Juanita’s Victories chapter 24. Portugal. Written by Sher Trott-Bailey

Juanita’s Victories chapter 24. Portugal. Written by Sher Trott-Bailey

Coast of Portugal:

” Hey, why so silent? What are you thinking about?” Juanita said, bending to hug her husband from behind.

Juanita had woken up to an empty bed. She had waited for an half an hour before deciding to disturb Salvano’s musings.
Salvano was seated in a chair on their hotel balcony. It was a little after 5am. Though it was still Portugal’s warm season, the early morning air was crisp, so he was wrapped in a thick knitted blanket.

Salvano quickly turned in surprise at the soft arms enveloping his neck. He pulled her around the chair and said,

” Hey it’s kind of cold babe, come under my blanket.”

Following his request, Juanita scooted in between his legs and snuggled up on the lounge chair with her husband.

” So… what has you up at this hour staring out into the dark?” Juanita asked him again

With a smile and a kiss to his wife’s smooth brow, Salvano truthfully answered,

” I initially came out here to digest all that food we ate late in the night, I was feeling uneasy in my stomach and I kept burping.”

” Oh why didn’t you drink the soup broth I made to help you belch and warm up your chest? I told you all those cold cuts of meat and cheese would just sit on your chest.”

” I thought if I did an hour of exercise after I would be fine but still in the late night this happened’.”

” Do you want me to go heat up some of the fish broth for you?” Juanita asked feeling concerned.

” No babes, I’m feeling fine now. Don’t take away this warm sexy body from me to go into the kitchen.” Salvano replied

” What’s so sexy about this body?” Juanita quipped teasingly at him.

” Oh please, You know that your sexy my wife. Stop acting like” Salvano said rolling his eyes mockingly at her.

“Since we have been in Portugal, I’ve seen many sexy girls, even a few in the lobby of this hotel.” Juanita replied

” Mhmm really, I haven’t seen one. I never noticed. I was too busy looking at your juicy booty in your jumpsuit.” Salvano replied.

” They noticed you though! There eyes followed you all the time.” Juanita said in a neutral tone.

Salvano had been learning more about his wife as they spent time together. He knew when she got like this, she was just fishing for information on how he felt about women being attracted to him. He knew she was looking for assurance that there was no need to be jealous or on guard.

” I promise from now on I will walk around with my face covered.” Salvano said solemnly.

Juanita burst out laughing, when Salvano put it like that she instantly knew she was being overly sensitive. What was the poor man to do if his face was seriously handsome? Not exist?

” But really though my beautiful Juanita, you have nothing to ever worry about. I have eyes only for you. We have talked about these things before but if it takes another ten years before your fully confident in my love then I will tell you everyday that for me your the best woman ever” Salvano said

Juanita looked up at his sincere face and was satisfied. She had never been jealous of other women growing up but since being married to Salvano, these attacks of jealousy would come over her when she saw the fawning attention he got when he interacted with other women. However if she was honest with herself, her husband really displayed no interest whatsoever in these women. Yet Juanita still wanted to prod him, to inspect him to see if he was too good to be true. She realized then that not having a solid father figure in her life to show her what a faithful man looked like had really left an insecurity in her.

Finally Juanita said, ” Yes, hearing it everyday- that I’m the best woman for you, would be really nice.”

” Ok my love, will do.” Salvano replied.

” What else were you thinking about?” Juanita asked.

” That Brother Yun’s testimony, the part where he used another man’s passport to fly out of China. The fact that the picture in the passport looked nothing like him and that both the Chinese immigration officer and the German immigration officer both laughed him to scorn when they saw the passport. But they couldn’t stop Jesus’ power. They had to let Brother Yun through even though it made no logical sense.” Salvano shared.

Background Story:
Brother Yun is a Chinese christian pastor that was told by Jesus that his preaching in China had come to an end and Jesus would be sending him to Germany. Previously, God had miraculously healed Brother Yun’s broken legs when he was in prison and had miraculously opened three high security prison gates for him to escape. As a result, at that time Brother Yun was wanted by the police all over China. His fellow Christian brothers and sisters who were hiding him, became very scared and could not sleep peacefully. Hence God told him that people in China were too scared to invite him to preach anymore for fear of them being severely punished and imprisoned.

It was time for him to go to a new place. Brother Yun had no passport to his name at that time. If he tried to get a passport he would have been immediately arrested and executed.
Another Christian brethren felt the Lord Jesus telling him, to give his passport to Brother Yun. So he gave Brother Yun his passport. However the two men looked nothing alike. For one thing Brother Yun had hair and didn’t wear glasses. His friend who gave him the passport was completely bald, much older and wore glasses.
When Brother Yun arrived at the airport and was going through Chinese immigration, the immigration officer looked at the photo and looked at Brother Yun and said,

” This is obviously not you. This isn’t your passport.”

The Chinese immigration officer, then mockingly showed the passport around to his colleagues. They then told Brother Yun to stand to the side, as other passengers in the line were getting upset at the immigration officer for taking so long. Eventually the immigration officer mocked and said,
” Even if I let you through, the immigration officers in Germany will just send you right back to China.”
Miraculously, the Chinese immigration officer stamped the passport and let him through.

When he arrived in Germany, stern faced immigration officers raised their eyebrows at the photo in the passport and looked at Brother Yun saying,

” No! No! No! …this is not you.”

Brother Yun pretended to not understand and stood smiling . The German immigration officer then called two other co-workers to verify the passport. They had the same reaction. Just then the Holy Spirit told Brother Yun to give them a hard stare. Once again, beyond logical reason, they stamped his passport and let him into Germany where he later filed for refugee status. None could stand against the power and authority of God. If God wanted Brother Yun in Germany, then no government system could stop it from happening.


Back to Salvano & Juanita

” Yes it’s inspiring isn’t it? Just to know God’s power in this type of way.” Juanita commented

” There truly is nothing God can’t do.” Salvano said

” Do you sometimes wish you had some spectacular miracle happen to you too?” Juanita asked

” Yes, I suppose I would like that. But hey finding the perfect wife suited for me is a great miracle. I don’t take you for granted Juanita.” Salvano replied seriously.

” How come you always know what to say?” Juanita said chuckling in delight. Salvano really did make her feel confident and assured of his love everyday.

” It’s because that’s what’s truly in my heart.” Salvano replied.

” I love listening to you, I love hearing your thoughts and what’s in your heart. I want to know you and understand you more and more like this.” Juanita confessed expressing her innermost desire.

Salvano felt warm inside from her words. He too wanted to understand his wife. He loved her company. They never had to struggle to find conversation. Sometimes if he woke up before Juanita, he would hope she would wake up too so they could talk or play games together on their phone.

“Do you remember those women earlier today, down by the pool? Salvano asked.

” Yes.”

” More precisely, do you remember their conversation?” Salvano asked.”

” How could I not? Even if I didn’t want to eavesdrop they were talking so loud and carelessly that I was forced to listen.” Juanita said remembering the bunch of American’s lewd conversation.

Back flash to women at the Pool:

” Delia I know your happy with Ben right now but you can never trust these men.” one woman dressed in a black thong bikini said while sipping on her martini and addressing a short haired Delia.

Surrounding the two were two other women, one was clearly drunk and the other pretended to be disinterested with everything around her. Delia had her blonde hair cut in a mid length bob, she was petite in figure and clearly a bit more naive than black bikini. This was discernible from her soft spoken tone and more youthful looks.

” What are you talking about Barbara? Ben would never cheat on me.”

” Really? You want to bet?” Barbara replied.

” What do you mean?” Delia replied.

” Well I could test him out for you. As your good girlfriend and bestie of course.” Black bikini who was now identified as Barbara said

” What do you mean test him out?” Delia replied with a slightly raised tone.

” I mean put some temptation in his way, some bait and see if he will cheat on you.” Barbara replied.

” That’s a great idea.” The drunk friend chipped in.

“Jennifer what do you think?” Barbara turned to disinterested Jennifer who was tanning in a yellow bikini.

” Well, Delia darling…Barb is right. You never know with these men. I mean we are all happy for you that you found Ben. He’s really nice on the surface, handsome and owns his own business. A real catch, but still you don’t want to end up broken hearted if he is secretly a womanizer. So why not listen to Barb’s idea?” Jennifer replied taking off her sunshades.

For some reason Juanita had gotten the feeling that Barbara and Jennifer had this conversation long before they discussed it with Delia.

” Yeah, I’ll come on to him for a few weeks and see if he’s the type to bite. Just in case I’m not his type, Jennifer will try it out too. That way we can spare you from a broken heart if he wants one of us.” Barbara opened up her plan.

” You mean set him up?” Delia said hesitantly.

” It’s not a trap Delia it’s a test.” Jennifer said consolingly while patting the back of Delia’s hand.

” You guys will probably have to fuck him too. Make it convincing so he can’t explain his way out of it.” The drunk friend piped in unexpectedly.

” No why would I want to do that!” Delia said sounding shocked.

” Wow your so ungrateful Delia! Jennifer and I are here willing to sacrifice ourselves to make sure he’s the right guy for you and not a waste of your time yet you don’t appreciate it.” Barbara exclaimed.

” But you guys want to sleep with him!” Delia shot back.

” Well if we don’t go all the way, he can always explain himself right? It’s better you catch him in the act. If he falls for one of us, we will call you to come over and see him for what he is.” Jennifer interjected smoothly.

” Do you remember Candy? That’s how she helped her friend Renee` out with her fiancee. You remember Renee’s engagement was called off?”

Nodding her head, Delia replied

” I wasn’t that close with Renee and I wasn’t invited to her wedding but I had heard she was no longer getting married.’”

” Delia, there is nothing worst than wasting two or more years of your life on a guy you thought was Mr.Right but turns out to be nothing more than a cheating bastard. Jen and I just want to spare you from that. If Ben is a good guy then nothing will happen. What…dont you trust your guy?” Barbara said

” Well yes I trust him.” Delia said hesitantly

” Good then there is nothing to worry about right.” Jennifer said firmly.

” We can start the plan as soon as we get back from this girl’s trip.” Barbara said suppressing her tone of excitement.

Back to Juanita and Salvano:

” Look at those despicable women, evil treacherous Barbara and Jennifer and foolish Delia with no discernment or street smarts who listens to them and one drunk friend in the blazing midday with no self control. All seemingly pretty on the outside but full of shit on the inside.” Salvano summarized.

” Mhmm those two ‘friends’ really twisted it to make it seem they were doing Delia some huge favor.” Juanita said

” Women like that would even go to the extent of drugging the guy to get what they want.” Salvano said shaking his head.

” Delia’s lack of discernment though was startling! She should have cut off such an idea instantly.” Juanita wisely said.

” Yep.” Salvano said.

” Anyway on a lighter note, what are some of the things your loving about Portugal?”

” Mhmm, mhmm, Juanita is here in Portugal with me. Juanita my foodie is enjoying her bacalhau croquettes in the mornings ( salt cod fish). Portugal has laid-back vibe to it.”
Salvano listed.

Smilingly, Juanita exclaimed,

” This side of the world is really exciting! Your close to Asia, to the middle East and to all of Europe.” Juanita wiggled and shook to show her delight.

” Would you like to stay here for a while?” Salvano asked.

” What do you mean babe…we are here?” Juanita said perplexed.

” Just this feeling I have, like we should stay over this side of the world for a longer while.” Salvano replied.

” Salvano we have already been away from Belize for over four months. Don’t you want to go back to your business? What about the Olympics and your rowing? What about Body Strike the movie?” Juanita said.

” It’s not like I can’t do those things from this side of the world wifey. Think about it, I can still train here. As for Body Strike I had planned to use some different destinations for filming anyway. Finally the four months we have been away, you have seen for yourself that our businesses still go on flourishing even without us physically there.” Salvano said persuasively.

Juanita couldn’t lie to herself, the thought of staying and travelling more excited her blood. Her logical mind wanted her to think it out but her gut instinct, her hunch… was in agreement with Salvano.

” So we will just live in random countries until we feel like leaving?” Juanita asked

” Exactly! No overthinking, just exploring and broadening our perspectives.” Salvano said excitedly

” What about the other people you were helping to train for the Olympics?” Juanita suddenly asked

” Don’t worry, I have two understudy coaches that can take over. They can get a chance to prove themselves. They can still use my property for training ground.” Salvano comfortingly assured Juanita.

” You’ve thought this all out haven’t you?” Juanita replied, giving Salvano the side eye.

Coast of Portugal: ” Hey, why so silent? What are you thinking about?” Juanita said, bending to hug her husband from behind. Juanita had woken up to an empty bed. She had waited for an half an hour before deciding to disturb Salvano’s musings.Salvano was seated in a chair on their hotel balcony. It was…Read MoreRead More

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