Juanita’s Victories Chapter 6

Juanita’s Victories Chapter 6

Juanita’s Victories Chapter 6

Written By Sher Trott-Bailey

Mario Martinez knew the girl was here. He had been on edge all day. He wanted to see her or just glimpse her so badly. It’s like he was going crazy! Deciding to take a run around the estate to burn some of his pent-up energy, he took off on one of his not-so-regular routes. He had been running for an hour and had finally returned closer to the mansion. He felt tired so he walked to the far gardens where there were benches near the white roses.

What he saw there sent his heart leaping out of his chest. He internally groaned at the sight of the young girl seated casually with earphones in her ears. His obsession with the girl had started a year ago. It had been in this very spot too. He had seen her dressed in a white dress one day, smelling the roses. Her hair had been loose and her face had looked so pure and striking. It was like someone had punched him in the guts.

Of course, he had known who it was, this was little Juanita who had played on the Estate since she was a kid. Yet that day, Mario saw her as a woman. Ah! he was crazy he knew, she couldn’t have been more than seventeen then- criminal charges waiting to happen. Yet his desire for her did not go away.

That’s when he had started his plans, he wanted Juanita for his wife. He had decided to wait until she was older. In the meantime, he had her watched and investigated. Every aspect of her life was known to him and he was regularly updated on any boys or men that tried to pursue her.

Juanita felt the tapping on her shoulder and was quickly brought out of her musical vibe. When she saw who it was that was tapping her, her face grew embarrassed. After their incident a year ago, she was still a bit embarrassed whenever she saw Mr.Martinez. The memory of her ‘panty slip’ flashed through her mind.

She remembered last year her mother had called her to stop by the Estate to pick up some money. Juanita had worn a white mini skirt and some sneakers that day. After she had collected the money she was leaving and going down some steps at an exit at the back of the estate. She didn’t know how it happened but she had slipped and taken a nasty fall. She remembered she had a gash across her thigh and her ankle was paining her.

Mr. Martinez had been running by and had seen what happened. Juanita had felt like such a klutz! Mr Martinez had stooped down to test the ankle and look at the gash. Juanita had been so caught up in the pain in her ankle that she didn’t even realize that her legs had open while Mr.Martinez was inspecting her foot. She saw the moment Mr.Martinez noticed too. If she could have died of embarrassment, she would have been buried six times. She had quickly snapped her legs shut and tried to stand up only to buckle in pain.

Mr.Martinez had intended to bring her back to the house and to bandage the foot. However Juanita had insisted she just wanted to go home. The two had argued until finally Mr.Martinez had at least gotten her to walk to one of the benches while he went and got her mother and the resident nurse.

Mario could see the flash of embarrassment that went through Juanita. He knew exactly what memory caused the reaction. He remembered the day he had seen her smooth inner thighs and underwear covering her sweet junction, his throat had gone dry from the sudden heat in his body.

” Ah so your here for the summer Juanita,” Mario stated trying to brush away the memory.

Yes, Mr. Martinez.” She answered

I heard about your exam results. Your an excellent girl in so many ways Juanita.” Mario complimented her

“Thank you, sir.”

Do I come off that old. You make me feel old when you’re always responding so politely.” Mario chuckled

Juanita did not know how to respond, Mario quickly smoothed it over by saying

” So do I have Juanita’s vote?”

” It depends on your policies Mr.Martinez. I can’t just vote for you because I know you.” Juanita replied.

” Most people are voting for me because I am handsome and from a wealthy family,” Mario said matter of factly.

” Well, you will have to do better than that if you want my vote,” Juanita replied firmly.

Oh Juanita, I really do want your vote. Very much so.” Mario said looking her squarely in her eyes.

Cheerio beautiful Juanita.” With those last words, Mr.Martinez jogged off.

Juanita felt a bit confused by his last response. Somehow she felt like he wasn’t really talking about wanting her vote. She heard the alarm go off on her phone signaling that her break time was almost over. So she started hurriedly walked back to the kitchens, casting Mario Martinez out of her mind. The rest of her first day back at the Estate passed smoothly. The rest of the two days before the party went by in a blur. Everything was well prepared and the final touches for the big night ahead were being done.

Juanita had been asked to lend a hand to the cleaning staff. She was to quickly air out and spruce up several guests rooms for those select members who would sleepover after the party. The Martinez’s mansion had thirty rooms. Some of these rooms were located in other smaller mansions dotted around the large grounds. There were plenty of golf carts ready to transport people around the Estate. The gardens were looking very spectacular and many of the massive water features were lit with bright colors and filled with floating flowers.

Alright, girls when you’re done here I want you to go freshen up, eat something, relax and calm your nerves and then change out into your waitress outfits for the night. You have three hours before you all need to report back to me and Ms. Cortazar. Ok understood? Be here at 6pm!” Ms. Vassell, the group leader for their cleaning crew instructed.

Yes Ms.Vassell,” all the girls including Juanita answered in unison

They had opened more rooms in the staff housing so several of the staff could sleepover before and after the party. The female staff quarters were decorated with twin beds and an adjoining bathroom. It was fairly spacious and they did have a balcony. Juanita was rooming with another new recruit named Lizzie.

Lizzie showered first, which left Juanita not having to rush her shower time. She really needed a long shower, she felt the tightness in her shoulders from all that wiping and bending today.

When she came out of her room Lizzie was already sleeping. Juanita set her phone alarm for 5: 30pm. She laid down on the comfy bed and stared up at the ceiling. She tried to think of all the things she was pleased about like the fact that she had finished five different styles of bags and had placed the photos on her website. She had also done some short videos of herself wearing the handbags outside on a regular day. She had short videos showing the  details and stitching on the stylish bags.

She thought of her failed attempts at making the sandals and chuckled. However the fact that she had gotten that far made her feel good. She needed to come up with an idea for her sandals, since making them herself wasn’t turning out to be as easy as she thought it would be. When her eyelids started to close, Juanita didn’t fight the sleep that was overtaking her.

It felt too soon, but sure enough, that was her alarm going off. Lizzie was already up and running an iron over their new uniforms for the grand party.

” Hey girl, I was just about to wake you,” Lizzie called out.

“I ironed your uniform, it’s hanging up there,” Lizzie said and pointed.

Thanks, chica!” Juanita said appreciatively, smiling at the girl.

No prob, please show me the ropes tonight at the party. I really need to keep this job “ Lizzie said

” I will help whenever I can,” Juanita replied.

That Ms.Vassell is no joke. I think she has taken a special dislike to me.” Lizzie shared

Ms. Vassell doesn’t like any young attractive girls it’s not just you, she has scared off several girls before. Just keep your work neat and  don’t let her draw you out.” Juanita advised

Nodding Lizzie finished up her ironing and began dressing. Juanita climbed off the bed and followed suit.

Do we get to do anything special with our hair or wear makeup at this party?” Lizzie asked.

Unless Ms.Adrianna Martinez specifically requested us to look a certain way, don’t do anything extra, or then Ms.Vassell will really notice you and be like ticks on a cow,” Juanita warned.

Don’t worry, on the schedule, there is a themed party where the staff will get to dress up a bit. You can get some freedom then.” Juanita told the new girl patting her on the shoulder

” Thanks, Juanita, your very chill chica. Half the other girls all keep talking about how hot Mr.Martinez is and how they can get closer to him or catch his attention.” Lizzie said rolling her eyes

Well, they will be making themselves prime targets for Ms.Vassell,” Juanita said pursing her lips.

Alright, come on let’s go. It’s time we left, it’s about a ten-minute walk.” Juanita said

When they set off to report to Ms. Vassell, there was a buzz of energy and excitement in the air. Everyone looked busy. Ms.Vassell broke them up into two groups. Some would serve drinks and the others would serve food. They were to keep their eyes peeled to retrieve empty glasses and clear tables. They should also give directions to the bathrooms or to the different party spaces.

By 9 pm the Estate was packed with people and a lot of Press.  Fancy cars were pulling into the circular driveway and depositing their occupants. Juanita saw several familiar celebrity faces. The excitement was heavy in the air as everyone was anticipating Xena the biggest reggaeton artist to perform her hit songs ” We Loco” and ” Party High”. Juanita showed Lizzie the ropes when she could. Juanita showed Lizzie all the hiding nooks where she could hide and drink wine or eat some of the appetizers. From what Juanita could observe the girl was taking to the job like fish to water.

Juanita some guy just slipped me his number, said he has been checking out both of us and if we want a role in an upcoming movie we should call him.” Lizzie excitedly walked up to Juanita, who was busily replenishing the ice machine behind the party bar.

” Mhmm is he for real? ” Juanita paused looking up at Lizzie curiously.

Yeah i think so girl, it’s that guy over there in the light blue suit,” Lizzie said nodding with her chin discreetly.

The guy in question was currently chatting to some entertainment reporters. He was very animated and had the look of someone important.

You never can tell with these profilers Lizzie,” Juanita warned.

Oh come on Juanita let’s live a little,” Lizzie replied.

I’m not knocking it completely girl, right now I would try any job.” Juanita said

” İ will try to find out more from the guy before the night is over.” With that determined statement, Lizzie disappeared into the thirsty crowd who couldn’t wait to collect the glasses of wine on her tray.

When Juanita was done, someone from the event planner’s team begged her to help them deliver some cocktails to the VIP section as one of their girls had cut her hands on a broken glass bottle. Juanita ended up filling in for over two hours before everyone’s attention was turned to the stage where several artists began performing. There were dance acts, musicians and even comedians. Finally, the crowning moment of the night happened when Xena took the stage. The crowd of people went wild. Xena couldn’t even get through the first hit song before everyone was screaming

” Replay!”, ” One more time!” “Pull up!”

The waiting staff was finally relieved by the last shift crew at around 1:30pm. By then Juanita had only glimpsed her mother three times. Her mother was dressed in a sexy red dress as she was in charge of playing hostess to some of Mr.Martinez’s more longtime friends and important guests. Juanita had to hand it to her mother, Maria Cortazar was still one fine-looking babe.

” Juanita, Juanita, babe how are you?” Lizzie called out smiling, her cheeks shiny and so were her eyes.

Lizzie, how many glasses did you knock back girl? Jeez, let’s go get you some coffee. Our shift is done for the night.” Juanita told the tipsy girl.

I’m fine girl, but guess what I talked to the guy again, his name is Marcus. He says auditions are in three weeks for different parts of the movie. He says it’s not a big budget but the script is good. İ will call him tomorrow and he will email us the script” Lizzie informed her.

A movie industry in Belize? Well, whoever is trying to make an actual good movie in our country is very brave.” Juanita replied.

” So will you go with me?” Lizzie asked her ignoring her skeptical expressions

” Yeah sure, looking forward to it.” Juanita answered dryly.

Chica you got the look for movies, a little innocent and a little saucy,” Lizzie replied.

” İ really would like to see who really has the balls and vision to be making a movie in our country,” Juanita replied curiously

Well, whatever gets you there chica! I’m off to our room to bathe, my feet are killing me” Lizzie said shrugging her shoulders.

Ok, I’ll be up in another half an hour. İ want to get some leftover pastries and drinks.” Juanita replied.

Sounds good girl, remember me,”  Lizzie said waving and walking off.

” Will do,” Juanita replied and went in the other direction.

Written By Sher Trott-Bailey Mario Martinez knew the girl was here. He had been on edge all day. He wanted to see her or just glimpse her so badly. It’s like he was going crazy! Deciding to take a run around the estate to burn some of his pent-up energy, he took off on one…Read MoreRead More

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