Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 19.

Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 19.

Den of Evil Bitches plot to harm Katya played by Sher Trott Bailey from the movie book Katya and Zolokhan. Zolokhan played by Kimroy KB Bailey. The Quadrillionares of the Trott Bailey Family. 1Drop Trillionaire Trott Bailey Family

Queen Nebuli looked over the Kezmizi Kingdom once more. It was green and glorious! That fact alone flared her temper even more. “Everything is going well, Everything prospering!“She thought bitterly.

She had heard the sayings in the streets.

” Marriage to the Mwebele Chieftess has sealed millenniums of peace and prosperity for the Kezmizi people.”

Kezmizi People

Everything is greener these days, the animals have more calf’s, the sweet potatoes are bigger, the rains come more often…”

“These sentiments are being echoed everywhere: around bonfires, the village squares, in compounds, in the fields, the cooking stations, among the warriors, every damned place!” Queen Nebuli mentally screamed, hitting her hands on the rails of her balcony. She wanted to claw Katya’s eyes out.

In the few months that those two have been married there have been so many changes’ she thought.

Elders that i cajoled and bribed have been sent away! The army is now under the total control of those two, the central territory has been changed from here to where Zolokhan now lives with his new bitch!’ Queen Nebuli fumed internally.

‘ i can’t even visit them without special permission much less build a new home to live there in their joint territory! she thought.

Queen Nebuli felt as though she would burst out of her skin. She paced back and forth in anger. Her temper would not abate, it just kept boiling and boiling even more as she thought of the united couple.

Queen Nebuli was shocked out of her personal tirade when the doors to her bed chambers were dramatically burst open. Turning in anger at whoever could be so audacious, she realized it was Sefirah her niece.

This stupid girl couldn’t even catch Zolokhan’s eyes not even once. Useless fool!” Queen Nebuli thought in her mind.Her brother Farhan had really spoilt the girl too much.

Aunt, do you know King Zolokhan has brought trunks of rare pink pearls for his new wife! Everyone is chatting about how much he loves her and how much he dotes on her. Oh aunt that could have been meeee…that should have been meeee!!!!!! ” Sefirah broke down crying in a high pitched wail.

The last thing I need now is to listen to this flamingo head idiot cry!” Queen Nebuli thought frustratedly.

They don’t even live here….. We can’t even torment the Chieftess for our amusement.” Sefirah carried on complaining.

Everyone knows King Zolokhan loves her, he loves her!!!! ” Sefirah bawled and bawled.

Watching the crying girl with a sneer, Nebuli quickly schooled her features. She went to comfort the girl. After all, this little idiot was her brother, Farhan’s greatest weakness. Farhan still held important positions within the Elders circle, she needed him on her side.

Come come now Sefirah, what’s done is done. We can only plan for the future. There are many chances ahead for us to rid ourselves of this Mwebele chieftess.” Nebuli said, cajoling the girl.

Go and eat some of my frozen cream that just came in..Aunt has important guests coming soon.” Queen Nebuli said to Sefirah.

Perking up at the thought of sweet treats the girl quickly wiped her tears, giving her aunt a hug. She bounded out Nebuli’s bedchambers off to the kitchens quicker than a speedy mongoose.

Regaining her composure, Queen Nebuli said

” I suppose I should thank the little fool for getting me back into my right senses. Nothing i hate more than women crying and acting like fools. I can’t be weak. The game has just began.”

Later in the evening, Queen Nebuli called her chief servant Feriha,

Have they arrived?” The Queen asked commandingly.

Yes Queen Nebuli, they have been settled in their rooms.”

“Mhmm good. Tell Acidah to come here at once.” Nebuli ordered her servant.

Yes my queen,” with that the servant bowed and quickly hurried off to fetch Acidah.

While her servant had gone, Queen Nebuli indulged in some of her favorite fruit- Guineps. She had loved these ever since she was a little girl. Her father would take her and her brothers to the guineps trees with baskets in hand. They would pick and eat and collect lots of guineps. Her mother had died early but Nebuli had not been sad. She had become the queen of their household. Her father had doted on her.

That is until he had remarried. His new wife had also come with a daughter, in the beautiful and sweet form of Lovela. Nebuli had watched as one by one, her father and brothers had all been captivated by the girl. They loved her cooking, her jokes, her storytelling….blah blah blah.

Queen Nebuli’s mood gradually turning sour again, she threw down the bunch of guineps. She took up a little pitcher of water and washed her mouth, then spitting into a basin. When she was finished cleaning herself, her servant Feriha had returned with Acidah trailing casually behind her.

” Leave!” Nebuli ordered.

Watching the scurrying servant, Acidah took a seat on a fluffy chair and reclined.

Are those guineps? Let me have some Nebuli.” Acidah said
Rolling her eyes Nebuli reached for the guineps and passed them to Acidah, but not before saying

” Always hungering for my leftovers aren’t you Acidah?”

Without any show of emotions Acidah cracked open a guinep and sucked the flesh off the seed.

I told you I would come and see you in Mwebele but you insisted on us meeting here in Kezmizi. Why? Afraid that Petra might hear of my coming?” Queen Nebuli began unleashing her pent up malice on the worthy target of Acidah.

After all i am now widowed, are you still worried that your husband would still fall right back into the arms of his old Love?” Nebuli questioned Acidah circling around her chair.

” Oh how you must hate me Acidah.” Queen Nebuli said gloatingly.

Little ugly Acidah!”

In a calm and menacing voice, Acidah replied

Don’t you overstep your place Nebuli, never forget that I know all your secrets, that i also have the key to many of your future dirty plans. Keep Petra’s name out of your mouth you evil bitch!”

Chuckling, Queen Nebuli stopped her circling walk around Acidah and looked her in the eyes.

You will never talk, your greatest fear is Petra looking at you with disgust.” Nebuli gloated.

When you think about it, i wonder whether my old flame wouldn’t believe me if i said it was you who used your witchcraft on me to do all those dirty things you talk about. ” Queen Nebuli giggled.

A few tears, and me telling how you and your father drugged him to get him into your bed all those years ago…i wonder who he would side with…Acidah my cousin.” Said Queen Nebuli.

Turning, Queen Nebuli walked to her chair that was facing Acidah. She watched the burning hatred in Acidah’s eyes and the the sneer disfiguring her face.

Know your place!” Queen Nebuli said arrogantly.

The two women were silent for a time. It was like a stare fight between two vipers. Finally Nebuli asked,

Have you gotten the infertility liquid?”

Yes” Acidah replied


This Magoba, Katya’s mother she is here with you?”

Yes” Acidah answered.

I hear that Zolokhan and Katya have travelled. Is it true?”

Yes, about a month ago”
Acidah answered

Good.Now with them gone, it is the perfect time to execute our plans.”

Can you believe it? the leaders of such a large kingdom have gone gallivanting and ignoring their duties while so many things are going wrong in their Kingdom.” Queen Nebuli said smirkingly.

Sometimes Acidah, the most important thing for a ruler to do is control rumours.”

Pausing to look at Acidah, Queen Nebuli then spoke again, saying dismissively

” I will talk with Magoba tomorrow. As for the infertility liquid, get it thrown into all the major Mwebele water sources as quickly as possible.You can leave now.”

The next day in Kezmizi:

Acidah, I’m really honored to be meeting our Kezmizi Queen. You say she wanted to greet me personally.” Magoba said excitedly.

” Yes Magoba, after all you are still Katya’s birth mother…even though she treats Chieftess Dedoka more like her mother than you, ungrateful girl.” Acidah said pityingly to Magoba

Yes your right! i am the new Queen’s mother. Not that Katya even cares. I wasn’t  even allowed to her marriage ceremony. Everything has always been her and Chieftess Dedoka!” Magoba lamented angrily.

Don’t worry Queen Nebuli understands how you feel. King Zolokhan hasn’t been kind to her either. She was not invited to the marriage ceremony.” Acidah couldn’t help but slip the gossip to Magoba

You two will have a lot to talk about Magoba.” Acidah said.

The two women were on their way to Queen Nebuli’s most private compound. There they had a special treat ready for Magoba. As Acidah walked towards the waiting chariot which they would have to drive themselves until they reached the outskirts of the centre villages, she continued to poison Magoba’s mind against her daughter Katya. She had reminded Magoba repeatedly about the injustice she suffered at the hands of Katya years ago when she had been whipped at the festivities.

Acidah reminded her that Katya had not spoken to her since then.

The last time you even saw your daughter was at Boku her father’s funeral last summer.” Acidah complained.

She hadn’t even cried! Said her father was in a better place” Magoba said bitterly.

She acts like she is taking care of you by sending regular supplies of food but it’s really just for her image in front of the tribe.” Acidah continued.

She is really no daughter of mine!” Magoba exclaimed, getting worked up.

Getting onboard the chariot, Acidah drove the Zebras towards their location where they would be picked up by a servant, blind folded and carried away. This had not been the first time Acidah had been through this.

When there journey was finally over, a suspicious sounding Magoba asked

What is this now Acidah, a beg oh!”

what is dis now Acidah? What’s all this mystery and blindfolds now ah ah!” an upset Magoba questioned her friend Acidah.

I thought we were going to meet the Kezmizi Queen, Queen Nebuli eh.” Magoba continued

We are Magoba. You should be honoured, Queen Nebuli is taking you into her trust by bringing you here.

At this revelation from Acidah, Magoba quickly shut up. Magoba felt flattered and became even more interested in what would happen next.

When they arrived at Queen Nebuli’s secret hideout, their blindfolds were taken off. Four men, two on eâch side, stood guarding a small black coloured gate. The women were ushered into the gate by the silent guards.

They walked up a black coloured pathway to a black wide door. On the door was chiseled images of centipedes. Acidah knocked three loud raps on the door then paused followed by four more knocks. The door was opened again. This time by two guards. These guards were dressed differently from the four outside by the gates. First their faces were heavily tattooed and so were their arms. These guards also had black headwraps on their heads with a gold snake  ornament in the middle.

These guards silently ushered the women down a long, torch lit pathway. After what seemed a long walk the finally reached a golden door.

Suddenly the door was opened, this time an old man stood in the doorway dressed in all black rags, red smears were under his eyes. His head was adorned with a large headdress of black feathers and he held a mask in his one of his hand. Silently he beckoned with his free hand for the women to come in.
Magoba respectfully bowed to the old man and scurried inside.

Magoba, come in, don’t be afraid. This is my Shajah. He is very powerful.” Queen Nebuli said nonchalantly to Magoba.

As Magoba’s eyes adjusted to her dark surroundings, she was able to see the person speaking to her. Magoba made a deep bow and greeted Nebuli

Queen Nebuli, i greet you.” Magoba said

Magoba we are now family by marriage, no need to be so distant… come let’s go out into the light and talk.” Queen Nebuli said taking her hand in a friendly way.

Queen Nebuli turned and said goodbye to the Shajah(warlock) and led Magoba followed by Acidah through another door, down another winding pathway. Finally they stood at another door, which Queen Nebuli opened. This time the door opened into a bright room which led outdoor to a large covered porch. On the porch was a table, there were delicious looking foods and cakes laid out.

Magoba, it’s so good to finally meet you like this. My condolences for the loss of your husband Boku. We have much in common you and İ.” Queen Nebuli spoke with a sad tinge to her voice.

Come my friend, have a rest and eat some food. What drink will you take oh?” Queen Nebuli said warmly.

Ahhh..Queen..some mulberry wine would be nice.” Magoba answered.

Signaling, a silent servant appeared and bowed. He then dissappered and returned later with Mulberry wine. Magoba indulged in some delicious cakes, her curiosity filling most of her stomach.

Your husband and mine are now dead, leaving us poor widows..our children Katya and Zolokhan have abandoned us, they did not even invite us to their marriage ceremony.” Queen Nebuli said sadly

İ can’t imagine how you must feel Magoba!” Queen Nebuli continued her act, her tone now taking on that of someone who had suffered great injustice.

” My daughter had the audacity to beat me!” Magoba said bitterly bearing a deep grudge.

İ know, you poor thing, i heard about it. Such a thing has never been done! The arrogance, how cold hearted! You have really been treated badly, you have suffered “ Queen Nebuli lamented.

During the women’s exchanges, Acidah sat quietly watching Queen Nebuli lure in Magoba. Shaking her head internally, Acidah was impressed by the evil bitch’s performance. Yes this was the Nebuli she knew, always seeming like sugar on the surface but really poison under it all.

Now that she has King Zolokhan, her attitude will only be more superior. İ heard she disowned you as her mother.” Queen Nebuli said continued stoking the fire

” Yes, she no longer visits me or allows me to visit her.” Magoba said.

Everything is Chieftess Dedoka now.” Magoba continued.

Queen Nebuli perked up at the mention of Chieftess Dedoka. She smiled internally as this was the direction she wanted to steer Magoba’s anger for now.

That Chieftess Dedoka did not even scold Katya for her actions, it seems she always wanted to take your daughter. İ wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one who poisoned Katya’s mind against you.” Queen Nebuli said.

Oh Magoba, Queen Nebuli has invited you to stay for the rest of the month to relax and enjoy yourself. İ told her about our friends Kym, Shaina and Maxine. She says we can invite them to come and keep you company.”

Will they come here?.” Magoba asked surprised

No of course not, here is only for special people that i trust. We will leave here and return to the palace.  Then you can invite your friends.” Queen Nebuli interjected and answered Magoba.

” That’s so wonderful, thank you my Queen!”

We are all Kezmizi born women, some married into the Mwebele Tribe, after all we are all still loyal to Kezmizi and to the Queen.” Acidah commented offhandedly.

We will be your sisters Magoba, your new family. You will no longer be alone.” Queen Nebuli comforted the woman.

Over the next few weeks Queen Nebuli along with Acidah would speak ill of Katya and Chieftess Dedoka. When Maxine, Shaina and Kym arrived, they already knew their role. All were apart of the plot to incite Magoba against Chieftess Dedoka and Katya.

One day Maxine and Kym, in front of Magoba, began talking heatedly,

We should just send chieftess Dedoka on her way oh, she is so old oh…she has lived many years!” Kym exclaimed

Yes, and with her out of the way and out of Katya’s ears you can get your relationship back with Katya. She will need to listen to you.” Maxine piped in.

Who doesn’t need their mother throughout their lives? Who will give her advice on raising children and such things…” Maxine continued.

Yes! Without Chieftess Dedoka in the way, she will need you eventually.” The women spoke confidently.

Just then, as they had planned beforehand,the one called Shaina came into the yard where the women were seated.

İ overheard what you guys were saying. Magoba it is easy and painless. You just have to give Dedoka alot of the Krufasa plant in liquid form. The blood will rush to her heart and kill her. İt will look like she died peacefully in her sleep.” Shaina said.

Magoba listened to the women and said,

Chieftess Dedoka still allows me to visit her. İt would not be hard to put it into some Grunga nut porridge and give it to her. Chieftess Dedoka has a weakness for my Grunga nut porridge. İ taught Katya how to make it, but now that Katya is away, the old woman should be pining and longing for some.”

Slapping hands, the women laughed and praised Magoba. They encouraged her in evil and Magoba willingly followed. Magoba felt accepted amongst the women and loved the attention and pity given to her by them.

That’s it Magoba! Show them who is master, bring di fire oh!”

Magoba is di real Lioness! “

A few weeks later, Acidah and Queen Nebuli were discussing their evil plots. Acidah warned Nebuli that pouring the Kagobe liquid into the water sources would not only cause infertility, but any woman or animal that was already pregnant would lose their baby after drinking the poisoned water.

Are you sure you want to do this Nebuli?” Acidah asked.

that’s even better Acidah, what greater outrage than mass abortions happening in Mwebele. Do you know how well we could spin the rumours and play on the feelings of the mothers and the animal herders.” Queen Nebuli answered excitedly.

” With the people outraged, we can play on their sadness, play up their fears. We will plant the rumours that it’s because the young chieftess is away, why bad luck has come on them, we will say Katya is being neglectful of her duties by going away for so long and she needs to move back to Mwebele to always be close to her tribe. Maxine Kym and Shaina should be capable of spreading this around the tribe.” Queen Nebuli summarized her plans.

And the death of Chieftess Dedoka?” Acidah questioned.

İmagine it Acidah, one disaster after another. Chieftess Dedoka dying while Katya is away. Just wonderful! At Chieftess Dedoka’s burial ceremony, i will have men set fire to many of the elders and young leaders’ farms, during that time Maxine, Kym and Shaina will act as though old Chieftess Dedoka’s spirit has given them a message about Katya needing to return and stay forever in the Mwebele village center. Let us see then if she won’t have to leave Zolokhan’s new territory and return to Mwebele.” Queen Nebuli smirked and smiled, unable to contain her glee.

” You have really thought it all out haven’t you Nebuli.”

You will see Acidah, I have even more than this in waiting for that little bitch Katya and that ungrateful Zolokhan.” Queen Nebuli promised.

Queen Nebuli looked over the Kezmizi Kingdom once more. It was green and glorious! That fact alone flared her temper even more. “Everything is going well, Everything prospering!“She thought bitterly. She had heard the sayings in the streets. ” Marriage to the Mwebele Chieftess has sealed millenniums of peace and prosperity for the Kezmizi people.”…Read MoreRead More

Queen Nebuli looked over the Kezmizi Kingdom once more. It was green and glorious! That fact alone flared her temper even more. “Everything is going well, Everything prospering!“She thought bitterly. She had heard the sayings in the streets. ” Marriage to the Mwebele Chieftess has sealed millenniums of peace and prosperity for the Kezmizi people.”Read MoreKimroy Bailey Group®

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