Juanita’s Victories Chapter 21. Written By Sher Trott Bailey

Juanita’s Victories Chapter 21. Written By Sher Trott Bailey

That night after Salvano had told his wife about traveling and about his day, they laid in bed and talked for long about several things.

“Those women today Salvano, do you ever get tempted?”

“No Juanita I don’t, because they are just a facade. I know that the wife I have is rare and special. So I’m not going to fuck up my marriage for some quick sleazy pussy. One thing God has given me is an insight and an understanding of a variety of women. And this insight didn’t come through me fucking many women… no.” Salvano said.

” How did it come?” Juanita questioned.

“Girls or women who have known me, have always felt comfortable just spilling their guts to me out of the blue. İt was why I could write the concept of Body Strike so easily for the most part.” Salvano revealed.

“What do you mean Salvano explain some more?” Juanita questioned.

“Well baby, I mean ever since high school, I don’t know what it is, but girls just always sense that they could talk to me or tell me their business and it would never get back out into the streets. So for example one day this girl, just a girl that I knew from high school… just started pouring out her heart and her problems to me, about her vaginal issues, issues with parents, aborted pregnancies, and her conscience. And it’s happened over and over again several times in my life.” Salvano explained.

” This girl I knew, they called her peacock,  came to me to help her print out a college project. I kid you not Juanita, the girl just started telling me that ever since she sucked some guy’s dick, her lips started looking weird and burnt. She even lifted up her top lip and showed me bumps and discoloration on her lip. She was a good singer too, sang on the praise and worship team for her Christian committee but she said ever since she sucked his nasty dick she couldn’t sing again.” Salvano disclosed.

” For real babe?” Juanita said in surprise.

” Yes, my baby,” Salvano answered.

“Even just observations, God’s always putting me in situations to see things, like for example when I was working in Miami in the U.S, God just went on this rampage of showing me pretty Latinas walking around with fake butts. At my airport job, God showed me girls who were profiling like they had their shit together at but we’re having to shower in the toilet sink at the airports.  I saw air hostesses and pilots smoking five cigarettes back to back, just stressed and broke. Everyone thinks the air hostesses or pilots are the creme de la crème. They are broke as fuck and stressed out… !” Salvano revealed.

” Next I stayed with some Mexicans for a while. The leader of the family was a woman, she owned a cleaning company. She and her Cuban boyfriend loved throwing parties and spending on expensive new phones to show off on the Cuban guy’s ex-wife.  You see the Cuban boyfriend had a daughter by an ex-wife, and whenever it was his turn to get his daughter he would just go all out, spending and buying her gifts. But it would end up causing his new Mexican girlfriend and her kids to go broke. Plus she had a grown son who was in a wheelchair after an accident. So the money was being made but being spent just as fast.”

Salvano paused his story to reach for a bag of potato chips. He ate a mouthful and continued his story for a curiously waiting Juanita.

“Then the Mexican mother and her daughter in law who was engaged to the wheelchair guy, would scour and scrounge the nightclubs and restaurants they cleaned, looking for worn shoes, makeup, jewelry, basically whatever they could find. One week they got paid late and the whole family and I had to be hiding the landlord and a car repossession agent. And it wasn’t like they weren’t getting plenty of cleaning contracts and earning good money. They just didn’t have their priorities straight. No vision, no money management skills, nothing. Just weak heads. On the outside looking in, they seemed to be living the American Immigrant dream life but in reality, they were fucked up.” Salvano revealed.

” It’s like God was saying to me, ‘Salvano your a good man and if you want to play the fool and let these useless women trap you after I have shown you these things, then it’s on you motherfucker!” Salvano said chuckling.

Juanita observed her husband. Her heart and mind feeling so content with him. His beautiful perspective on things impressing her.

“I mean look at the typical depiction of the sexy woman Juanita. İt’s a tight dress, high heels, made-up face, long hair extensions. And it’s all a facade, it’s all a put-on-off beauty. And it’s so standardized and easy that it’s like a costume that anybody can put on…. even men who are transvestites can look the part of a sexy woman.” Salvano continued.

“But let me tell you what can’t be put on or worn or bitched up overnight.

1. A calm and peaceful spirit that does not panic in the face of crisis or even in a little obstacle can’t be made up. A loving heart can’t be made up.
2. Common sense and level-headedness in a woman can’t be bought- it can’t be put on or made up.
3. Words of encouragement and support and an upbeat perspective in the face of setbacks or unexpected changes from your woman can’t be made up. She has to have cultivated that nature, that spirit, that character within her.”

” Ooh, babes your really on fire tonight,” Juanita commented.

” Well babes, İ mean listen to the music these women are putting out and consuming, everything is ‘ I’m toxic…I hate love…I’m depressed…I’m a mess…”
What the fuck type of wife or mother of kids is that going to make? Just wishy-washy and weak-minded.” Salvano said.

“After you take off the weave and makeup bitch, real-life comes in!.. I don’t need a crazy on my hands.” Salvano said laughing.

” A married guy in the bible said once ‘i make a pledge with my own eyes, not to even look upon another woman to lust after her’. Well, that’s me to you, Juanita. Lust can come over a man but I am certainly not going to indulge it…. no I’m going to move away from it. I’m not going to stick around and be in any woman’s company or be telling some woman intimate things about my marriage or about my wife or randomly be complaining about my wife to some woman. None of that bullshit secretary and boss shit either.” Salvano said.

” But most importantly my Juanita… my character can’t be made overnight and was not made up overnight. It had to be built up over time and so even if I weren’t married to you or if you’re not around…. the Salvano who has always been discerning about women… still exists. When I see a woman who can easily sleep with a man and especially a married man… a man who’s already been claimed.. it indicates to me that the woman is not mentally sound. And I don’t mean that she’s crazy but it means that she’s not stable in her thinking or emotions or self-worth and that common sense does not lead her. İt shows that she has no compassion for herself or for the wife of the man that she wants to sleep with.” Salvano explained.

‘What about the cheating husbands?”

“A husband that thinks sleeping around on his wife or using excuses of his wife’s lack of something in their marriage to justify his infidelities shows a weak-minded man who is not in control of his household. İt shows a man that hasn’t thought out things in the long run. His priorities are messed up,” Salvano said.

” Ah, Salvano it’s nice to hear you talk to me like this,” Juanita said.

” As the prophet, priest, and King of our household it’s my job to speak encouraging words to you, to speak words of life and hope to my wife. You should feel assured about your Salvano.” Salvano spoke calmly and firmly.

Continuing his speech, Salvano said,

“Cause if I don’t talk to you like this, best believe, those fucked up: talk shows, advice-givers, influencers, movies, bitter friends, and music videos are going to be talking in your ear.”

And you already know what the trend is out there about men-
it’s all ” men ain’t shit”, ” men are cheaters”, ” how do you know he’s not out cheating on you right now?”, ” men can’t keep it in their pants” etc. İt’s all lies and bullshit Juanita. There are plenty of loyal and faithful men out there but they don’t highlight that guys…no.” Salvano calmly said wising up his wife.

” Sometimes it just feels like their is a collective effort from people to throw mud at marriage. To push divorce rates in your face.” Juanita said sighing.

” Almost all of these marriage sob stories were of marriages which were never even started on a good foundation. Their story is not our story Juanita. You and I are unique.”

” I can tell you Salvano, a divorce is never an option. I see myself with you my whole life. I don’t want any other man.” Juanita said sincerely.

” It’s the same for me, baby. I take our marriage seriously too. It’s the number one thing in my life now. Through whatever may come, let’s conquer it together. No giving up on us ever.” Salvano said kissing Juanita.

” Never. Never Ever. Always together, always moving forward in unity for better or for worse.” Juanita said.

Nodding his head, Salvano hugged her tightly and said, ” in good times or seemingly bad. We stick it out. We are conquerors always.”

” Always!” Juanita confirmed. The loving couple embraced each other long and hard. Their emotions washing over them. For a time they stayed quiet until Salvano switching topics said,

” So my baby, have we decided? Portugal first or somewhere more off the beaten path?”

” I like the thought of Asia. But I can’t decide which country first” Juanita replied.

” Ok let’s write down the names of seven countries we like and put them in a bag. Then whichever one you pick, we will go to that one first. No questions asked and no takebacks. As a matter of fact, we will book the tickets tonight.” Salvano suggested.

Laughing, Juanita excitedly began saying,

” Ok, I’m going to put Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Portugal, Albania, and India.”

” Ok I’m cool with those,” Salcano replied agreeably.

Juanita wrote down each country on a sheet of paper then tore off each name one by one. She folded up each country and placed the names in a small jar. When she was done she shook up the jar. Then she said,

” You pick Salvano.”

” Oh no babe, you pick. It’s on you. Just remember no country is a bad pick so don’t overthink it. We will enjoy ourselves whichever one we choose.” Salvano said chuckling.

” Yeah, let the Holy spirit decide,” Juanita said putting in her hands to the jar.

She pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Salvano. He slowly opened it and smiled. Turning the paper to face Juanita, Juanita read,

” Albania.’

“Well, to Albania it is. Let’s book our tickets.” Salvano said happily.

Screaming out excitedly, Juanita said,

” Babes but what about our businesses, won’t we need some time to organize things.”

” No, your employees already have a rhythm going. You can promote Corinne or Selma to manager. You can always call them to check up and give them directions from whatever country we are in. We are digital entrepreneurs remember…” Salvano said.

” Mhmm your right, they already know to take fresh pictures to update the website, how to add the embellished sleeves and so on to halter tops, to embellish the dresses, do the nose rings, etc. Plus the gift basket business is getting steady referrals and Selma seems to especially love doing up the baskets.” Juanita said mulling over Salvano’s suggestions.

” And you can always add fresh items to your website from things you pick up from our travels, plus you will have fresh video content to share on your website too. I’m saying all this just to comfort you and your business-oriented mind.” Salvano said sitting up and hugging her from behind.

” Oh babe, it’s just that the business is doing so good and I don’t want it to stop,” Juanita said

” Didn’t you already bravely tell me that it’s God who blesses your business and is in control. So then remember that and stop the worry.” Salvano said reassuringly.

” Your right of course. I refuse to worry. To Albania it is. Let me just brief the girls and do the promotions you suggested.” Juanita said.

” Mhmm just email them quickly and come back to the fun of booking tickets and the hotel please,” Salvano said leaning back on his pillow.

Deciding to talk to Selma and Corinne tomorrow, she and Salvano went ahead and booked their tickets for an available flight in three days’ time.

Feeling like teasing her husband, Juanita randomly questioned,

” So what happens on the days when I’m not amazing Juanita, when I’m tired or cranky or not so upbeat?”

” You go sleep or relax and recharge and don’t take it out on me. Just talk to me if you feel like talking. Simple.” Salvano said.

” And when we have kids? Will things change?” Juanita asked.

” Why are you already living in the future babe?” Salvano replied.

” Things will change but only for the better. Kids are like the cream to our biscuits, the icing to our cake. They will make our lives better.” Salvano said.

” And on the days when I don’t feel like cooking their meals and being a mommy?” Juanita asked.

” Then on those days let’s aspire to have a fridge and farm so full of food that they can help themselves to a cherry tree or pull a can of tuna and give you and me a break or ask our maid to cook something,” Salvano said kissing her.

” It’s an easy life, my baby. Don’t take on any worries my wife. You don’t have to be superwoman, you just have to be Juanita. That’s amazing enough.” Salvano said.

” Will we change Salvano?”Juanita asked.

” Yes but only for the better, things which would have once bothered us won’t matter anymore. Our love will keep growing stronger, putting down stronger roots into the ground. Our marriage will continue to be built on solid foundations. Only good will be accepted by this family. Ok, my love.” Salvano said confidently his tone brooking no arguments.

” Okay,” Juanita said with a wide smile. She really did love her man, no more so than when he was speaking confidently over their family and their future.

“Everything will always work out, in every season of our lives. Remember your advice to me amazing Juanita, always zoom out, always remember the bigger picture…never get caught up in the immediate situation.” Salvano reminded her.

That night after Salvano had told his wife about traveling and about his day, they laid in bed and talked for long about several things. “Those women today Salvano, do you ever get tempted?” “No Juanita I don’t, because they are just a facade. I know that the wife I have is rare and special….Read MoreRead More

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