Juanita’s Victories Chapter 20. Written By Sher Trott Bailey

Juanita’s Victories Chapter 20. Written By Sher Trott Bailey

Two months later, Salvano and Juanita were looking back through their wedding pictures. Salvano marveled at his wife’s beautiful natural face. He was a man in deep love and it radiated off of him.

“I really married a great girl,” he thought.

” Babes, it is really is amazing that you’re not caught up in this makeup thing in this day and age,” Salvano commented loudly.

Juanita was in their kitchen making peanut porridge, frying ripe plantain cheese balls and tostones for their late morning breakfast. They had opted to spend their honeymoon shut away on their new property.

” I never took to it, it never looks good in real life, only on TV. That’s only because they have beauty filters and editing to make the makeup look good,” she said loudly back.

” Damn there are some men who have never seen their woman with her natural face. Always in makeup, even when sleeping. Weird!” Salvano continued the conversation.

” Well aren’t you the lucky one, cause what you see with me is what you really get,” Juanita said laughing from the kitchen.

“Yow, babes I swear…. women’s eyebrows and eyelashes are extinct. You have got to go to a museum to see that nowadays.” Salvano joked.

” And now at the end of the 20th century, natural-faced women as we know it are going extinct, except for my Juanita,” Salvano said in an announcer-sounding voice.

” And in another breaking news, pig’s butt hair has found a market! Eyelash extensions!” Salvano continued mockingly.

” Ahhh Salvano you too bad! Are you saying those eyelash extensions come from pig’s hair?”

” Yes Juanita, more precisely the butt area of the pig too, ” Salvano said knowingly.

” Are you for real?”

” Yep. Women are walking around with butt hair on their eyes.”

” Oh, babe you too bad!” Juanita said.

Coming out from the kitchen with a plate of plantain cheese balls and tostones. She placed the plate on their coffee table and sat down beside her husband. She began looking through their wedding photos while Salvano got distracted by the food.

” Oh babe you look so handsome in all the pictures,” Juanita said admiringly.

” Yep, you bagged a real cutie!” Salvano replied.

Rolling her eyes at his usual confidence in his looks, Juanita reached for tostones. She commented offhandedly,

” Your mother seemed like a nice enough person.”

” Mhmm well, don’t most people seem nice at first? Just don’t let her call you to ask for money. I already had a stern conversation with her about money and not getting anymore from me.” Salvano replied.

” Speaking of mother’s, mine has been trying to call me and send apologies through different people. Even Mario Martinez called.” Juanita said.

” Mhmm, well they both called me too recently asking me to talk to you,” Salvano said.

” Well, we both agreed that we wouldn’t let her back into our lives. I’m still firm on that.” Juanita said.

” Me too Juanita.” Salvano agreed.

” So what are we up to today?” Juanita asked him chirpily.

” I’m going to pick up the Mastercard for you to access all our joint accounts. Then I’ll go retrieve our Passports with the Schengen visas from the Portuguese embassy.” Salvano said.

” Oh yes! That’s today, isn’t it? It slipped my mind.” Juanita said startled.

” Yes, that good dick in the mornings will do that to you,” Salvano interjected.

Rolling her eyes, she slapped her husband on his shoulder while he was busy chuckling away.

” Anyway, I’m glad you took the initiative my wife to push us to apply for our 1-year digital entrepreneur visa,” Salvano said.

” Yeah, we can live in Portugal for up to a year if we want. Plus travel to all the other EU countries. Hopscotch around from Croatia to Italy to France to Denmark etc.” Juanita replied.

” here my little expert!” Salvano mocked,

“Whatever, I have vision even if I’ve never actually been to these places,” Juanita replied sticking out her tongue.

Salvano and Juanita finished eating and Salvano cleared the plates and washed them.

” All right babes, let me head out and go to the embassy and the bank. Call me if you need anything. I’ll bring home dinner so don’t slave away in the kitchen” Salvano said giving Juanita’s round bottom a goodbye squeeze and slap.

” Ok. Think I will watch a movie or something on TV.” Juanita replied.

Juanita’s Contemplative thoughts after Salvano had left and she was by herself:

These thoughts came after watching an hour of a Russian movie where the slutty sister of the heroine tricked the heroine into selling her virginity.

” I can’t stand movies that show a good girl with no street smarts. They are always having people walk over the heroine of the movie for three-quarters of the show and then in the last fifteen minutes everything works out. Can’t the heroine be smart from the get-go?”Juanita asked.

” Modern Movies are so cliche. The hero guys are lame and despicable men, the heroines are weak-willed and confused and the endings are typical.”

” Sluts are always trying to make the good girl feel like she is boring, unattractive or missing out on the fun. But it’s a lie. Sluts are just miserable. They hate a girl that has standards and isn’t spreading her pussy around. So they try to get the good girl to become like them. If you see a girl acting slutty, it’s not normal. There is some mental issue there.” Juanita said.

” You know what’s also despicable. When they depict a slutty girl fucking three different men in one week or in a day. They depict it like it’s no big deal. But it’s really yucky, I mean a man’s sperm stays in your pussy for a few days, can you imagine sperm on sperm on sperm from different guys? talk about an upset pussy!

This thought came after she was trying to stream another movie from a bootleg website, if you have ever tried streaming a new movie from one of these not-so-legal websites, you would know that with every click she clicked, a new tab would open with a suggested porn site.

” Porn is such a facade, a lie, a fake imagery.

a. They are actors acting out a sex scene

b. They depict sex between the actors like it’s fun and wild. The truth is there is no love or genuine sexual attraction between the actors.

c. When you think about the woman as a human being, you must wonder to yourself…what kind of horrid circumstance could make you stoop to fucking in public for money? What’s wrong with your mind? Why are you taking so many dicks and pretending as if you like it? Why are you ruining men? Why are you creating false expectations about sex? I mean who wants a man to be spitting in her pussy?

d. Then you have to ask the porn actor guy, how much sex stimulant you have to take to get an erection? How is a real relationship with you like, Can you imagine the degenerate mind of a male porn star?
Not that they will tell you the truth, everyone wants to make their ‘profession’ seem prolific these days. “

This thought came to her after switching to a talk show for a few minutes and hearing what the hosts were chatting about:

e. Why is a woman called a bitch, if she tells an ordinary guy that he needs to do better financially and mentally,? Why should a woman settle for a mediocre guy if she isn’t mediocre? Why settle for a mediocre guy who is content to be mediocre when you the woman is not? It’s a mismatch….let him find a mediocre woman who is content with him.

These thoughts came to her after seeing a new music video from a new artist that Juanita had thought was really talented.

6. I saw the demise of another talented and beautiful African American female musician that was recently signed to a major label. This label is reportedly run by another famous female artist. This label chose to launch the girl’s first music video depicting her as a gyrating, thong-wearing hoochie in a video. I mean the girl can sing! Yet they chose to highlight her pussy and ass instead. They chose to stick her in the over-sexual black female artist box, rather than launch her as a global talent with a globally catchy song. And to think that this label is “owned” by another internationally famous female artist. They killed the girl’s career before it even started. They made her another one of the many.

This thought came to her after she saw another Ad with another unnaturally skinny woman selling a new push-up bra.

7. Why do they keep pushing this standard of skinny bodies? It’s not natural or healthy. The women are hungry. They have unnatural menstrual cycles or none at all. The actresses are not sexy, the models are not sexy. So why does the movie industry or modeling industry refuse to show a normal body size? I mean this trend of skinny bodies in the movies all started from wannabe penniless actresses starving for months before they finally got a role in Hollywood. They were not getting any work and were suffering. Fifty years later, this starving body is the symbol of glamour. Stupid!

This thought came after she read a so-called “funny quote” about marriage being a” jail sentence.”

8. People get married and stop treating each other the best. Each spouse is quick to forgive outsiders. Quick to believe outsiders. Quick to want to impress outsiders. Yet are hard on each other, even compete against each other. They ruin their marriage this way. Never with me and Salvano. He is my number 1 and I am his number 1. We will always treat each other the best. We will always think the best of each other.

Meanwhile with Salvano’s day:

” Hey Salvano dude, Is that you? I haven’t seen you since we did that overseas job together.” Romaine a guy Salvano knew said coming up to him after Salvano had alighted from his car.

Taking off his shades, Salvano greeted him with a neutral tone,

” Yeah man, it’s been a while.”

” I hear and see that you’re doing great man, heard you got married too.” Romaine continued chatting brightly.

” I’m married too, been two years now, I got to tell you man…it all fades after the first six months” Romaine continued chatting.

” What the fuck are you telling me shit like that for? Man get the fuck out of here with that shit.” Salvano said and walked off from a dumbfounded Romaine.

” Fucking devil in disguise!” Salvano thought. He brushed off the idiot’s comments and promptly entered the mall where the embassy office was located. he went through the necessary security procedures to enter and went to the visa window to retrieve their passports with the visa.

” Oh Mr. Martinez, here you are.” a big-breasted female representative showing a considerable amount of cleavage said handing him the passports and pushing a piece of paper with her name and number to him. He pushed the paper right back to the surprise of the woman. He took his documents and left.

He then set off to his bank, He went up to the private banking department where he was warmly greeted by another woman representative.

” Mr. Martinez, Welcome. My boss left your cards with me. here they are in this envelope, please sign here.” She said handing him the envelope and staring at him suggestively.

” Thank you,” Salvano said ignoring her stupid looks.

When Salvano was turning to leave, he heard her say softly and seductively,

” ahhh Mr. Martinez…whenever it starts to get boring you can always find me here.”

Turning to her Salvano said,

” It will never get boring, and I don’t do sleazy bitches, I only do my freaky, tight pussy wife. Her name is Juanita”

When Salvano was returning home, he stopped by a local Chinese restaurant and got some ginger pork and shrimp fried rice. He called Juanita to make sure she was feeling for the Chinese food too. She said she was. He was deeply annoyed that day because even the female cashier at the restaurant tried to hit on him.

” The fuck is this shit, don’t they see the ring on my finger. Fucking thirsty lonely women out here…” Salvano thought vexedly.

It was then that Salvano decided to get the fuck out of Belize for a while. He would surprise Juanita with his idea when he got home. They had their visas so they could travel all of Europe. They already had visa-free access to a number of Asian countries and they could get online E-Visas for Middle east countries.

” Fuck it! Let’s leave Belize.” He thought

Two months later, Salvano and Juanita were looking back through their wedding pictures. Salvano marveled at his wife’s beautiful natural face. He was a man in deep love and it radiated off of him. “I really married a great girl,” he thought. ” Babes, it is really is amazing that you’re not caught up in…Read MoreRead More

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