Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 21.

Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 21.

Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 21.

Vulcan I received a message from Fatiya, she is coming here to Mabutu to see her father and us.” Kadija said to her husband.

The two, King Vulcan and Kadija were on their way to the beach. They had arrived at the Coast ten days ago and had been enjoying the swimming. Dressed simply, with little Ozaka in hand, King Vulcan listened to his wife’s excited voice.

” Does she know we have travelled to the coasts?” Vulcan asked Kadija

No, but I will send a message immediately to Elder Battal, her father, to let him tell her to come here to see us.” Kadija said

” Sea, sea,sea” little Ozaka exclaimed happily clapping his little hands. Ozaka wiggled in his father’s hands, indicating that he wanted to be put down.

Walkie, Walkie…” the little prince said.

Putting his son down, the little boy ran ahead and plopped himself down and began playing in the sand.

The rest of the tribe will be making their way here within another month. It will be exciting for her and Ercan to travel with them.” Kadija continued saying while seating herself on the sand beside Ozaka.

Mhmm, I’m happy that your happy.” King Vulcan said looking at Kadija and sitting too.

I haven’t seen Fatiya since she left the tribe  three years ago to marry Ercan. She has two boys now.” Kadija informed her husband.

Elder Battal will be the happiest to see his daughter I think.” King Vulcan said chuckling.

Kadija smiled and exclaimed,

Don’t you know it! Fatiya’s story is known throughout our tribe. Who would have thought Elder Battal would go to such lengths. But Fatiya has always been his favorite child”

Good Mabutu men are always serious when it comes to marriage.” King Vulcan said winking at Kadija

Mhmm like you? You crowned me Queen on the very day you were crowned King. That had never been done before.” Kadija said looking at him.

King Vulcan had began gathering sand to make the shape of a fish. He was very skilled since he used his spare time to carve out and chisel fun shapes of animals and wildlife from wood. These toys his son enjoyed. Kadija loved to watch him crafting with his long hands, in his woodwork shop at their coastal palace.

Stopping midway his sand digging, Vulcan looked up and looked into his wife’s eyes and said calmly,

I did what was in my heart… as I should do.

oh, my sweet husband!” Kadija exclaimed stretching over Ozaka and assailing King Vulcan’s face with kisses.

A happy Vulcan chuckled at his wife’s affections and a possesive little Ozaka put his little hands between them, not wanting his mommy to kiss his daddy.

But their story is too good oh…Elder Battal had made Ercan wait one year after Ercan and his father had gone to see him about marrying Fatiya. Ercan had been so smitten with Fatiya, he had asked for her hand in marriage during the festivities. But Elder Battal said he should think about it for a year and if he was still interested he should come back to propose” Kadija recalled.

He then took that one year to send his most trusted servants to spy on Ercan and his family.” Kadija continued weaving the story

Elder Battal also requested a very huge dowry for his daughter, a fortune actually! It was so much that the gossips amongst their servants couldn’t even contain themselves for a day. This was not the way it was done in Byzantine, it was the girl who had to bring a dowry.” Kadija said while helping little Ozaka pat his sand shape turtle, another of his dad’s handiwork.

Under Elder Battal’s requests, a frittle man with a frittle love would have been sifted away.” King Vulcan replied.

When I asked him why such measures, seeing as the two were in love? Elder Battal replied ‘because Fatiya will be in a far away land and he could not give her away to just anyone lest she be mistreated and have none nearby to help her’.” King Vulcan reminded Kadija

I think also,…Elder Battal really wanted it to be known to everyone that he had requested a large dowry for Fatiya.” King Vulcan said

Mhmm why?” Kadija asked, very interested in Vulcan’s perspective.

Da Da, no!” Ozaka burst out saying when his father tried taking his sand.

Ok my son, I’m sorry, now oh.” King Vulcan apologized to his adamant little boy.

well beauty, anyone hearing the dowry amount would quickly side with Ercan in saying that it was too much to ask. He would have the sentiments of the people on his side, it would be easy for him to back out of the engagement and end it right there.” King Vulcan replied

“Ohh, woah so Elder Battal had been testing Ercan, even with this. Oh the Elder is so wise.” Kadija said surprised.

Oh Fatiya had been so angry with her father for that year….and all that time the man was ensuring she made a good marriage,” Kadija said

Well it all worked out didn’t it, they are married. Elder Battal is satisfied that Ercan is a good man and he has grandchildren that he dotes on,” King Vulcan summarized

Mhmm yes. Elder Battal proved himself the wiser in the end. Do you remember when Ercan had returned with the Dowry, Elder Battal had said yes to their marriage but had also presented back Ercan’s dowry to him and had given the couple twice the size of Ercan’s dowry. He also said Fatiya must be the queen of her own house, no living with Ercan’s mother.” Kadija said and chuckled to herself at the Elder’s adamant request that Ercan build a separate house for him and Kadija. It was the custom of the Byzantine to live with each other and for the new daughter-in-law to be welcomed into the family home. However, Elder Battal had sat down seriously with Ercan for hours and talked to him of mothers-in-law trying to rule daughters-in-law and hence destroying the peace and happiness in a marriage. Elder Battal had warned Ercan to always put his wife first and had warned Fatiya to stand firmly on her foot should Ercan’s mother overstep her boundaries. Elder Battal had exhorted Ercan to always discuss intimate matters with Fatiya only and never include his family or Fatiya’s family in their affairs. “This is one of the keys for a marriage to remain happy” Elder Battal had said.

Mhmmm I remember very well because, I myself never knew that the Elder was that wealthy.” King Vulcan said with raised eyebrows.

It is good that our citizens are prospering so much, especially since the Wasted lands are so fertile now.” Kadija said reflectively.

One thing though, What if Ercan had been fickle and didn’t return for Fatiya? Wouldn’t  that have hurt Fatiya’s reputation?” Kadija asked curiously

it all depends on your perspective my beauty and also Elder Battal purposely creating whatever perspective he wanted in peoples’ minds by controlling the gossip.” King Vulcan said

I don’t  understand you Vulcan” Kadija replied, she was genuinely interested in learning from her husband.

I mean….even if people thought Elder Battal’s dowry request was excessive, the bigger gossip would be against the Byzantine’s inability to pay the dowry and to get one of our Mabutu girls. It’s a matter of national honor. It would give the Mabutu people something  to boast about, to make them feel superior  to Byzantine and then they would take Fatiya’s side. Elder Battal could also get a good young man for Fatiya and secretly provide him with the dowry. Thereby saving her honor and embarassing the Byzantines even  more.” King Vulcan said

Ahhh, control the gossip and you can turn the story to your glory.” Kadija said

yes my beauty. Anyway Let us go take a swim with Ozaka.”

ah yes he’s gotten so good at holding his breath,” Kadija said rising up from the sands now slotted with a barrage of sand-made sea creatures.

You really love the sea don’t you? my son,” King Vulcan said to Ozaka kissing him repeatedly on his cheeks.

What a fine and handsome little son you are. You make Baba so happy. You are so good now at swimming my excellent son. Father loves baby very much. Father loves Ozaka.” King Vulcan said praisingly and encouragingly to his son.


Chieftess Dedoka, Chieftess Dedoka, how are you?” Magoba called out at the home of Chieftess Dedoka

Magoba? Is that you? Hey, you are welcome. What brings you here?” Chieftess Dedoka greeted

Elder Chieftess, I brought you some Grunga nut porridge. I know it’s your favourite oh. Now that Katya has married and travelled I don’t  think you have anyone to make it quite as good as us oh.” Magoba boasted, smiling sweetly.

ah Magoba!Magoba! You know me oh! I have been pining for some Grunga nut porridge. Hurry up now and let me eat it while it is still warm oh.” Chieftess Dedoka said inviting Magoba to sit.

Chieftess Dedoka went to get a wooden spoon and began eating the porridge.

mhmm Magoba you made this one a bit sweeter than usual oh but it’s still very good!” Chieftess Dedoka commented.

Magoba watched  her eat up the porridge, she felt victorious at every slurp Chieftess Dedoka took. Her purpose had been accomplished.

After Chieftess Dedoka had finished the porridge, Magoba helped her by cleaning the utensils. Chieftess Dedoka was feeling particularly chatty that day and spoke openly with Magoba,

Ah, Magoba the tribe is prospering so much. When Hamazi and Princess Oredu prevented the birth of the next chieftess we had to wait an additional eighty years on top of the forty years we had been waiting. Then finally Katya was born. Many of the chieftesses before me died before they could see Katya born. Even our life spans suffered without a new chieftess. Now i am all that is left of the older Chieftesses. But i feel strong and i am ready for another fifty years oh.” Chieftess Dedoka finished with a confident laugh.

Let it be! Heaven will bless you now Chieftess Dedoka. More life to you now. Agaderee (special blessings) to you oh.” Magoba said enthusiastically.

Just then a voice, a man’s voice called out from outside,

Chieftess Dedoka, Chieftess Dedoka”

That sounds like Ruika, what is it Ruika, come in. Why are you hanging about?

Ruika was the young man that had ran to tell Chieftess Dedoka about Katya’s birth over eighteen years ago. He often visited Chieftess Dedoka and brought her fresh meat and honey from his hunts.

I brought you some wild honey today. Oh Magoba I greet you.” Ruika said energetically after entering Chieftess Dedoka’s home.

Ruika, it is good to see you. Do you have enough honey to give me some.” Magoba asked greedily for she thought to herself in her mind laughingly,
It will be wasted on Chieftess Dedoka.

Ahh ok. Ah yes, I think so but it is for Chieftess Dedoka first and then she can give it out to you however she likes.” Riuka answered Magoba.

Ruika, you are like my son. The son I never got to have oh.” Chieftess Dedoka said kissing his cheeks in a motherly way.

Ah it is nothing Elder Chieftess! Ah I will not be staying though, I only came to give you this here. I have a cow that’s bound to deliver tonight so I am going to watch her oh.” Ruika said quickly.

Ok my son, I won’t keep you. Bye now and walk good.” Chieftess Dedoka said sending him off.

Elder chieftess Katya has gone and left you now! She has gone and left the tribe!” Magoba said whining

It is the first time a Mwebele Chieftess has ever married, of course she must be with her husband now.” Chieftess Dedoka replied.

But I too wonder what these changes all mean for our tribe.” Chieftess Dedoka said

What do you mean?” Magoba asked

Well Katya’s children will be the future rulers of Kezmizi, but what about Mwebele. Will we still continue our traditions? Because now there are several girls being born in our tribe. We no longer have to wait on the Kendu thunderstorms. So how do we decide who is the next Chieftess?
It is as though the Mwebele tribe has had a great curse broken and removed from over us. But there will be changes. One thing I am sure of is that Katya will be bigger than the Mwebele tribe, greater! She is not meant to only be the Mwebele Chieftess but more.”
Chieftess Dedoka said.

Aye Magoba help me to lie down now, I’m feeling a little short of breath.” Chieftess Dedoka said reaching out her hand to Magoba.

Oh, yes, come put your arm over my shoulder.” Magoba said

When Chieftess Dedoka had settled in her bed, she closed her eyes to enjoy a restful sleep, never knowing that she would never wake up in this world again.

Heaven :

When Chieftess Dedoka woke up, she was in a field of flowers of the most brilliant hue and colours. Colours which she had never seen were here and the flowers felt like they were alive.

Welcome Dedoka, I came to greet you first.” A voice said

Looking being her, Chieftess Dedoka saw the face of her predecessor Chieftess Igioma.

Great Chieftess it is you? What are you doing here? Am I in a dream?” Chieftess Dedoka questioned.

No Dedoka, your are not in a dream. You have died and are now here in Heaven.” Chieftess Igioma said.

Chieftess Jeyota and all the other chieftess are waiting to greet you later.” Chieftess İgioma informed her.

Why am I dead. İ only just went to sleep now. Did i die in my sleep? But i felt so strong ohh, why am I dead?” Chieftess Dedoka questioned.

Magoba poisoned you. Hence you died.” Chieftess İgioma answered her.

Poisoned? Magoba? Magoba did such a thing? Yes, yes…. she fed me porridge and I felt my heart racing so I went to lie down. İ feel so peaceful though, shouldn’t i be angry? İ should be angry that Magoba did such a wicked thing, but i just feel peaceful.” Chieftess Dedoka said

Yes, there is no sorrow or anger or anything like that here. İt’s only enjoyment and peace.” Chieftess İgioma answered.

Wow what a lovely and majestic attire I am wearing!” Chieftess Dedoka said looking at herself.

Heaven is like that oh, here Father already knows what type of clothing suits your tastes and desires. You get the best of the best, an outfit you could never have created on Earth but something so beautiful created just for you. The other Chieftesses and I enjoyed making this outfit for you.  But some people prefer to be naked here too, that’s their true desire” Igioma informed her.

Ahh seems fitting to me too that some would wish to be free. İ don’t even feel embarrassed at seeing nakedness.” Chieftess Dedoka stated.

No there is no such thing as embarrassment, all is well all the time.” Chieftess İgioma said

We Chieftesses never got married or had any children hence we have no husband or children to greet us. So we greet each other when a Mwebele Chieftess comes home. Plus there are other Mwebele people too who you will remember and see here.” Chieftess İgioma informed her.

By this time they were walking down golden streets. Beautiful fruit trees lined either sides of the streets and many people were happily going about doing different things. Lots of children were playing, some were leaping high into the sky and coming back down. She saw a man painting the sky and the clouds in beautiful images. Chieftess Dedoka witnessed people eating a juicy fruit whose juices spilled out into people’s hands, but the juices quickly disappeared leaving no mess or dirt.

This place is so amazing!” Chieftess Dedoka exclaimed

Yes, it is but you have only seen a drop in an ocean of all of Heaven. There are degrees of excellencies here in both people and places .”

What do you mean?” Chieftess Dedoka asked curiously.

Well think about it Dedoka, there are many who barely made it into heaven, as the expression ” by the skin of their teeth. Some who only believed at the end of their lives, Some who worshiped cows and other silly traditions, you remember how we would laugh at hearing about the tribe that washed themselves in cow urine for protection?”

Yes! Yes, they took it very seriously oh.” Chieftess Dedoka said scoffing

Mhmm, many of these types come here, barely knowing anything about God. They are in no shape to handle all the excellencies of heaven. İt would be too overwhelming.”

Ahhh…” Said Chieftess Dedoka

For example, the man who you see painting the skies, his name is Artimus. When he came here he insisted on going to a section of Heaven where he was not permitted. When he tried to force himself through, a mighty and majestic angel stood in his way. He was so overwhelmed at the sight of the Angel that he hasn’t spoken a word since.” Igioma said pointing at the man

What but i don’t understand? Was he punished in this way?” Dedoka asked.

No, not punished, we are our Daddy’s kids, their is no punishment just because some kids are willful. No, Artimus was overwhelmed, over-awed. The beauty and power of the Angel was too much for his soul.” Chieftess İgioma explained.

Here everything works out for your good. Artimus had been given a great gift for artistry but he had quenched his talent and had become a rough soldier on Earth.

Oh, so now he gets to be an artist here.” Chieftess Dedoka inferred.

Yes among other things. İn his silence he has been able to discover and enjoy his great passion. When he came here his light was barely a warm glow, now he shines brightly as his soul/his mind continues refining. The silence was a good thing for him.” Chieftess İgioma explained.

Does it take long to be refined?” Chieftess Dedoka asked

” There is no concept of time in Heaven my good friend. İn human years, Artimus had been at it for well over six hundred years, but here in heaven it would feel like his run in with the Angel was just a few hours ago.”

oh, woah, woah. No time..” Chieftess Dedoka whispered in more awe.

Come let’s sit and chat more under these lovely trees.” Igioma invited Dedoka.

Chieftess Dedoka’s nose was hit with the sweetest scent of ripe fruits she had ever smelled. Looking up at the tree above her she saw twelve different looking fruits on the one tree.

This is a tree of life. You may pick and eat as you feel like. Go ahead i promise you oh, you have never tasted something so delicious.”

As if understanding her desire, the tree bent one of its branches to Dedoka and offered her the selection of fruits. Picking a multicolored fruit, she bit into it. İt was so delicious she could not hold back herself from eating it up quickly and reaching out for more.

İ never thought we would eat in heaven.” a surprised Dedoka uttered.

Here you don’t need to eat to live, only eat to enjoy. Plus our bodies are superior to our old bodies so no need to think about foul smells or doo doo.”

“Oh” was all Chieftess Dedoka could say

Will i need to be refined too?” Dedoka asked curiously.

Yes Dedoka, as most of us do. İ am being refined even now. Many things I never knew about myself and about God I have come to understand. You see many of us entered heaven as babies in the matters of the spirit and soul. The principle of growing is a heavenly principle  This principle does not go away here, you are not instantly all-knowing and you will never be. Our souls continue to grow. For example, there are others that were created by Father, it wasn’t just humans. There are other worlds. That’s what keeps heaven exciting and dynamic.” Igioma explained.

” What else is there to see and know İgioma?”

Come let me show you a certain family living on the Earth, hundreds of years ahead of your time on Earth. It is not often that all of heaven tunes into what’s happening in the Earth, but this little family is especially delightful to us here.” Chieftess Igioma shared

I feel so content and happy. I am bursting with joy to see more.” Dedoka exclaimed

Waving her hand, Chieftess Igioma told Dedoka to look. To Dedoka’s surprise, a clear image of a man and a woman with a little girl appeared in front of them. The little family was laying in bed together, with the little girl asleep on her mother.

This is the Trott Bailey Family, already very famous here in heaven. We are all very excited to meet them in due time.”

Ah ah, But they look just like Katya and Zolokhan!“Dedoka said in surprise

Yes they have a great resemblance.

But how? Why? This is a time far ahead from my time on Earth, yet I’m sure that is Katya and Zolokhan.” Dedoka exclaimed

I told you there are many surprises, Daddy has a lot of plans for them. Plans which even us the citizens know nothing about. We have to watch it unfold too, but it is very exciting for they are a family bold in their faith, they are Father’s close friends.”

Next Chieftess İgioma took her through golden streets with one of the most beautiful houses she had ever seen.

Why are we going here İgioma?”

This is one of your homes here. Everyone is inside waiting to greet you. İncluding your angels who watched over you throughout your life on Earth.” Igioma replied.

Way oh Way oh! Well I have never seen anything like this before. It even feels like the house is alive!” Dedoka exclaimed wonderingly.

” Here everything has life, even the stones.
Let’s go in, your angels constructed your home. You can greet them.”
Igioma replied smiling.

They entered the doors of the beautiful home and Chieftess Dedoka saw a large group of people, all smiling. Suddenly there were large blasts of lights and colours. Then four majestic looking beasts, stomped and opened their mouths and sang the most beautiful welcome song she had ever heard. The gathered group beat musical instruments she had never seen and they sang.

” Dedoka you have returned
To the place you were originally first
Like a seed you planted Earth
Now to Heaven your spirit burns
Welcome to this majestic place
Where you can see the father’s face
Only joy and happiness bring
This here your heavenly taste.”

Dedoka Dedoka our friend! You have come home.” An angel by the name of Gurinah meaning ‘ the one who brings mercy” shouted’

When you were a little girl you loved and admired the beautiful ivory that was the rhinos horn. Well we have made your home of the finest and most purest ivory. Large pearls were used to craft your doors and scenes of Mwebele and your greatest moments in life are etched in the home’s wooden frame. These great memories are times we celebrated with you. Your first walk and words as a baby, your love for your little leopard, when you had fun days at the river, when you travelled to different places. When you overcame Hamazi and Oredu. All the times when you were truly happy.” Gyrabah her other angel narrated.

In unison, Both angels kneeled and said
We love you Dedoka and it was fun being your angels.”

Dedoka’s heart felt like it would burst from joy. Everyone gathered around to embrace her. Faces long forgotten and one very recent.

” Kegame, Osadaku, Sada, Gawdas, Hambrin, Chieftess Jeyota, Fyaoza, Chieftess Vandanlan, ah, ah, Boku, you are here too.”  Dedoka spoke excitedly.

Yes Dedoka, I am here and yes I know what Magoba has done. She is not on the right path. But she must reap what she has sown if she continues refusing to heed the warnings of Father and her conscience.” Boku said smiling.

Think nothing of that however Dedoka. Think only of all the things ahead for you to see and know. It is amazing, I am amazed all the time myself!” Boku said

Come on everyone let us give Dedoka a tour of her home.” One of the angels announced.

Yes Dedoka, then you can come over to our homes. You can appear if you don’t want to walk. Just think in your mind about who you want to visit. The Holy Spirit will guide you.” Igioma said revealing even more.

“ Vulcan I received a message from Fatiya, she is coming here to Mabutu to see her father and us.” Kadija said to her husband. The two, King Vulcan and Kadija were on their way to the beach. They had arrived at the Coast ten days ago and had been enjoying the swimming. Dressed simply,…Read MoreRead More

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