Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 14.

Katya & Zolokhan Chapter 14.

The Trott Bailey Family: Year 2051

Jolted awake by the excited and happy screams of her grandchildren who were frolicking in the beach, Sher looked around for her handsome husband. True to her expectations her plantain dick hubby KB also Grandpa was busy hoisting his three grandchildren in the air. You really couldn’t call him a grandpa though, even at his age he looked as young as twenty five. He was definitely the world’s most ripped man, not even their sons had reached their dad’s level of fitness yet. Looking like a young lion with his long hair pulled back from his face, their twin granddaughters hung from his arms and their older brother around his neck. Turning to run towards a cliff where they could dive, their silhouette looking like a tree with hanging branches, the wild bunch dived into the sea below with a mighty shout.This was their daily routine for the past three weeks, no beach day could go by without a couple dives.

“İ will have to get the kids interested in some snorkeling to get them off my husband’s neck for a while.” Sher thought to herself.

Watching as the crew swam back to the shores, all the children already capable swimmers at their various ages of four and seven, Sher waved to her smiling husband. Seeing that their grandmother was awake, the kids burst out into a race on who could reach her first. Bolting up from her chair, Sher took off in a full sprint from the sands up to the stairs of their beach home.

İt was time they ate anyway, what better way to get them home? Sher thought to herself. Running into the large home, she ran into the kitchen to greet a smiling Mrs. Luca.

The table is set Mrs. Sher, i used the right verandah today. Oh here they come” she said chuckling.

Smiling her thanks Sher nodded to Mrs. Luca. What a victory it had been to get the polite Mrs.Luca to even call her Mrs. Sher rather than Mrs.Trott-Bailey. 

Making her way to the right verandah, the grandkids and her husband trailing behind, Sher’s belly rumbled. How long was I sleeping? What a wonderful dream i just had? She thought to herself.

Seating herself around the beautifully spread table, she enjoyed the cool air blowing in from the Mozambique coast. Hearing the noisy bunch arrive, Sher was quickly suffused with sandy hugs and kisses on the cheeks. Tugging out their chairs the kids wasted no time digging into their meals. Looking up to find her favorite person in the world smiling at her, she quickly greeted her husband with,

Babes i just had the most detailed dream, Was i sleeping for hours?

No babes it was just for about an hour and a half, you fell asleep in the cool hours around 4’o clockish and it’s after 5:30  now” KB answered his lively and curious wife.

Sitting down and digging into his curried shrimp and lobster dish, hunger hit KB’s gut like a ten tonne truck. Looking up to see bowls of egg fried rice and chinese style bbq pork ribs he dung in wholeheartedly.

Mrs Luca understood their eating habits by now but she also knew they loved variety. She had laid out plenty of sweet smelling ripe fruits for Mrs. Sher and the grandkids. The children also loved french fries and pizza so she had made that for them. Meanwhile husband and wife especially loved chinese style cuisine. The crew dug in heartily to their food.

Hey babe, pour me some soursop juice please” KB asked Sher, clearly enjoying his pork.

Grandma i want some pineapple juice please.” The four year old twins said in unison.

Turning to her seven year old grandson, Sher called him by his nickname and said,

hey Energy bunny, pour your sisters some juice.”

Complying quickly with his grandma, Energybunny whose real name was Tingye poured his younger sisters some juice. He too had a big appetite and was quickly back to stuffing his face with fries. Everyone in the family wondered jokingly where, with such a large appetite, all the food went because the boy was skinny as a board.

After KB’s hunger was satiated he briefly remembered that his wife had been telling him about having a detailed dream. Getting ready to ask her about it, they were interrupted by an excited Mrs. Luca.

Mrs. Sher, Mr. KB, kids your mom and dad  are here!” She announced happily. Shouts of joy went up from the table from everyone.

The children rushed up from the table like a pack of hunting dogs, bounding towards the house. Mrs. Luca quickly called out

Kids wait for Ms.Sher and Mr.KB…your parents have just landed.”

Mrs. Luca was referring to their private airport located a couple of miles away from their home. Seeing the disappointed faces as the kids realized their mom and dad were not in the house, KB quickly said

Alright Alright no long faces soldiers, let’s hop in the car and meet them on the way.”

Thanks, Grandpa!” Loud excited cheers came up from their happy hearts, they started grabbing hands and dancing. The kids were not used to being away from their parents for so long. Three weeks was a lot of time for them not to see Mom and Dad.

The family owned  millions of acres in Mozambique spanning from the coast all the way inland into to the mountains. Over time the place had been developed with extensive roads, its own private airport, housing for their workers, centralized food centres and outdoor entertainment.

Their staff had also moved with their families and now lived with the Trott Bailey’s. Everyone had been gifted their own portion of land up to their third generation. Everyone chipped in together to build beautiful homes for themselves, their families and neighbors. There was a running mill, metal shop and stone quarries on the vast property.

Sher had made it a rite of passage for the children when they had reached a certain age, to get the skill of  building their own homes. She told them that there were people in the world that worked and slaved away years of their lives to pay mortgages when they could have learnt how easy it was to build a home for themselves.

İt was an abundant place to live. The family had created their own eco system of supplies and resources to live their definition of luxurious living. The family was very famous and mighty in the world but also fairly private.

The kids were singing happily in the car as they made there way towards their airport.
Their territory was a giant hub of happy activity as beautiful flowers grown here were being shipped around the world. The Trott Bailey’s were also the creators of over thousands of new types of exotic fabrics from plant based sources. These were manufactured right here in Mozambique and exported around the world. Many of these exports were sent out to other countries for free. Only the most exotic fabrics whose plant was more rare to grow were kept back for their family or for those who could pay for them.

We haven’t seen Keilah and Rajah for a year now, i was surprised when they sent the kids over. I’m gonna see my firstborn.”
KB spoke out doing a mock crying scene.

Sher jokingly passed him a tissue, which he took and continued on mock crying. Wiping his face delicately he looked at his wife and batted his golden eyes

Thank you. Could you pass me the band-aid, me need it for me heart” KB said in a melodramatic tone. Unable to keep her composure anymore, Sher burst out laughing at her husband’s gimmicks.

Keilah had been their first child and her Dad loved her dearly. It was with her that he had learned how to be a Dad, how to talk with a child, how to be patient, how to have fun and see things from her perspective . The two had a great relationship as he did with all his kids. Each child had grown up into their own unique personalities and with their own perspectives.

Their children: Keilah, Kezideck, Keslev, Kayonai, Kaleyon, Kultan, and Kaitou were all coming to meet them in Mozambique. When they would all arrive was a mystery but they would be chilling in Mozambique for the rest of the year so at least within that span of time the kids would come. Then they could get to spend some months with all their grandchildren and children.

Midway through the journey, their cars met up with Keilah and Rajah. Seeing each other they quickly pulled over. Everyone got out of their car. Mutual love passed through everyone as the kids hugged and kissed their parents. The father and son-in-law grabbed each other in a bear hug, their mutual love for taming wild horses and big tuna fishing had built a strong bond between the two. Dad hugged his daughter and Sher hugged Rajah.

While KB and Rajah bonded over horses and fishing, the three of them bonded over rowing. All three of them: Sher, KB, and Rajah loved to row. When Rajah had first joined the family, he was very work-minded. However, after years of Keilah’s laid-back attitude and that of her whole family, the man had changed. Rajah had been surprised by how much he had come to love rowing and just how good at it he was. So much was their love of rowing and other sports that when Rajah had suggested they start a world competition with large prizes for the winners, everyone was instantly on board.

Rajah had met Keilah in India and was immediately smitten. He loved her so much, but when he had eventually found out who her family was, he had been intimidated. They were well known throughout the world for being radical followers of Jesus Christ. He was Indian, he came from a culture of many gods which had made him believe in none. Still they had welcomed him into the family even after he had told Keilah that they shouldn’t get married because of religious reasons.

Keilah had been feeling heartbroken after he had broken off their relationship. To this day Keilah was still touched by the actions of the men in her family. Her brothers and her father had gone to Rajah’s family farm. They had lived with him for a year. They worked alongside Rajah, his brothers and father. Never had Rajah seen such light hearted people. They made the work fun and they quickly learned the local dialect. They learned the names of the variety cattle breeds and suggested some simple things to his father which multiplied his animals’ birth rate. They never discussed religion. They simply said they would forever depend only on Jesus Christ. His father had been very vexed at first, he was a religious man but by the end of the year the old man had thawed.

However by then it had not mattered if his family wanted to believe or not. He, Rajah had seen a life of peace, abundance and happiness that he had never seen before. He had tasted of a good thing and could never let it go or turn back. İt was then that he started to believe in Jesus. Being around the Trott Bailey’s and seeing the various ways they each heard from and spoke to Jesus also opened his eyes. He too realized that some of his clearest moments of hearing Jesus was when he was taming horses.

When Keilah and him had gotten married, the most interesting phenomenon happened one day. İt was like something had taken control of his tongue and he spoke for hours about the future of his family, his love for his wife, their destiny and that of their generations, he spoke of his indian people and about the veil over their minds.

When it was over he had felt so high. Keilah explained to him that he had just prophesied or more simply he had spoken heaven’s plans for him and their family. Now as ten years had passed he marveled within himself just how much of a changed man he was, how lucky he was to have his wife, and most importantly how happy he was to talk with Jesus daily. He was always bursting with some words of encouragement for his family. So much so that he was nicknamed ” jolly Rajah” by his wife’s family.

Riding back with their parents, the children excitedly questioned them about their trip and told their mom about Grandpa’s diving. Keilah was so happy to see them. Many times she wanted a break from their rambunctious energy but three weeks was too much not to see their cute faces.

Meanwhile KB and Sher drove back in their car and chatted about their other kids,

Babes you think Kultan and Keslev will be the last ones to show up?”

Well you know Kayonai and Kaleyon, those girls will be here as soon as they hear that Keilah has arrived. Kezideck loves hanging out with Rajah so he will come next. Kaitou is in  Mongolia tying up some of his expansion projects but he will definitely come early if we give him a call and insist. As for our two wild, daredevil sons Keslev and Kultan, well if there were
any mountain peaks left in Mozambique that they haven’t jumped off yet i would have some hope that they would come early. But I can bet they will be the last to come home.
” KB said reflectively.

Since Kayonai and Kaleyon got married we haven’t seen them in two years either. Kayonai and Nikovich went on their world tour while Kaleyon and Hunter decided to turn into Tarzan and Jane in the wilds of South America.” Sher summarized to KB.

Babes Kaleyon and Hunter bought half of South America and are busy mining for the mineral Halonite . İt’s not like they are swinging from the trees.“KB said calmly.

İ don’t put it pass my daughter to swing from the trees.” Sher responded

South America has developed alot and will continue to develop under their ownership so Hakuna Mata your mind me love. All is well.” KB said.

Nodding her head at his calm words, their hands entertwined, Sher decided to bask in her joy at her children’s return.

Everyone was tired after a long day. After the kids had spent their time jumping on their dad and questioning their mom, they had finally scooted off to their massive play area and quickly fallen asleep. Rajah excused himself from the family table to put them into their beds after Mrs.Luca had informed them they had fallen asleep on the trampolines.

Mrs. Luca drove herself to her beautiful cottage, her heart happy to see the family members meeting up again. When she reached home, she smiled at the pleasant smell of delicious fish soup. Her husband Tagachi had really outdone himself today. Calling out for him that she was home, his sweet japanese face popped up around a corner and called out to her that he was coming.

She put aside her things in the foyer and made her way towards their kitchen. Tagachi  met her halfway, smiling at his sweet Ethiopian wife, he embraced her warmly.

Tonight we drink five fish soup, my own invention!”

The two spent the rest of the night drinking soup and baking a cake together. Tagachi asked about the happenings with the family and promised to come by and greet everyone when he had the time. Her husband was the Head Master for dyeing the fabrics made by the Trott Bailey Family. He was currently training younger recruits to pass on all of his knowledge as he was planning to retire soon.

I’m really glad to have been around in this generation with such great people and even more such a great family.” He said solemnly to his wife, his Japanese upbringing still ingrained in his mannerisms. Mrs. Luca nodded her head in agreement,

İn three decades, this family has changed the world; now traveling the world is as easy and cheap as taking a taxi, their fabrics are worn on every back in the world, their kingdoms are the most beautiful constructions ever been seen, people no longer work as hard as before. The world governments mandated 1 year of rest every seven years for those who choose to work for corporations. All because of the influence of this family.”

Mhmm, don’t forget that with the discovery of Halonite, amphibious vehicles and planes can be powered for months with only a small piece. Who knows what else Halonite is capable of too!” Tagachi exclaimed.

Laughing at her husband’s rather abrupt exclamations, Mrs. Luca was glad he was so lively. He was a quiet man by nature but he had learnt to relax over the past thirty years. Once again as a result of the influence of the wonderful family that they served.

You know Mrs. Sher said we can go on our world tour anytime we are ready.  I’m thinking of calling our Son and his wife to go with us.” Mrs. Luca said.

Why you want to bring him, he only ever has negative to say about the Trott-Baileys, Can you imagine? He even grew up here with Mrs. Keilah and the other kids. Yet he is so jealous that he can’t speak any good of them.” Tagachi said angrily.

Sighing, Mrs. Luca reminisced about their son. Apparently, the boy had once had a crush on Ms. Keilah at one point but she had rejected him. Frankly, Ms. Keilah had always seen her son as one of her brothers. But her spirited son could not accept that and had grown bitter against the family. Calling them “Elitists weirdos”. The boy had even started his own internet to try to publish news against the family.

Now that I think about it Tagachi, you are right. Our son has gone down a bad path.” Mrs. Luca said

Hmmm don’t worry Mrs. Sher doesn’t hold it against us,  with her tough exterior she really is soft-hearted. You know she loved fruit picking with all the kids including our son. To see him turn out this way!” Tagachi said sadly.

Ahh ahhh my love, i’m sorry i brought it up.” Kissing him on the cheek and hugging his neck she said.

Well hubby, it’s me and you only on our world tour.

As it should be Debarah, I will finally teach you to ski in my hometown Moseushi (妹背牛町)

in Japan.” The spunky old man promised.

Spending the rest of the night on their porch talking, it was very late before they went to bed. Both knew that they did not have to go in for any work if they did not want.

Finally the two settled down for bed. The cool coastal breeze blew into their opened windows. The healthy air lulled them off to sleep, their hearts and lives content.

It was also very late when Sher and KB went to bed. Lying down and spooning with each other, KB whispered sleepily

Remember to tell me about your dream tomorrow.”

Ok babes will do.” Sher replied.

By the time she had gotten up to go pee in the bathroom, her husband had knocked right out fast asleep. To this day he was still the fastest sleeper she had ever met. Chuckling at his handsome face as he sucked his tongue while sleeping, Sher joined him again in bed. Kissing her big gorilla of a man on his shoulders she settled in beside him. Soon enough his comforting body lulled her off to sleep. İt was then that her dream of Katya and Zolokhan continued where it had left off.

The Trott Bailey Family: Year 2051 Jolted awake by the excited and happy screams of her grandchildren who were frolicking in the beach, Sher looked around for her handsome husband. True to her expectations her plantain dick hubby KB also Grandpa was busy hoisting his three grandchildren in the air. You really couldn’t call him…Read MoreRead More

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