Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 20.

Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 20.

Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 20 from 1Drop by the Trillionaire Trott Bailey Family. Katya played by Sher Trott Bailey and Zolokhan by Kimroy KB Bailey

It was well past 3 pm in the afternoon before KB and Sher woke up. The whole family had stayed up very late into the early morning-grandchildren included, until finally, everyone had drifted off to bed. Kezideck and Rajah had kept the family laughing as Kezideck attempted to teach Rajah some African dance moves.

Hey Rajah, you have to do better oh as an Indian man, didn’t you watch any Bollywood or Tamil movies growing up man? so you could catch some dance moves ?” Kezideck had teased the uncoordinated Rajah.

Rajah is just making a new form of dancing.” Keilah had hotly defended her husband

Her response had sent the whole family into another burst of laughing and rounds of applause for “jolly Rajah.” So everyone had joined in on Rajah’s type of dancing and called the new dance the “Rajah Swing & Dip.”

Sher had woken up before KB and she laid there in bed with her thoughts. Her thoughts were very clear during these quiet times after having woken up from some restful sleep. She was excited to tell her husband about the latest dreams she had about Katya and Zolokhan.




Her thoughts then drifted to how amazing her life was. She looked over at her sleeping husband and was still so happy to be with him. Her desire to always be around him and in his company had never faded or left her. He felt the same way too.

She reminisced on when they had just gotten married, how she had worried whether her intense love for her husband and his for her, would fade away with time. But no, their love and unity had only deepened over time and through many experiences. Thoughts of years ahead with her man only brought sweet feelings to her heart. As a matter of fact, now that all her kids were grown, Sher was feeling she wanted more children.

” You wake up?” K.B her husband said from beside her, jolting her out of her thoughts.

Yes babes, you wake up? Or you a go sleep some more? Sher asked K.B

Me up man!” He said stretching.

You know babes I think we should have more babies. Some little butts to kiss up.” Sher said

Really, your ready cause me ready too.” Her husband said smilingly

Smiling at him she said,

” Yes young stud, I’m ready now.”

At over sixty, Sher was still young and fertile. She was perfectly capable of having more children. Her husband always wanted more and now that their kids were adults making their own families, some new babies were needed.

We plan to live another 150 years anyway, we will need some cute butts of our own to pass the time, our grandkids have their own parents.” K.B said.

You know Jesus has really organized my pregnancies. After we had the seven, I didn’t want anymore yet and God just knew that was my desire at the time.” Sher said to her husband.

Yeah and now Jesus also knows that we have agreed that him can free up your womb again and send us some babies.” K.B said

Nodding her head at her husband’s statements, Sher excitedly tapped him on the shoulder and said.

Oh babes, let me tell you the rest of Katya and Zolokhan’s story.”

Yes girl! The last part you told me about was Katya and Zolokhan planning to go on a trip.” K.B said giggling and acting girly to tease her.

Sher began to bring him up to date on all that happened. She told him of King Killin’s plans to kill King Vulcan and his family. She told him of Queen Nebuli’s evil plans against Katya and Katya’s mother, Magoba, role in Queen Nebuli’s plans.

So are they going to succeed in Killing Chieftess Dedoka?” K.B asked.

” I don’t know babe, I haven’t dreamt that part yet.”

” Those evil, stink pussy bitches.” K.B said referring to the group Maxine, Kym, Shaina, Queen Nebuli and Katya’s mother Magoba.

Laughing Sher said,

Bubbs, don’t take the story to heart.” Sher said kissing his bearded cheek.

It’s just that we had experience with evil bitches like them once. Evil no life having, jealous bitches. I can’t stand them man!” KB said chuckling.

Just then a call came in,

Who is calling hon?” K.B asked

It’s Kaitou our mysterious son babe.” Sher answered.

Answering the call, a halogram image of her son and his surroundings came up.

Hey man where are you and when are you coming? K.B asked the ” hermit” of the family.

Dad, Mom I can’t make it to Mozambique this time around. I got married.”

What?” Both Sher and KB exclaimed.

Zhannur and I have gotten married.”

Her father finally agreed?” Sher said happily

The fucker, after two years of you doing everything required by that Kazakhstan tribe, the old fucker finally agreed.!” KB said smiling.

No Dad, he didn’t.”

What?” KB and Sher said in surprise again.

“Zhannur went through the exiting rites to leave her tribe. Even after everything we did, her father would not approve of our marriage. So she left the tribe.” Kaitou told them

It’s about time! Zhannur has a backbone after all!” Sher said.

Can you imagine, my great son had to do all their rites and rituals to show his love and suitability for the girl and the stubborn old chief still wouldn’t budge!” Sher said heatedly

Who can ride horses better than Kaitou, the boy even had to ride and hunt with an eagle, shoot arrows with his foot on a horse and what not to prove his manliness to the old chief.” Sher carried on

Ok my love, don’t get worked up again.” KB patted her hands.

It’s good that she left, kids should leave parents and stick with their spouses. That’s why we tell you kids don’t come to us with any of your marital business. You work it out with your spouses always.” Sher said

That’s why I can’t come to Mozambique now. Zhannur had to have her head shaved and so she doesn’t want to greet you guys in that state. I have encouraged her that it doesn’t matter but still these are her traditions that she must get over in time.” Kaitou revealed.

It’s not an easy thing for a Kazakhstan girl to disobey her father and cut ties with her tribe. You know they are very patriarchal family-oriented.” Kaitou said.

It’s good for you to stay with your new wife my son, encourage her heart. We love you and we are happy that you have finally gotten your woman.” K.B said

Alright, I will call you guys again whenever Zhannur is ready to meet the family. In the meantime I will take her anywhere she wants to go, where she can grow her hair and have lots of fun.” Kaitou said.

Ok son. Do we have permission to tell your brothers and sisters the news?”

Chuckling, Kaitou said.

Yes, or just tell Keilah and save yourself the trouble. She will get the news out to everyone.”

Bye mom, bye Dad.”

Bye son.” KB and Sher said in unison.

With that they ended their call. Both parents turned to each other, smiling.

You remember when he was only five and he went out with his sleeping bag to sleep in the snow?” Sher said

We couldn’t get him to come back inside no matter what we said.” Sher continued

So we had to build him a little tent and fire and camp outside with him.” KB finished.

He never changed that part of him, he was always the one who wanted to sleep outside on the ground. Whether it was on the beach sand, in the snow, or in the cool lands. That’s our Kaitou.” Sher described their son.

Remember when we built his rooms! We had to design it so that half of it was outside, with glass so he could see outdoors. Wherever we built a new house or renovated you could always tell Kaitou’s room!” KB said chuckling.

Shaking her head, Sher chuckled along.

Well my love, another one of our children has found their life partner.” Sher said stroking her husband’s chin.

As it should be my love, as it should be. Now about making more babies. Let’s begin today.

Squealing and giggling at her husband’s antics the two lovebirds got frisky. By the time everyone was up, it was well after five o’clock. Keilah and Rajah had taken their children out and Kezideck was lounging in the kitchen eating noodles and ice cream.

Sher and KB waited until everyone had returned and we’re together before they told the good news of Kaitou’s marriage.

They spent the rest of the night with Rajah, KB and Kezideck teaching little Tingye how to do a handstand and tumble rolls. The men also ended up competing on who could hold their handstands the longest.

Sher, Keilah, and the twins watched the men’s antics before deciding to watch family videos on the Trott Baileys’ Oasis video platform. The little girls couldn’t get enough of seeing their mother, Keilah, when she was a baby herself.




Mommy look, your really little!.” One of the girls said.

Grandma you look the just the same, like now, only mommy has gotten big” one of the girls remarked.

Sher chuckled at the child’s sincere observations. Yes she hadn’t aged a bit. She looked as young as she did then. All special blessings from Jesus for her and her family.

” Your mom loved taking long baths when she was little.” Sher said kissing her granddaughter

Can we go take a bath in our waterfall?” The twins asked.

Turning to look at Keilah, Keilah looked at her daughters and chuckled.

Yes, why not. Come on”

Ok, let me turn on the lights and the heater to warm it up. I will call the others too, they are probably sweaty and stinky by now. A dip in the waterfall will be nice for the men too.” Sher said growing excited to go swim.

Knowing them they won’t wait until it’s warm, they will jump in right away.” Keilah said.

True to Keilah’s words, when Sher told the men that they were going up to the waterfalls and that she had turned on the lights for the trail, the men shouted out

Race competition!”

Kezideck, Rajah carrying Tingye and K.B raced out of the house, pushing each other. They made their way to where some ATV bikes were parked.

I will see you up their wife, kids” Rajah shouted out, the first to have gotten his ATV started.

Bye bye mommy” little Tingye called out excitedly.

Bye baby, Ok Rajah! Make sure to beat Kezideck Rajah for laughing at your dancing.” Keilah shouted.

So petty sis!” Kezideck said laughingly

You two don’t count me out! Sher where is my send off?” KB shouted out.

Your the best my husband, you win even when you don’t win!” Sher told KB.

With those last words, the men were off on their way to take a dip in their waterfall. It was a very beautiful, naturally occurring waterfall with a series of little pools that they had discovered on their property. Over the years, because of the family’s random sleep hours, it had crossed Kultan and Keslev’s minds to add heating and lighting technology that could control the temperatures of the gushing water.

Come on kids and Keilah let’s take some snacks before we go. I’m sure those guys will soon realize that they are hungry.”

” I’m hungry now too grandma”.

Ok babies, come let’s go eat.” Keilah said.

They stayed at the waterfalls until dawn. The kids fell asleep just as the sun was making it’s way around. Everyone was too tired to make it back to the main house. So each couple slept in their own nearby luxury cabins.

The next couple of months:

To pass the day away the kids were intricately involved in what was happening around the household.  As modern as society had become the Trott Bailey family really kept things simple. The kids weren’t into television but instead everybody loved the outdoors, everybody love the wild. The family owned millions of acres and at this particular home in Mozambique, they had a huge forest, hot springs, waterfalls, ponds, bridges and trails for bikes.

The kids definitely had their say and their hands in what was going on around them.
As young as Keilah’s children were, they had their little construction wagons tethered to their quad bikes, to pull lumber around to help in the building of their tree houses.

The kids did not hold back in getting involved in all the sweet happenings. Rajah had ensured that his kids had mini tractors and dump trucks so they could move dirt and sand.The kids loved playing with their father.

The men had decided to clear some more acres and build a motocross track. They gave the children their own section to use their little tractors to press their part of the motocross track. Sher and Keilah would look out from their watchtower with binoculars to see where the kids were and what was going on where. The women would also call the kids on their walkie talkie.

Other days,  the children would ramp and frollick in the different fruit grooves, not coming back home until evening. One day, little Tingye called in on his walkie-talkie to his mother.

Mommy I really have to doo doo but there is no bathroom and I can’t hold it.”

Ok baby so dig a hole and doo doo in the bushes baby then cover it with some dirt, use some leaves to wipe your butt.” Keilah had told him

When the kids had returned home, the whole family had to listen to Tingye’s excited little story about how he had doo doo in the bushes. His sister’s would laugh and laugh. He had then proceeded to dig his butt to show everyone how well he had cleaned it.

Look mommy, my butt is really clean.” Tingye said holding up his index finger.

Ah wow, wow it is really clean baby, here let me smell it.” Keilah had said with a straight face wanting to encourage her son.

Sniffing the boy’s finger, Keilah said

Sniff your finger son, it’s a bit stinky. Let’s go wash your hands okay.”

Nodding his cute little head, he excitedly went with his mom, index finger proudly in the air.

Other days some giraffes had given births and Keilah and Rajah took the kids out in their Jeep to see the baby girraffes in their natural habitat. The family also had domesticated Ilamas, Zebras and little ponies for which the children rode around the property.

Staying fit was a must for their family. Rajah for example delighted in acrobatics. Rajah had helped Kezideck put up a web of ropes on the forest trees for the kids to climb and enjoy swinging. The men would compete in climbing the trees. When it came to climbing,  KB was the best but was sometimes beaten by the acrobatic Rajah. However both men conceded that none could outdo Kezideck in the water as he was like a fish.

KB was the one who taught Kaitou how to shoot arrows with his foot, just by building on the basic skills of the handstand.

once you’re able to stand on your hand and balance your body then moving your foot into shapes and position is the easy part” KB had instructed his then young son.

It was something that they had seen when they had lived in  Kazakhstan. They had been at the Kazakhstan world games, where the Kazakhstan girls would compete by shooting arrows with their foot on a horse. Kaitou had been fascinated and had wanted to learn.

Their family loved doing things like living new places and in different cultures, learning languages and eating new foods.  KB and Sher had loved taking their children sailing around the world, starting a new conquest. There was something about discovering an untapped Island that just caused buzzes of excitement through the family.

New ideas would begin to flow and all there workers would sit in glee thinking of the new exciting projects ahead, because in their own words,

“Mrs. Sher always had some curve ball ideas up her sleeve”

You would have to see it to believe it. But the Trott-Bailey’s family exploration usually went like this:

One day, it would spread among the staff that Mrs. Sher had said she was bored and wanted to go find a new island. Those uttered words would create a mass exodus. All 20, 000 staff members would drop what they were doing to meet Mrs. Sher by their massive ship. The captain would chuckle when he saw her coming,

Will I drive or will you?” Captain Gervais would ask.

Excited cooks and chefs would walk past her with crates of fruits and foods. Her builders would also pack their tools and check on the existing stock of construction materials already on the ship.

Come on Owolabi, Mrs. Sher is going on one of her adventures, let’s not get left behind. Last time they went I heard they ended up finding new islands near Guyana.” Etiola shouted to their Head farmer.

Oh I have been wanting to transfer to the Indian staff house to see Krishna, I wonder if they can let me off at the Indian port,” Owolabi commented offhandedly

Kissing her teeth, Etiola said,

you can always take a plane or the underwater train to there, why you want to use our exploration as your taxi now oh, idiot!!!.” Kissing her teeth, Etiola went to collect a few clothes and go catch the ship.

Even the animals felt the energy in the air. Hercule the Illama never missed a trip. The intelligent animal always seemed to know when Sher was ready to go exploring. He would be among the first group to board the ship. So famous was the Llama that Captain Gervais had given him his own little section on the ship and would usually look out for the Llama as a sign that Mrs. Sher wanted to go exploring.

  With the invention of underwater breathing suits for longer sea exploration by Kezideck,   people’s fears of the sea were gone. It was exciting breathing for months underwater in Kezideck’s underwater suit. Everyone was usually on board by time Mrs.Sher was ready.

Mr. KB is that all your wearing?” someone would always tease him because he was notorious for packing nothing and arriving on the ship in only his swim trunks.

The kids when they were younger would trail right behind their dad. Their staff would also bring their children, so all the kids would end up playing games together. The vibes on Sea journeys were very laid back. Families spent time with each other fishing and swimming. They would always end up finding a new island or landing somewhere new.

It was well past 3 pm in the afternoon before KB and Sher woke up. The whole family had stayed up very late into the early morning-grandchildren included, until finally, everyone had drifted off to bed. Kezideck and Rajah had kept the family laughing as Kezideck attempted to teach Rajah some African dance moves. ”…Read MoreRead More

It was well past 3 pm in the afternoon before KB and Sher woke up. The whole family had stayed up very late into the early morning-grandchildren included, until finally, everyone had drifted off to bed. Kezideck and Rajah had kept the family laughing as Kezideck attempted to teach Rajah some African dance moves. ”Read More

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