich that even servants’ clothes are of high quality.” A young girl called Zeynep gushed.

Well Zeynep we are seeing it with our own eyes. Look at these dresses. Not even my lady’s dresses are so finely embroidered or dyed.” Her friend Aisha replied.

Gold is like common stones in the Western Kingdoms.” a group of men was saying

So why don’t we go there!” one man said

We will go there! let’s stack our caravan and go!” The first man answered enthusiastically causing everyone to burst out in laughter.

I heard the Kezmizi King harvests rare pink pearls just for his Queen.” one said

I hear they have large ships that they will be using to explore the world.” Another said

I hear everybody is rich there, in one way or the other. If you want to be a herder or farmer or open shops.” A woman chipped in.

Take it from me, I have been there. They are very happy people, always feasting and they have good medicines. I hear they live long because the air is special in their region.” The loud-mouth trader said.

I would definitely take there over here in Cappadocia. Every year our taxes increase. It’s unbearable. We barely have any land to plant our food. Everything is opium this, opium that.” The woman said.

You better not talk so freely Ferda.” A man said to the woman

Even the soldiers are grumbling about King Killin these days, what have I to fear?” She replied

It’s true, soldiers’ food rations have been cut. My cousins are all soldiers and they say King Killin has been experimenting with his opium on some soldiers. Seems he is trying to make them stronger. But they say the soldiers have all gone mad instead.” Another man whispered to a now-gathering group of bystanders.

If this continues, it will be us the people who are next!” the woman called Ferda exclaimed.

Just then the ruffian named Kristus came walking by. He paused and listened more of the conversation of the people. Finding a shaded spot under a tree, he noticed old man Bardak.

Hey old timer, your here?” Kristus loudly shouted causing some to turn and look at him

Turning haughtily to the onlookers he said,

Ain’t that old beggar the ugliest thing you have ever seen! Look at him with his scars and hump!”

Leave the old man alone Kristus! You are ever making trouble,” Ferda rebuked

Shouldn’t you be getting your fresh cabbages for your master Ferda instead of dilly dallying here gossiping?” Kristus replied sneeringly

Turning her head, Ferda didn’t reply. Kristus sauntered over to old man Bardak who was seated on the shaded ground with his back leaned against a building.

Seeing him approach King Killin prepared for their usual banter. Even though the boy appeared rough on the exterior and was always calling him out in public, yet he always came over and shared some food or treat with him.

Hey old man, where do you disappear to sometimes?” Kristus asked, pulling out a sweet cake and giving half to Bardak.

King Killin accepted the treat and with a muffled cough said his thanks.

You hear these traitors talking about our king like that?” Kristus said angrily

You don’t agree with them about King Killin?

A king has to be strong, so what if he took out a few neighbouring countries.” Kristus replied

But they say he’s using up the farmlands .” Old Bardak stated

There is more than enough land, the people are just lazy..” shrugging his shoulders Kristus answered.

So has anything good happened to you under King Killin’s leadership?”

My brothers all have jobs as soldiers, I’m waiting on the next recruitment then i will i  be set.” Kristus answered.

King Killin took in the dark haired, green eyed boy. His clothes were scruffy and his face dirty. It must have been the compliments from the boy after hearing all the complaints of the people in the market, but King Killin felt like helping this Kristus.

I will have to send for him and make him a part of my trusted guards. He is loyal it seems” King Killin thought in his mind.

When they were done eating Kristus said,

Anyway scar face i have other places to be.”

Ok Kristus, thanks for the cake.”

The young man sauntered off down a busy lane and soon disappeared into the crowd. After a time King Killin got up and slowly walked away from the hustle and bustle of the market place. He was going to check on his supplies of opium. It was an hour’s walk from the marketplace to one of the hideouts where he stashed opium.

Unbeknownst to King Killin, diligent eyes trailed him. These eyes had been following him for the past year. They had studied his movements and had noted down every hideout that King Killin, dressed as old man Bardak, had visited. This man that followed had a heart burning with righteous indignation and vengeance. The man once had a happy home and a happy family but had lost it all at the hand of King Killin.

The strangest thing had happened to this man. He had gotten a dream. In this dream, he was told repeatedly to go to the marketplace and to sit by the Big oak tree. He had finally listened to the repeating dream. Who would have known that he would see King Killin in disguise? It was like something had made his eyes clear because he could discern clearly that it was the King of Cappodocia dressed up as an old man.

That was when this man’s plans for ending this evil blight of a King had begun. Not only would he kill him but he would destroy every opium den wherever they were. So far, over the past year King Killin had visited over forty different places. There was a special knock that he would do each time he arrived at one of the Dens. It was always answered by the same Taoyang man.

” Soon, very soon it will be the end of you.” The man whispered.

Back at Lucario:

Lucario was currently in a secret meeting with the Mabutu Princes. It was late at night and the three discreetly met up at a deserted barn. They had all done their best to move as quietly as possible. The twins had slipped away with women and we’re allegedly sleeping the night away in those women’s quarters. To any one spying it would seem like just another night of whoring for those two.

The night before they were to meet with Lucario, the two had been gloatingly cheering their good fortune.

” Who would have known that father had left us such a powerful ally as King Killin!” Warsax said to his brother Darjan.

Yes it’s good fortune, everything is happening so timely and this Lucario is taking care of everything for us!” Darjan replied

Yes Lucario is right, we must not be implicated in any way. I will need to ascend the throne quickly and without any suspicions if we want to prevent any upheaval.” Warsax said

Vulcan’s loyalist would kill us in a heartbeat if they thought we had anything to do with his death.” Darjan said

Pausing a bit Darjan then said,

I’m glad for Lucario’s wisdom in this matter because sometimes brother we are both hot-headed and head-strong.”

Laughing at his brother’s candid statement, Warsax said

With time I’m sure we will mellow out. Come let’s speed up, we are almost there and we need to be back before those women wake up” Warsax instructed

With the amount of sleeping drug we gave them, not even thunder in person could wake them.” Darjan replied.

The two continued on in silence for the remainder of their journey. Each eager to see the destruction of their brother Vulcan. Darjan hoped in his heart that everything would go smoothly and Warsax could ascend the throne. While Warsax thought of all the freedoms and power he would have with being King. They had both indulged in King Killin’s opium and we’re now hooked.

Lucario heard the approach of their horses. When they arrived, they made their  secret clicks to identify themselves. On hearing it Lucario came out of the abandoned barn.

Let’s get inside quickly!” Lucario said quietly

The twins followed Lucario into the barn. Lucario lit a small lantern which gave a dull light to the room. Indicating for the men to sit on the ground, Lucario plopped down on some soft hay. The twins quickly settled in beside him.

Well, when are we going to finish everything?” Warsax asked right away

Well your brother, King Vulcan will be going out on a month of excursion at sea in three days time. That’s our chance to strike.” Lucario answered

What’s the plan?” Darjan asked.

We have four people on board who are our people. The female warrior will take care of poisoning the crew and poisoning the treats of Queen Kadija and the little boy.” Lucario summarized

How does this poison work?

” It’s painless, it will let them simply fall asleep and never wake again.” Lucario said

And Vulcan?” Warsax asked

He doesn’t indulge in the sweets, and we cannot poison his food. He will have to be killed once the crewmen are dead.” Lucario said

He is very strong! Don’t underestimate him. Four of you will not be enough to take him out.” Warsax said.

All our men are expert fighters with poisoned daggers. King Vulcan cannot escape.” Lucario said reassuringly

Do you need us to do anything?” Darjan asked

No, do not be involved. We will send some of our men dressed as fishermen to spread rumours of seeing the King’s ship on fire and sinking.” Lucario

We can order for an immediate search to be done for the King and his family.” Darjan suggested

Mhmm yes you can seem like concerned brothers, but still play it cool. Let the natural process take it’s course.” Lucario advised

Well brother in three days all will have changed!” Darjan exclaimed.

Let’s end here for now.” Lucario said quietly.

Saying their farewells, the men slipped out into the dark night. Lucario reached his tents to find an alert Tuppen waiting for him. Nodding their heads to each other, Lucario walked past the warrior into his tents. To his surprise Justus was also up and looking very alert.

Turning to look at Lucario, Justus said calmly

I expect we will both get some good news soon”

Assuming Justus was talking about their final plans to finish King Vulcan, Lucario nodded to his old friend and said

Yes old man, this business will soon be done.” He sat down at his table.

Yes Lucario, it will soon be done,” Justus replied cryptically. Something in his tone and demeanor gave Lucario pause. It made Lucario wonder if they were even talking about the same thing. Lucario took in Justus carefully. With the moonlight hitting Justus’ upturned face, as Justus had now walked to and sat at the entrance of the tent, Lucario felt like he was looking at a different man altogether.

Only a few more days now Lucario, and it will all be over. Let’s await the good news” Justus’ said solemnly.

God came to meet Jesus, who was happily riding on Katya’s and Zolokhan’s laden caravan. The two, Katya and Zolokhan, had given this friendly and enthusiastic man a ride on their way to Cappadocia. They had all been conversing happily all day. Now as the cool evening rolled in, Katya and Zolokhan were at the…Read MoreRead More

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