Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 18.

Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 18.

Vulcan and Kadija surrounded by evil King Killing and twin Darsan and Warsax. From the movie book Katya and Zolokhan by the Trillionaire Trott Bailey Family Katya played by Sher Trott Bailey and Zolokhan by Kimroy KB Bailey 1Drop Trillionaires.

Warsax, that’s enough drinking for today brother!” Darjan shouted at his twin

Don’t you start telling me what to do Darjan!” Warsaw replied angrily

This is not the way your going to win against Vulcan, Warsax!”

What kind of win are you talking about! Our chances came and disappeared when father decided to die in the middle of an orgy!” Warsax said bitterly.

Now our brother sits comfortably on the throne and we are exiled to the coast under the guise of us being peacekeepers for the coastal Kingdom.” Warsax continued

That fucking Vulcan was even building a secret army all this time by inducting wild men into the Mabutu tribe with pledges of loyalty for a home in our tribe. His army is so big now!” Warsax said beating his cup of rum against his table.

The two brothers were at their private home on a hillside, seated on their balcony overlooking the sea. Mabutu guards were stationed all around their home for “protection”. King Vulcan had continued to treat his brothers as princes by ensuring they still lived in luxury but they were guarded and followed regularly.

We have no power, no backing and none of these guards or officials are on our side. We have to be careful when we speak as we never know who is a spy!” Warsax ranted on.

Brother, drowning yourself in rum is not the answer. You will kill yourself oh..and then who will i have!” Darjan said forlornly grabbing his brother by the shoulder.

At his brother’s obvious distress, Warsax paused his drinking and looked at his twin. His little brother could always tug at his heartstrings.
‘Darjan was right, he could not lose himself in drinking.’ Warsax agreed in his mind.

Brother those men Vulcan hired are not Mabutu born men, though they have pledged loyalty and have been treated well, there are bound to be a few who can be bribed,” Darjan whispered to his brother Warsax.

Warsax paused and listened to Darjan. They were now we’ll past their eighteen summers. Warsax thought to himself just how much Darjan had really matured. Grabbing his brother’s hand, Warsax looked at him and smiled a slow smile.

Little brother, what a devious little mind you have grown.”

İ learn from the best brother. Besides i cannot take seeing you like this.” Darjan replied

İt is better we risk it and grab the throne or we die together trying… than you wasting and pining away your strength like this,” Darjan said

I hear you Darjan, I hear you! We will not fail brother, we will not fail. Our time will come. Your idea is good, I should have thought of it. There is bound to be a betrayer amongst those vagabonds.” Warsax replied.

We will have to make sure that when we strike it is the final blow!” Darjan said.

Warsax straightened up around the table. He turned to ring a bell. An old one eyed woman called Harrida soon appeared.

My Princes I greet you. What can I serve you today?” Harrida asked

With a sneer and a roll of his eyes at the ugly old woman, Warsax said

Bring us our meals, whatever the cooks decide to cook today is fine, surprise us!”

Yes my Prince.” With that Harrida bowed and exited slowly, as she walked with a slight limp.

Look at that ugly thing, not even that Vulcan could spare us by giving us some young attractive girls for servants. Every woman in our compound is an old hag.” Warsax complained.

Brother you get your regular fix outside when we go party in the bars,” Darjan said laughing at his brother’s outraged expression and because all the women in their compound were truly ugly. His brother was right.

Speaking of the bars and partying, let’s go out tonight. They are having a sing and dance off by the bonfires, there will be neighboring tribes coming too. We will see plenty of new girls.” Warsax said excitedly

Sounds good, but go easy on the drinking and let’s discuss our matter more. İt will be easier to elude any spies out there than here in our compound.” Darjan said

Standing up and slapping his brother across his back, Warsax’s mood changed to very cheerful.

Best brother, best brother you are the best brother!” Warsax said  complimentary to Darjan his younger twin.

Lucario POV:

Lucario marked another stroke, a total of sixteen strokes were now on his parchment. Sixteen nights had passed since the start of he and Justus’s journey with their small team of elite guards. This mission was of utmost importance to King Killin.

Lucario knew there was no room for errors this time. He must get control of Vulcan’s brother’s and kill King Vulcan. To fail, Lucario knew, would be the death of his entire family. İt would take around 40 more days to reach the outskirts of the Mwebele and Kezmizi Kingdom. There they would get supplies and refreshments.

They were well disguised as prosperous tradesmen from the East. By getting refreshments at Mwebele, Lucario could then glean any new information about the newly married King Zolokhan and Queen Katya. They would not be troubled or suspected of anything. After that they would move in to the coast and find Warsax and Darjan to begin their plans.

Lucario, i still think we needed more men! What of any wild beasts we may encounter in those western parts.” Justus asked fearfully

A bigger caravan alerts more eyes, Justus, we can’t take any risks of suspicions or delays. These men with us are no ordinary warriors either.” Lucario replied trying to calm his friend.

Lucario was looking at the stars while thinking about his plans, his brave little son flashed through his mind and his heart clenched. A lingering anger rose up in him too, his hatred for his King bubbling forth. He remembered his conversation with his wife, the night after his meeting with King Killin.

He had returned home with their son, his wife Erbu had been waiting for them by their  large gilded gates. Lucario could see the unshed tears in her soft face. Erbu had put on a brave face as she kissed her son and sent him off to supper and his bath.

Turning to look him in the eye, they had stared at each other before she finally grabbed him in her embrace. She had rained kisses all over his face, his neck. She hugged him and hugged him. He had held on to her as a man holds on to a rope while hanging off of a deadly cliff.

We will leave everything behind Luca, we will disguise ourselves and leave here” Erbu had whispered.

İt’s not that easy Erbu!” Lucario replied forlornly drawing his wife to a seat in their private courtyard.

Why must you follow the instructions of this evil king, these sins that you commit on his behalf will fall on the heads of your family Luca!” She whispered fiercely

He is my king Erbu, what am i suppose to do!” Luca replied feeling frustrated by it all.

He is no King! İf I were you I would put a knife in his neck and let us flee.” Ebru whispered angrily.

İf we were fighting against enemy invaders I could understand but now we are fighting for the vanity of an evil king. Kingdoms that we have been at peace with for hundreds of years have been wrecked by this madman!” Erbu his wife continued.

Looking around furtively, Lucario softly scolded his passionate wife

Do not speak so rashly Erbu, we could be overheard. Come let us go into our bedchambers.”

The husband and wife walked sedately around their court yard, their expressions and demeanour not betraying any of their inner turmoil.

They dismissed all of the servants for the night from their wing of their house. Getting into bed together, they gathered close to each other, eye to eye.

İ must set out in three days time, Erbu. My mission is to kill the Mabutu King and his family with no trace to our Cappadocia kingdom. To do this i may be away for a very long time.”

At his wife’s forlorn expression, Lucario stroked her hair and smoothed his fingers across her face, catching a falling tear.

İ need you to remain calm and listen to me carefully, my love.” He whispered.

Nodding, her expression became serious.

İf I fail, you already know what will happen. İ can also guarantee you that King Killin will send his own soldiers to guard our home on the day i leave as a warning to me.” Lucario told his wife

İf I fail or if I am killed or captured in my attempts to kill King Vulcan, then there will be a sign sent to you.” Lucario informed his wife.

He drew her closer and whispered in her ears what the sign would be. He watched as her eyes teared up again, but she tried her best to compose herself.

İf this happens, if you see this sign then you and our children are to don your disguises and take the secret tunnel all the way out of the city. Our trusted servants will drug the soldiers into a deep sleep giving you time to escape.”

How can we be sure of the servants, won’t King Killin have a few spies among us?” Erbu asked.

Those involved in this plan are all loyal blood servants sworn to give their lives for our family. This has been so for generations. Do not fret.” Lucario whispered assuredly to Erbu.

Lucario continued whispering the plan to his attentive wife,

There will be a man working on cleaning horseshoes, he will send you off. You must show him our family token, from now on you must carry it with you at all times. There will also be decoy women and children setting off in different directions to confuse trailing soldiers.  İt will be a long journey before you will reach our family’s secret ship. From there you will be taken to safety, to somewhere not even King Killin has power.” Lucario finished.

Ebru hugged her husband, trying her best not to sob her heart out.

What about you Lucario? Will you leave me a widow? Am i to go through life without you?”

My love, when you are safe, look for me! Hope for me. İ will also take measures to secure my escape should i fail or be captured. İ will come to you. İ will find you and the children.”

The couple hugged each other tight, thinking over their plans, thinking of their children. When some time had passed they went over the plan again. Finally exhaustion overtook them and they slept fitfully.

Back to Present:

“Lucario, Lucario, Lucario!” Justus called patting Lucario in his shoulders pulling him out of his memories.

İ have been calling you and talking to you and all this time you have been in a daze!” Justus scolded

What is it Justus?” Lucario said showing his annoyance

İt’s time to set up camp for the night. Let’s get down from our carriage my friend.” Justus said a little bit warily at this time.

Getting up, Lucario got off the chariot and went about their nightly routine. Their small tents and warm fire were quickly made. The warriors had hunted a small warthog which they cleaned and roasted.

Lucario did not each much. His stomach preferring to eat his pistachio nuts and some dried figs. He listened the warriors for a while as they joked and told stories of past exploits. Justus didn’t believe in being so close with the servants, so he had already retired to sleep.

Tuppen, i will call it a night.” Lucario said to one of the soldiers he was trying to befriend.

Sovereign, rest easy. We will guard you faithfully.” Tuppen turned and replied.

Lucario settled into his floor bed in his tent 


. His conversation with his wife replayed in his head. Then he thought of his mission ahead. He would convince the twins to rebel against their brother by assuring them they had support.
‘This was the easy part’ Lucario thought

Getting close to King Vulcan and his family would be the difficult part. İt would be easier to execute the family if the King Vulcan came to the coast. Trying to kill him in the heart of Mabutu lands was sure suicide. The tribes usually migrated to the coast to enjoy the warmth and to get away from the cold winters in the interior lands. This would be the best opportunity to strike.
After what seemed a long time Lucario fell asleep.

Prince Vulcan and Kadija:

” Vulcan don’t get the cow fat too hot now oh,” Kadija said laughing hysterically at her husband’s clumsy attempts to rub the oily liquid over her stomach.

Why are you rubbing this on you though Kadija, you never got a big belly when you had Ozaka and you never got any stretch marks.” King Vulcan said with a small frown, concentrating on rubbing her small belly.

İ can think of other places i want to rub this” he said wiggling his eyebrows at her.”

Giggling, Kadija kissed her husband and said

Even though my belly stays small when I’m pregnant i still like to rub this fat on my skin to prevent any tightness around my belly.”

Mhmm, ahhh my woman!” King Vulcan nodded as though he understood her completely.

Finishing his task, the strong King turned over his wife onto her belly, causing her to lay face down on their bed. He quickly got to doing what he wanted to do. He smeared the oil from the cow fat all over butt, kneading her butt and slapping the juicy firm mounds.

Laughing at King Vulcan’s antics and happy expressions as he rubbed the rest of her, Kadija enjoyed her time with him.

Vulcan when will these meetings stop oh?
Look how long it’s been since you have massaged me, your even grunting like some over-excited gorilla.
” Kadija’ said teasing him

Your right Kadija, I can barely control myself at the sight of your beautiful ass.” Vulcan replied heatedly

My beauty, I will finish up the meetings soon. İ will take you and Ozaka to the coast for the rest of the year.”

What! Really? But Vulcan won’t we be going before the rest of the tribe?” Kadija asked him.

So? Are you not the Queen and me the King? İ don’t need to wait on my tribes’ migration to go enjoy myself with my wife and child.” King Vulcan said vexedly.

Turning around Kadija kissed him on his lips and on his face. He was still concentrating on massaging her, his hands now straying to her shoulders and teasingly going to the underside of her breasts.

A slow sexy smile formed on Kadija’s face,

İ need you to kiss your way from my feet all the way up to my lips slave boy.”

My mistress, your desires i will surely fulfill” Vulcan replied.

İs that so? Then take off your clothing. İ want you naked.” Kadija commanded.

My Queen, you can’t keep using my body like this,” Vulcan said softly

Strip for me Slave boy.”

King Vulcan grew even more excited at his wife’s confident commands. Hurriedly he took off  his clothes, revealing his mighty erection.

Wasting no time Kadija, turned around on all fours on their bed and said

Your going to fuck me real good slave boy, and don’t finish until i say when

With her command, Vulcan entered her from behind, her sweet fat folds gripping his dick.  His toes curled as he thrusted over and over again. She grabbed his neck, talking and encouraging him. She told him how much she wanted him, how good he was and most importantly to fuck her harder. He grabbed and kneaded her breasts, sending her into more pleasure.

Oh it’s so sweet Vulcan, it feels so good!” She said

King Vulcan took charge and came out of her, switching their positions. He hoisted her in the air, his muscles bulging from her weight, and entered her again. Throwing her head back Kadija enjoyed her husband’s sweet cock. Waves of pleasure engulfed her, and as usual her tongue became more free and she began to talk

Oh Vulcan, it’s been so long! Every night your at the meetings when you should be fucking me like this!” She complained moaningly

At her sexy words, King Vulcan hardened even more and mentally prepared not to finish until she was ready.

” İ have to be taking baths just to cool my pussy from waiting all day for your fat cock!” She continued.

İ wish i could fuck you in between meetings. Don’t you think you could do that for Mistress you bad king!”

Mhmm how about a meeting for fucking” she said her eyes closed, concentrating on his sweet thrusts

İ will do that, my Queen! İ can surely make up a meeting for fucking” Vulcan replied hurriedly, moaning as Kadija gripped his dick.

How are you even able to do that in this position?” Vulcan said moaningly as she continued gripping and releasing, gripping and releasing his cock.

The mating couple made love passionately until Queen Kadija was satisfied. İn her usual fashion, Kadija fell asleep contentedly. King Vulcan chuckled feeling proud that he had tamed her kitty.

He left his sleeping wife to go and bathe. He wanted to spend the rest of the day with Ozaka. He was excited to see what his little spontaneous son would want to do today.

King Vulcan found his little boy playing with Savana, Cihangir’s little daughter and three other little children. When Ozaka saw his father, he shouted excitedly and ran towards him.

Baba, Baba, Baba pway play. “ His son stumbled out his little words.

King Vulcan joined the children. Savana was a bit older, so she said

“Hide and seek, Hide and seek”. The other little kids and his son joined the chant. Before he knew it, he was counting and the children were excitedly scrambling to find their hiding spots.

The King finished counting and turned around in the compound yard. He had already spotted the children, they could hardly contain their giggles which easily gave away their location. King Vulcan, however pretended that he didn’t see them and kept calling out asking where they were.

They played again and again, then they played the game of ” catch and stuck”. After that he had to give out donkey back rides.

Cihangir saw his King giving out back rides and quickly turned to head back into the palace. He chuckled at his King, Cihangir did not want to be caught by the children or else his back would be next. He was very happy for his King and to see him change so much. Mabutu tribe was now so peaceful, prosperous and happy. Cihangir went in search of Bertal, his wife.

Bertal, in a few minutes please go and save our King from being the kid’s donkey.”

Chuckling, his beautiful and well rounded wife, continued kneading her flour dough.

İt’s about time Savana takes her bath anyway, and the others need to go home and eat their dinners too. İ will save the king  my husband.” Bertal replied looking lovingly at her Cihangir.

What is that your making?” Cihangir asked her.

İ heard from Queen Kadija, who heard it from Queen Katya that their is a recipe where you put cheese and meat on flour dough and bake it in the fire oven. İ am trying it out today.” Bertal answered him

That’s my Bertal, always trying new things.”
Cihangir said

Queen Kadija gave me my own special kitchens just to try out foreign recipes and to make my own. İ really enjoy it, my husband.”

İ know Bertal, i can see it clearly. İ will make us some chocolate tea while you go and save the King.”

Stopping what she was doing, she took her husband’s hint, shaking her head she knew her husband was ever the King’s faithful chief servant.

She left to send the children home and to call her daughter Savana. When she arrived, her little Savana was hanging from King Vulcan’s arms, while little Ozaka was on his neck. The other children were all asking for their turns.

Alright children, it’s time to go home. Come back tomorrow. Savana get down from King Vulcan’s arms and come and go bathe little girl.” The bossy side of Bertal came out like a clucking mother hen.

My King,” Bertal bowed to King Vulcan while taking Savana off his hands

Vulcan smiled and nodded in greeting. Hugging his legs, the other three kids rushed out happy goodbyes and went home. Finally it was him and his son Ozaka left.

Kissing his little son all over his face, King Vulcan said,
Come let’s go take a bath, eat some food and go to sleep.”

Ok Baba” little Ozaka replied, holding his Father’s neck

” Warsax, that’s enough drinking for today brother!” Darjan shouted at his twin ” Don’t you start telling me what to do Darjan!” Warsaw replied angrily ” This is not the way your going to win against Vulcan, Warsax!” ” What kind of win are you talking about! Our chances came and disappeared when father…Read MoreRead More

” Warsax, that’s enough drinking for today brother!” Darjan shouted at his twin ” Don’t you start telling me what to do Darjan!” Warsaw replied angrily ” This is not the way your going to win against Vulcan, Warsax!” ” What kind of win are you talking about! Our chances came and disappeared when fatherRead MoreKimroy Bailey Group®

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