Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 17.

Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 17.

King Vulcan: Mabutu tribe 4 years now since the fights. Present Day.

King Vulcan listened to the rain as it showered down heavily. The smell in the air and in his lungs felt fresh. He loved the rain. As King Vulcan cradled his sleeping son on his chest, he felt happy. He looked over at a sleeping Kadija and smiled at his beauty. His son,Ozaka, had been particularly fussy tonight, wanting only his father to rock him to sleep. It had taken King Vulcan several throws in the air and walks around his compound with his eighteen month old son before little Ozaka had fallen asleep.

His beauty, Kadija, could finally get some much needed sleep. His son was an energetic child who loved being with his parents. These past two months King Vulcan had been meeting with his warriors more frequently. He had been returning home late nights. Unfortunately this was after his two favorite people, Kadija and Ozaka were asleep. He did not like it. He would take Kadija and little Ozaka to the coast for a while. There they could get to enjoy their days together.

Finally setting his son down into his cot, King Vulcan went and laid down behind his wife. He hugged her from behind and kissed her shoulders. He could not believe how quickly four years had passed. He smiled thinking of his good fortune in his life over the past four years.

His father had died. He hadn’t even had to shed his father’s blood. The disgusting old reprobate had died in the middle of a sex orgy with some slave girls. He had overdosed on some sexual stimulant that caused his heart to give out. What an undignified way to die, his pants down and his cock out!

There were more dry eyes at his father’s funeral than there were tears. Among the list of shameful acts that his father had committed were: setting up false witness to accuse people in his tribe of crimes so as to confiscate their land and animals, stopping the yearly contributions to the old widows and instead giving the contributions to young girls in the tribe he wanted to woo, bribing slave girls who got pregnant to leave the tribe or to kill the offsprings or to kill themselves.

His father was also the cause of Cihangir, his chief servant’s speech impediment. One day when his father was beating him cruelly, Cihangir threw himself over Prince Vulcan’s back and begged the King to stop. King Xanoz flew into even more rage and ordered Cihangir to be held down. King Xanoz’s then had Cihangir’s mouth forced open. King Xanoz then took a hot metal plate and branded Cihangir’s tongue. He then continued to whip both Vulcan and Cihangir until they had passed out. This experience had cemented the joint hatred for his father between he and Cihangir.

Soon after King Xanoz’s death, Vulcan had been quickly crowned as the new King. He had immediately made Kadija his Queen. The Mabutu tribe was prospering very quickly ever since. Many Mabutu people had left the tribe for other lands when King Xanoz had been ruling. They had started coming back home once news of King Vulcan’s reign began to spread.

Another major change to his tribe lands was the increase in the water and fertility levels of Mabutu lands. As he stroked Kadija’s growing belly, he thought over how it had all happened over two years ago.

King Vulcan’s Memories from two years ago:

The Mwebele Chieftess had been in control of the rights to the Wengua River. When news of her attempts to redirect some of the rivers through the Mwebele tribe’s vast territories to increase the land’s fertility had reached King Vulcan, it had seemed like an impossible task. Yet it had all worked out. But what had confounded him then, even more, was the visit to him from the Mwebele Chieftess herself.

He remembered receiving the news of her arrival. She had come directly without much warning. She had asked his servants not to disturb him but to take her to Queen Kadija.

Apparently the two had gotten along grandly during her visit. When he questioned his wife about their guest that night, Kadija had given him an recount of some of what they had spoken about. His wife had also modelled the luxurious clothes that Chieftess Katya had brought. The two women had also spoken about Kadija’s friend Fatiya who was now married to Ercan and living in Byzantine.

It was not until after he had met with the Mwebele Chieftess the next day and heard her suggestion, that his wife Kadija had told him the rest of what the two had spoken about the following night.

She asked me to listen to a story about a stubborn monkey and his wise wife.” Kadija told him.

Yes, the Mwebele Chieftess had asked Kadija to listen to a story. It was about a stubborn monkey who would always refuse the help of others. Now this monkey had a special fruit tree he loved and took care of.  Soon another monkey came along and told him of a way to grow even more trees that he loved. This good opportunity came to the stubborn monkey, but to capture the opportunity would mean that the stubborn monkey had to let someone else get close to his tree and prune it. It meant the stubborn monkey had to listen to another monkey’s instructions about his favorite fruit tree. What would the stubborn monkey do?
“Now this monkey 


 had a beautiful mate. His wife was a wise monkey. When she had heard of the instructions to multiply the fruit tree, the monkey’s wife listened and encouraged her monkey husband.” Katya had said finishing her story to Queen Kadija.

Looking back now, King Vulcan chuckled to himself. He remembered the conversation between him and Chieftess Katya that day two years ago,

They had done the formal greetings and we’re sitting in a shaded pavilion in Queen Kadija’s favorite garden. Queen Kadija was busy pruning a rare plant that she had coddled for over a year. Kadija had been pregnant with Ozaka then.

King Vulcan… your more superior to your father like an eagle is superior to a crow. This is why I am now comfortable telling you my idea and helping the Mabutu tribe.” Chieftess Katya had said

I’m listening very keenly Chieftess,

You have seen and heard that small tributaries from the Wengua River have been redirected across thousands of acres of Mwebele land?” Katya asked rhetorically.

I want to also send water channels through the Mabutu lands that adjoin the east of Mwebele land.” Katya informed the new Mabutu King.

The wasted lands?” King Vulcan said in surprise

Yes, those lands as you call it.” Katya nodded with a small smile.

Pausing for a moment in thought, King Vulcan tried to decipher the woman. The wasted lands were notorious for nothing being able to grow on it. King Vulcan had once thought to copy the Kezmizi kingdom and plant watercatchers to try and water those lands but that would be sometime in the future. Now here was the Mwebele Chieftess offering him to water those dry lands.

What was the catch? What did she hope to gain? ” King Vulcan thought within himself

I hope to gain continued peace and the prosperity of the Mabutu tribe. When everyone is prospering no one has time to think of wars and fights.” Katya answered his thoughts aloud.

Looking up in surprise at her direct tone and her candid answer, King Vulcan marvelled at the young woman before him. No wonder she and Kadija got along so well. Both were very straightforward women.

I will think it over, will you need a lot of resources? Men, to dig? Will Mwebele men come to Mabutu to work? I have to think about it…perhaps we could do it ourselves in a few more years.” King Vulcan said out loud.

Now is the time King Vulcan, when the people’s spirits are high and it feels so easy to do. Don’t fear the Mwebele people, we have no intention to do anything other than what I have just told you.” Chieftess Katya said

Nodding his head in response, King Vulcan sighed,

I have heard you….it sounds good but i must think it over.” He concluded.

I will leave you to it then King Vulcan. I will make my way back to Mwebele today.” Katya said.

Do you need our escort Chieftess, I noticed you came by yourself. Though you are a brave and capable leader yet still you are in charge of many…what if something happens to you by this here you coming alone? Why is that Kezmizi King not escorting and protecting his future wife?” King Vulcan asked strongly.

With a raised eyebrow and a cheeky smile Katya replied,

Not every love story will go the same way as you and your Queen Kadija, King Vulcan. It seems the now Kezmizi King and I are destined for some curves along our road. I will let him grieve for his father in the best way he can right now, King Zolokhan does not need to worry about me.” Katya replied honestly.

Hmmm…I cannot relate to him grieving for his father…as I’m sure by now you can tell. Are you sure you don’t need some escorts? What about wild animals” King Vulcan asked again

I’m sure I will be fine. King Vulcan please reply to me as soon as you have made up your mind. I will tell you more of my ideas if you agree.” Katya said.

Making a small huff and smiling, King Vulcan said,

Ok Chieftess, let me walk you out at least.”

The Mwebele Chieftess had then said her goodbyes to Queen Kadija and was escorted out by King Vulcan.

Fast forward two years later and the Wastelands were green and fertile. There were now many pockets of small lakes. There were now animals and life running through the lands. The Mabutu tribe was now planting vast amounts of cocoa trees and trading the chocolate paste in exchange for timber and skilled men to train Mabutu men to build ships. The wealth of the tribe had increased and the people felt happy and hopeful again. There were dreams of sea travel and exploration.

This energy and vibe in his tribe were priceless. It was also thanks to the counsel of the now newly married Queen Katya and the encouragement of his beautiful wife Kadija. The Mwebele tribe and in particular their Chieftess had not been selfish with their abundance. The goodness that the Chieftess had brought to the world had spilled over to Mabutu. With these last thoughts, King Vulcan drifted off to sleep beside Kadija.

Introducing King Killin, King of Cappadoccia

 “He’s taken sole control of all Kezmizi warriors and has begun building a new central territory for him and his wife. İ feel something is wrong yet his attitude towards me hasn’t changed. But he has forced the Elders and me to step down and some elders who were on my side have been relocated to the coasts. İ really need some more of the medicine, I am in pain! you have to send more! send me medicine. The pain is growing and I am running out of what I have left! Send me more medicine!” King Killin, the King of Cappodocia, read the last of the secret letter and balled it up angrily.

This fool! They are all fools!” He thought
İn his head.

Mo Ping summon Lucario and Justus!” King Killin commanded his chief messenger.

King Killin was the current ruling King of Cappodocia. He was known to be an intelligent and crafty King. He was also greatly feared by his people. He was born with the name Omer, the second son of King Haffadan. He had taken the throne from his elder brother Prince Ülke by trickery and murder after their father died.

To the Cappadocian people these were just rumours of how he had killed his brother. But for others who had been there and seen it with their own eyes, these were the facts. It was whispered throughout the streets of Cappodocia for years how King Killin had gouged out the eyes of his own young nephew, Prince Ülke’s son, right in front of  Prince Ulke. King Killin had then threatened Prince Ulke his brother, to have men rape his wife in front of him if he didn’t abdicate the throne and drink the poison given to him. Prince Ülke’s death was ruled as a suicide. The death of Prince Ülke’s wife  was also spread as the suicide of a grieving widow. Prince Ülke’s son was then thrown from a cliff and said to have accidentally fallen.

How his name became King Killin rather than King Omer is another gory story. This usurper of the throne launched wars against neighboring kingdoms. One of his favorite things to do after he had conquered a place, was to parade all the noblemen, women, and royal family members in front of his army. He would then take an iron rod with a rounded tip and use it to sexually defile the men and women before killing them. Such was the despicable nature of this King. Eventually all his killings earned him the nickname King Killin.

By divine justice, King Killin had no heir to his throne and was unable to ever produce one. He had been in an accident when he was thirty, his favorite horse suddenly went wild causing him to be thrown from the horse. His scrotum had been damaged in the accident and as a result he was unable to father any children.

This occurrence in his life had morphed him into an even more diabolical person. His methods were no longer brutal but were now more subversive, more disruptive. You see, somehow it had gotten into his head that his people and the other kings of the world were secretly laughing at him behind his back. He felt they were questioning his manliness because of his damaged scrotum. He was frustrated that he had no sons to pass on his throne to and in the late nights his mind was attacked with images of his eyeless nephew. These festering thoughts and miserable memories had led him to craft a plan to control all the Kings of world with opium.

He was introduced to opium when he was in much pain from the injury to his penis. They had sent for a healer from among the Ming people to save him. This healer had given the King small doses of opium to control the pain. King Killin had been amazed by the medicine. For years after that, he had secretly investigated more about the medicine. He knew everything, from how it was made, where it came from, and its variety of uses.

One day, King Killin was questioning an even older healer from the Taoyong tribe, when he learnt of the mind controlling addiction of the opium. These discoveries were  seeds planted in his mind which grew to bear thoughts of tyranny.

King Killin had started his plan by first invading and enslaving the Ming people and then the Taoyong people. He kept them in slavery to grow the poppy to make opium.

He first began testing out the mind control on the Ming people, forcing them to become addicted to the medicine. At first,those who he experimented on  became useless after awhile, as they could no longer function rationally. They also needed more and more amounts of opium and we’re willing to kill others to get it.

Naturally, King Killin had to think of a way to counteract the opium so that his subjects could still carry out physical instructions. He tried many herbs and practices from among the healers in the Taoyong tribe but nothing worked. It wasn’t until he heard of the Krufasa plant grown by the Mwebele Chieftess that he had an idea. 

Perhaps this plant could balance the opium” he thought in his mind.

He had heard from Lucario his envoy to those regions that the Mwebele chieftess had saved Prince Zolokhan’s life using the cleansing effect of the plant. The plant had been used to stop internal bleeding and to cleanse any blood clots in the body. He had managed to get his hands on the plant as it was grown elsewhere in other places, however, it grew the best and most plentiful only in Mwebele. As King Killin expected, the Krufasa plant was a success. When mixed with opium, the addictive effects were slowed down significantly. With this success, King Killin was now ready to put his plans of dominating all the Kings and leaders of the world fully into motion.

King Killin would send his envoys with the opium as a gift to a King and their officials. He got them addicted to opium and lusting for more. This he did till they were under his control and so we’re their Kingdoms. Then he would slowly mix in Krufasa plant into their opium supplies to get the leaders and King’s functional.

By controlling all opium production, he was their only source of supply for opium. Though the addictive thirst was partially quenched, the pain felt after a few months of not having any opium was unbearable. Hence every King wanted fresh supplies at any cost and would do whatever King Killin commanded.

He secretly had the Byzantines, the Egyptians, the Mongols, Jimbarians, Hyopians, Ming, Taoyangs all under his control. With his success, King Killin had now set his eyes on the west. He did not have King Zolokhan, King Vulcan, or The Mwebele Chieftess though. They were the gateways to all of the west and all of the coasts. He also especially hated them for their renowned virility and strong bodies.

King Killin was very upset today. He had that stubborn King, King Titan killed. His son Zolokhan should have died too. Yet Zolokhan was still alive! He thought bitterly.

“King Titan had caused his own death.” King Killin thought coldly.

The discerning King Titan had seen through his gift and had blatantly refused to indulge in any of the opium with the Byzantine, Egyptian and Cappadocian officials who had come to his festivities four years ago. Even his brother Simeon could not cajole him into taking it. This had caused a rift among King Titan and the visiting Kings and suspicion grew in King Titan’s mind. King Titan had lost all trust in his brother Simeon. Hence, they had to go to their other plan, since Titan was not willing to take  opium. To prove their loyalties even further and for a year’s supply of opium, the three envoys and Simeon were ordered to kill King Titan.

But now King Titan’s son, Zolokhan, was causing him to worry.

If it wasn’t for the buffoonery of Lucario and Justus.” King Killin thought.

Now, this inept Simeon had the audacity to be writing him asking for more mixed opium.

Was he, Simeon, even a King! How dare he write to a true King after his failure to kill his nephew and take the Kezmizi throne.” King Killin fumed internally.

Now how am I to get my hands on the Mwebele Kingdom and the Mwebele Chieftess if this Zolokhan is still alive?” King Killin fumed even more out loud this time.

What’s even more.. that stupid King Xanoz of the Mabutu tribe went and took too much opium and died shamefully!” King Killin’s temper was really boiling now as two major parts of his plans had been derailed.

Lucario and Justus had received the command for their immediate visit to King Killin. Each man’s heart clenched in instant fear as each arrived at King Killin’s palace. The two met on the walkway and the more cowardly of the two, Justus hurriedly whispered,

” What could it be now Lucario?”

You know he doesn’t let anything go. There is only one thing on his mind and that is controlling all the Kings of the world. The fact that we failed to kill King Zolokhan is a big deal! Justus.” Lucario said as calmly as he could, his hands trembling slightly.

Come on walk faster, let’s not keep him waiting.” Lucario said to Justus.

When the men were announced, they went into the King’s inner chamber. They were received by a smiling King Killin. The two men Justus and Lucario looked at each other forbodingly and greeted their King with a bow.

Come Justus, Come Lucario. Come over here and dine with me.” King Killin ordered.

The two men looked at each other again and drew nearer to their seated King. A servant came in immediately after and brought in seats and a low dining table before the two men. Three more servants then quickly brought in various dishes and laid them on the table. Another servant followed with multiple flasks of wine, placing some before the two men.

Thank you, my King, it is a pleasure to be invited to eat with you,” Justus said first. He was always quick to butter up the King.

“Mhmm let’s eat! Justus try the roasted suckling pork or the peppered swordfish dish. These are some of my favorite foods that never disappoint me.” King Killin said.

At the King’s subtle rebuke, both men felt a liquid fear swoosh through their spines. Justus immediately felt like he needed to shit. King Killin went on eating happily, he continued on saying,

Guess who I received a letter from today men? Our good friend Simeon. It seems King Zolokhan and Queen Katya are thriving very well. There may even be children very soon I hear… given their love for each other.” King Killin paused to chew on a piece of crispy duck meat, closing his eyes in enjoyment.

The men looked at their tall and muscular king. His graying beard was the only sign of his mature age of fifty-seven. Other than his beard, his face and body looked as young as he did when he was thirty. His black hair was braided and hanging freely down his back. His blue eyes were cold and his thin lips hardly ever smiled.

King Kilin whistled and a large bear appeared, coming through a curtained entrance. King Killin took up a large pork leg and gave it to his bear. The bulky animal then plopped down by his leg and began eating it’s tasty meal.

This King Zolokhan we will however discuss another time. You must first redeem yourselves with another task.” Said, King Killin.

Lucario that King Xanoz is now dead, the useless shit! I cannot control Prince Vulcan. He will have to face the same fate as King Titan.” King Killin stated

What of those two fools the twin brothers, Warsax and Darjan?” King Killin asked his two officials.

My King they are now living in exile at the coastal Mabutu provinces. They have no support or any real power.” Lucario answered.

Mhmm, i hear they drink and whore their days away, like their dead father once did.” King Killin replied.

As usual he already knows everything” Lucario thought in his mind.

These two will be the way we take down King Vulcan.” King Killin said

What do you want us to do wise King?” Justus piped up and asked.

Throwing a glance Justus’ way, King Killin’s face smirked.

We will support Warsax to the throne. Let the brothers find a way to kill King Vulcan and his family to prove their manliness and loyalty.” King Killin said

It will be easy to control those two.” Justus said.

Suddenly, the King loudly shouted.

Mo ping bring in my gift.”

Yes my King” The Chief servant answered bowing and leaving the room.

Just then a little boy walked in holding Mo Ping’s hand.

A loud gasp came from Lucario, surprise and fear written all over his face as he spotted his young son, Luca.

Ah Lucario, after four daughters you finally have a son. Such a fine child too. I hear he shows much intelligence. I wonder if I should take him. He would make a fine candidate for my league of Eunuch assassins.” King Killin said smilingly, stroking the child’s head

Children, are such tender things. Yet so much easier to control and mold than grown men.” King Killin said menacingly.

İ hope you won’t fail me this time Lucario, i want King Vulcan and his little family dead!”

İ will not fail my King! İ will not fail!” Lucario said passionately, his eyes fixed on his precious son.

Are you brave child?” King Killin asked the little boy. At six years old, young Luca looked at the big King and replied.

İ am as brave as your Bear.” The little boy pointed to King Killin’s resting bear.

Laughing at the child’s display of arrogance, King Killin decided to have some fun with the child. Whistling and grunting lowly to his bear, the animal transformed from docile to fierce and roaring in an instant. Fear dribbled down the spine of Lucario and Justus. Lucario made it around the table towards his son but he was set upon by the roaring bear.

Father!” Luca, the little boy shouted, running towards the bear and grabbing a knife from the table.

The little boy lifted his hand to stab the bear, at that moment King Killin grabbed his little hands in mid-air stopping his strike.

Ok Little boy, i believe you.” King Killin said laughing.

Shazan, at ease.” King Killin commanded his favorite animal.

As quickly as the bear had transformed from docile to ferocious, so he quickly went back from hostile to calm at King Killin’s command.

“İf your son had struck my bear, I’m not sure if I could calm Shazan down from mauling both you and your son, Lucario.” King Killin said to Lucario.

Go to your father, boy!.” King Killin said smilingly to the little boy.

When you have handled the Mabutu situation we will turn our eyes back to King Zolokhan and the Mwebele Chieftess.” King Killin said in a hard and final tone to Lucario.

After the two men had left along with the little boy, King Killin went into his bed chambers. Sitting around a mirrored desk, the vicious King applied false scars to his face, and fake warts. He then changed into old ragged clothes, under which he wore a fake hump. Bending like an old man, he looked at himself in the mirror and smirked.

He then went to a particular brick stone in his room and pushed it. This opened a secret exit which he followed. When he was done walking the secret tunnel, he exited in a deserted and overgrown cornfield. İn his disguise, King Killin would walk the markets and his Cappadocia land to hear the sentiments of his people. He would also use this disguise to visit the old Toayang healer, for more experiments with the opioid medicine.

No one person knew where he kept the bulk of his transformed opioids except the Taoyang healer, which is why the healer was forever confined to stay and never leave that secret place.

” Old man Bardak, where have you been?” a rough-looking young boy called out. The boy spat thick phlegm near King Killin’s foot.

You ugly looking old rat! I almost missed your ugly face!” The young man continued.

What do you want Kristus?” King Kilin disguised as Old man Bardak asked the ruffian.

Oh shut up old man, what i want you can’t give me!” With those last words the ever angry Kristus sauntered off.

King Killin continued walking, slowly with his back humped he made his way around the marketplace acting like he was begging. He eventually took a seat on the ground, near a mixed group of men and women sellers and traders. He listened to their conversations while pretending to be asleep.

How has Cappadocia come to this? It now takes so many tracts of land to produce even one cart of wheat.” One of the men in the group lamented.

If that were only what we had to tend with Yugo, it would not be so bad. But now our king used so much land to grow opium , that those of us who use our land to grow food are now heavily taxed. It’s not long before our lands are confiscated to grow the horrible medicine.” One replied to the one who was now identified as Yugo.

My Friends i hear that the Mwebele and the Kezmizi Kingdom are flourishing. I hear they are very welcoming to foreigners.” A woman said

What do you mean Zelda? leave our home country to be strangers in a foreign land! Never!” Yugo answered standing up angrily.

Better to prosper in unknown lands than be slowly dying in our own country.” The woman Zelda responded.

Zelda is right if you ask me, ever since King Haffadan died and King Killin took the throne our lands have been going down.” Another man said

It’s like we are cursed” Zelda exclaimed.

Why wouldn’t we be cursed! It’s no simple evil to kill your own brother and his family. To start war with once peaceful neighbours and destroy their people. Now who is there for us to trade with!” Yugo exclaimed.

There is no future here, the King cannot even have a son! If you ask me that means  more fighting in the future for the throne. There will be even more unrest!” Zelda spoke up.

Don’t talk so freely Zelda, lest we be reported.” Yugo said.

At Yugo’s harsh warning the little group slowly disintegrated, each going their own way, or going back to their stalls. King Killin pretended to sleep for some more time. He looked like a miserable old beggar to any onlookers who was willing to spare him a glance. However, he was fuming inside as he replayed the overheard conversation in his head.

King Vulcan: Mabutu tribe 4 years now since the fights. Present Day. King Vulcan listened to the rain as it showered down heavily. The smell in the air and in his lungs felt fresh. He loved the rain. As King Vulcan cradled his sleeping son on his chest, he felt happy. He looked over at…Read MoreRead More

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