Juanita’s Victories Chapter 13.

Juanita's Home and Salvano's Home from the movie book Juanita's Victories by the Trillionaire TRott Bailey Family written by Sher Trott Bailey

Juanita’s Victories Chapter 13.

Written by Sher Trott-Bailey

After Salvano had left, Juanita spent the rest of the day sitting on her verandah. She watched people pass by on the roads, some greeted her. She even got four breadfruits, some green bananas, and pineapples from Mr. Santo.

Mr. Santo had the hots for her mom and was ever leaving them something from his farm. He was a decent enough man in Juanita’s estimation. Her mother of course labeled him as ‘nothing more than an old flirt.’

Toledo was always a buzzy little community. She watched as young guys passed by with freshwater fish strung up on long bamboos. Pretty girls meeting up to go down to the community center which always had something going on for the young people. Groups of boys passing by with a football.

She enjoyed the cool air blowing over her skin. She also spent the time recalling all that had happened in her dream last night. She was feeling so tranquil and deep in her thoughts that she didn’t hear Michelle calling her.

Juanita, Juanita, Juanita, Juanita,Juanita!”. Michelle her Honduran neighbor continued calling, opening her gate and walking up to the verandah. Michelle had her shoulder-length hair out and was in a cute pink cotton dress.

Michelle? Hey!” Juanita said with a big smile, coming out of her thoughts.

Aye chica where was your mind a while ago? İ was calling and you were looking off into space.” Michelle said, walking up to the verandah. Juanita smiled and indicated for her to take a seat.

İt’s been an awesome couple of weeks. İ was just thinking about it.” Juanita replied.

Well, it must be!… because you are all over social media and the local channels,” Michelle said.

What do you mean?” Juanita asked.

Look chica! They are calling your Jumpsuit, nose ring wearing look the look of the year. You have over a hundred thousand comments about your outfit on SpotThat.” Michelle said bringing up her phone.

Chuckling Juanita shook her head. She remembered in her dream, God had shown her Adrianna being bitterly upset and complaining about her sudden popularity. She was hearing even more confirmation for herself.

Your outfit was amazing! İ haven’t seen one bad picture of you on any of the websites or papers. They had a round-up feature of The Martinez’s party on TV showing the highlights. They spent five minutes talking about you and some guy you were with. You guys were super cute together. My brother was so jealous.” Michelle said relishing all the excitement.

İ haven’t checked my phone all morning or watched any TV. İ missed all of that.” Juanita said shrugging her shoulders.

Juanita your famous and you look like you don’t even care! Don’t you know that CentralA channel streams all over Mexico, Florida, Central America and South America? ” Michelle complained rolling her eyes.

Mhmm, I just hope it causes my clothing website to blow up too,” Juanita said.

” Oh yeah, they mentioned Juanita’s Amazing Designs and how the jumpsuit was a USD$3,000 couture design,” Michelle informed her.

As if on cue a thunder roll began and was shortly followed up by lightning. İn the few minutes they had been talking the whole sky had turned gray and overcast. The winds started picking up. She could see her neighbour, Gina, from across the road running out to pick up her clothes from her clothing line.

” Jesus, I need to get going before this rain catches me here. İ have clothes on the line too.” Michelle said getting up frantically.

” See you later Juanita,” Michelle called out her goodbyes, jogging fast out her gate and towards her own home.

Juanita had already taken up what was on her clothing line a while back. İt wasn’t long before the first start of pouring rains came down suddenly on her community. She eventually had to go inside as the rains blew water onto her verandah.

She was still alone at home and with this weather, Juanita was sure her mother would stay up by the estate another day. Juanita was glad. She liked having the house to herself. She decided to check her phone and see all the buzz that was out there about her. When she looked at her phone she had over thirty notifications and most of them were from her website. She quickly opened the messages.

One after the other represented a new sale. She had sold out everything on her website. Even the nose rings which she had recently added were completely sold out. Overall she had made over USD$80,000 in sales. She checked the rest of her messages and some were emails asking her for custom designs and appointments. Some were notifications for restock alerts of nose rings.

” Holy shit!” Juanita thought.

Half of the stuff she had listed on the website, she didn’t actually have in stock. She would have to order the basic items and get them embellished and ready to ship. Even the nose rings were in short supply. She had sold over thirty nose rings all priced at USD$1000 each, so she made US$30,000 from nose ring sales alone. Her ten different bags had also sold out and in total made her USD$17,800. She had five orders for her jumpsuit which totaled USD$15,000. The rest of her sales came from her shoes and dresses.

Juanita was excited about the challenge. She quickly called her two employees Selma and Corrinne to let them know about the orders. She also quickly paid them their down payment for the embroidery work they were going to do via online banking. Juanita thanked God for giving her two reliable, skilled girls who were hungry for work. She remembered her agreement with Gabriel and made payments to his account as well. She also texted him to let him know about the payment.

Juanita called the dressmaker to ask her to replicate five more jumpsuits. Thankfully she had more fabric left with the dressmaker. Thankfully all the jumpsuit orders were for size 8 medium which was exactly the size Juanita had modeled in her video clip on her website. Wanting to be more accurate she emailed the five clients and asked for their basic measurements. She also reminded them of her no refund policy on custom-made items and the possible two to a four-week timeline for delivery on Couture custom orders.

Juanita tallied her orders and took stock of which dresses she had and what she needed to order. Thankfully she had enough snakeskin handbags but she needed thirty nose rings. She would have to go to the Indian market in Belize to get some. Then she would customize the nose rings with the flower decorations.

She quickly placed her orders from the three websites that she usually bought the basic dresses from. She would embellish the dresses which were due to arrive in next day delivery.

” Thank God Belize is close to the U.S and Mexico.” Juanita thought.

She spent the rest of the evening organizing her customer’s packages and putting little sticky notes on her packages of what was still missing for each order. She was able to complete twenty packages and have those ready to ship out via FedEx the next day. Thankfully she had put on her website that shipping could take 5-8 days given the embellish work on her pieces.

” İ still can’t believe the nose rings made so much money!” Juanita thought.

Juanita had felt funny about pricing the nose rings at $USD 1000 at first but she had decided to test out the market. ‘Look how wonderful that had turned out.’ she thought. What was even more awesome was that she had gotten the basic gold nose ring for only USD$ 200 which meant she had a profit of USD$800.

When she finally took a break she felt so happy and tired at the same time. Juanita decided to blast some music to relax and chill her mind. Her mind wanted to jump ahead and think about how she would spend the money but she told herself,

” One thing at a time Juanita, one thing at a time.”

As she listened to her music, her mind traveled. She could feel waves of inspiration coming over her. She had been reflecting on her fashion board and a few more ideas had come to her mind. She knew she was being led by the Holy Spirit.

She spoke out aloud what the Holy Spirit was speaking into her mind. She opened her voice recorder app on her phone so she could quickly record her ideas as they flowed.

” I always had a hard time finding cute eye-catching women’s tops on the internet. Everything on the fast-fashion websites is usually very basic looking or feels cheap, the ones on the designer websites are overpriced or just downright ugly. İ want my website to have a unique selection of affordable tops. A lot of women my age and older, buy tops more frequently than dresses- so if I can make my website a Go-to place for unique, beautifully embellished tops then I can capture even more customers.

A lot of Australian websites have well-knit fabric tops in basic colors which can be beautifully and easily embellished. Eventually, Juanita’s Amazing Designs will also create their own cotton and jersey tops as we grow.” Juanita continued saying while recording.

Finally on my website under the menu section I want to add a section for purchasing wholesale and retail Embellishments. I still need to create these unique embellishments but I will do that in time. At least it’s there on the website to give   Juanita’s Amazing Designs more direction. Oh and finally clothes are supposed to make you feel happier, I don’t want any depressed or undernourished-looking models on my website, I will get some of the girls in my community to help out with the modeling. ” Juanita finished her flow of thoughts and turned off the voice recorder.

Salvano POV:

Salvano looked up to see the gray skies. There was something about today that just felt so good. The temperature of the breeze was perfect and he was enjoying his walk. He had been exploring a new section of his land that was closer to the lake. He would need to put in an entrance and driveway that could easily connect him from his house to the lake.

He had ten guys that worked for him in reaping and powdering his beetroots. Everything was running like clockwork. He expected his Korean and Japanese friends to land in Belize in two weeks time.

” Salvano you have so much going on, take it easy. Everything is fine and will work out great” The thought crossed his mind.

Feeling comforted by these thoughts and the fresh air of the atmosphere, Salvano thought of Juanita.

” Give her a call.” another thought said.

Salvano wasted no time, he really wanted to hear her voice. He dialed her number and waited. After two rings, she came on the line with a,

” Hey your home? What’s up?” Juanita kicked off.

” Yeah, I’m walking outside, checking out some new areas on my land. İ was thinking about you, couldn’t wait to call you actually. What is Amazing Juanita up to? Have you seen the TV feature on us?” Salvano said.

Salvano had paused and squatted down by the lakeside, admiring the clearness of the water. He felt fortunate that it ran through his property. İt was also large enough to enjoy one of his favorite things to do, which was rowing.

” No I haven’t seen the feature but several people have told me about it. I’m actually so glad you called because I have so much good news and no one to really share it with.” Juanita said softly.

” I’m all ears, please tell me all about it.” Salvano said sitting down on the ground.

” İ checked my emails today only to find out that i sold out everything on my website! İ made 80k in sales Salvano. But that’s not the only thing. Some of the things I don’t even have in stock. I’m going to have to hustle it and stall to fill some orders. On top of that i had kind of jokingly put up my flowered nose rings on my website for $USD 1000. Salvano i sold thirty nose rings!” Juanita chattered excitedly.

Her good news and enthusiasm brought a happy chuckle to Salvano’s lips.

” Juanita look how quickly your reaping rewards. This is really amazing. So do you have help to do all this work?” Salvano asked.

” Yes, there are two girls from my community that I pay to help me.” Juanita answered.

” This is so awesome even my blood is pumping! and being sold out is an exciting challenge. How about driving around to get what you need? Or to deliver anything? İ can be your chauffeur.” Salvano offered.

” Salvano what do you do? İ mean to have so much free time to drive me around and to be able to even be thinking of doing a movie?” Juanita asked curiously.

İ run a beetroot processing business and sell beetroot powders, soaps etc to gyms, sports and health facilities and some spas. Plus I don’t know if you know but my father was Jules Martinez. He left me a house and over seventy acres of land as an inheritance. Plus I have other odd jobs that people contract me to do in the architectural space. Overall I do well enough to set my own time and do whatever I want.” Salvano answered honestly.

” Oh ok. Well, then chauffeur it is! İ need to deliver some packages to FedEx tomorrow and also to go into the Indian marketplace for some nose jewelry. İ need to stop by my dressmakers.” Juanita told him.

” Do you have your license?” Salvano asked.

” No just the Learner’s License.” Juanita replied.

” Well let’s set an appointment and go take the exam to get your official license within this month. What do you think?” Salvano said.

” Really you think I should?” Juanita said hesitantly.

” Mhmm yes you should. İ will let you drive my car for practice when we go run these errands. You can get comfortable around the steering wheel. Then when you’re ready let’s just go get your license.” Salvano encouraged.

” Ok sounds good,” Juanita said with a sigh.

” İt will be easy don’t worry,” Salvano assured her.

” When things calm down for you, maybe you can go with me on a road trip? I’m going to scope out different scenic places to shoot my couples series?” Salvano asked hopefully.

” That sounds like fun. İ would love to see more of Belize for sure.” Juanita said happily.

” Ah, so you don’t want to see more of me too. İ want to see you.” Salvano said in mock hurt.

” Can you believe it? My male beauty and swag, beaten by waterfalls, rocks and rivers!” Salvano said sadly.

” I swear it’s not so, your right up there and very comparable to nature’s beauty, I promise,” Juanita said chuckling.

” Oh boy! i had so many thoughts swirling through my mind an hour ago. İ felt like my head was doubling in size.” Juanita said sitting down on the floor in her room.

” İ can only imagine, from our media splash to now finding out you have 80,000 worth of sales it can be overwhelming but just remember this is overwhelming in a good way.” Salvano encouraged.

” İt’s not only that Salvano, but my head also keeps swirling with ideas of other businesses I want to do, the property I want to buy develop, and even technology I want to develop. It sounds far-fetched but that’s how I feel. Like for example, my mind has suggested a gelato ice cream and Turkish doner restaurant, a luxury farm stay hotel, a leg massager for people who get tingles in their legs or are just tired on their feet from work, I even thought of a high-quality line of body and face scrubs made out of naseberries, exporting plantain chips, buying beachfront properties, raring livestock and going into the meat business.  Plus Mexico is right on our borders, I want to tap into that market.” Juanita said.

” Wow! Juanita I have never heard anybody talk like you before. Just listening to you has gotten me fired up!” Salvano said feeling a huge rush of excitement at hearing all these possibilities.

” You don’t think I’m crazy?” Juanita asked.

” No, I think you’re full of life and spunk. That you have a vision. İt’s truly impressive to even think how your thinking.” Salvano said out loud.

In his mind, he couldn’t believe that this girl had an equally beautiful mind and spirit to match her beautiful exterior. He was so glad he had called her.

” So a Turkish doner? Where did you even get such an idea? And gelato ice cream.” Salvano asked.

” Well, I have always been fascinated with cuisines from the other side of the world. But it was the Trott Bailey’s that once mentioned the Turks and their Tavuk döner. İ researched it and saw what it was. İt’s similar to a Mexican burrito in a way, except they use chicken and they have a special machine which they use to cook their chicken.

As for gelato ice cream, I love the look and taste of it. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy where it is said to originate from. İ had some in Miami when I went to stay with my aunt a few years back. İt was so pretty and delicious.” Juanita shared.

” And your idea for the farm stay hotel? Are there any hotels doing that?” Salvano asked curiously.

” Salvano, I am not so sure, but I honestly couldn’t care less what hotels are doing. Most hotels are still very traditional, but some people do offer a bed and breakfast style type of thing in some parts of the world. As for me, my vision would be to own somewhere big enough where I could plant fruits and vegetables, corns, grow goats, llamas and chickens, make cheeses, make fresh honey, fresh gelato ice cream, pizzas, barbeques and use these to create a fresh food to table experience for my guests. İ would want a property that had a beautiful beach, river and mountain trails. İ would keep horses for rides on nature trails and if I could find naturally occurring hot springs or waterfalls that would be amazing too.

İ would create fun a itinerary of activities for guests like helping out on the farm if they wanted to, touring and learning to make fresh gelato for themselves, spa treatments with my naseberry body scrubs, zip-lining, roasting breadfruits and fishing. Then I would make sure every guest left with a gift basket assortment of all the things we produce on our farm. Just a luxurious experience. And I would only do about twenty to thirty rooms fully sustained by renewable energy, put up some rainwater catchment technology for water supply. Keep it small, intimate, and luxurious.” Juanita spoke, her eyes were closed as she described her vision.

” Wonderful. Sounds wonderful. And the leg massager?” Salvano continued going through her list of business ideas.

” İt’s simple, people who are on their foot all day, the elderly, or those who get tingles or clots in their legs can use my leg vibrators/ massagers to get comfort. Chair massagers already exist, I would just be doing a lightweight massager for legs that were easy to use and carry around and travel with” Juanita said.

Amazing Juanita. And you want to grow plantains and make plantain chips for export. And your naseberry body and face scrubs too? You would export.” Salvano summarized what he remembered.

” Yes, exactly Salvano! and I would make naseberry gelato ice cream too so. Maybe ripe plantain flavored gelato too!.” Juanita said enthusiastically.

” Hold on let me quickly look up how much an industrial gelato ice cream maker costs,” Salvano said.

” Okay,” Juanita replied feeling somewhat surprised at Salvano’s initiative. After a few minutes, Salvano responded.

There are several companies who offer the machine but don’t even list even a price range, so annoying. There are Chinese suppliers though. İf you want three flavors-making machine you can get that for around USD$2800-3600 and you would also have to factor in customs and shipping.

I also see one from India selling for USD$1,200. İ just asked for a quote from another company selling both the machine and the gelato display freezer as a combo pack. Hopefully they will respond quickly. All in all the price is not bad.” Salvano said firmly.

While you were looking it up, I watched a video from some guys who run a busy gelato shop. They used a machine brand called Breville. Their machine makes one flavor at a time in 15-20 minutes. İt has automatic settings so it will gauge the desired hardness for the gelato and they are priced at $USD 499. İ could just buy three.” Juanita said ideas sparking in her head.

” Wow, your ahead. Another one is a brand called Carpigiani. They recommend getting a pasteurizer machine for making a milk-based gelato mixture. They also have an all-in-one machine to go along with the pasteurizer machine. Let me send in a request for a price quote” Salvano informed her.

” Oh, you have one of those new phones that can be on a call and scroll on websites and videos at the same time? So cool.  I’m using my laptop to look up stuff.” Juanita commented.

” Yep, I have the be Super S series phone,” Salvano replied.

“You’re really being helpful by the way,” Juanita said.

” These things get me excited. Never knew I would meet a girl who likes business so much.” Salvano replied.

” Mhmm enough about me for a while. What are you up to?” Juanita asked.

” Well, I’m out surveying some new parts of my land. İt’s getting cloudy down here so I’m heading back home for now. I’m also going to be doing some training with some athletes soon, something I host at my house for two weeks out of the month. Finally, I have some Asian guy friends who are coming to visit me real soon. As for Body Strike and my couples series I won’t start shooting until a couple more months. First, because I need to complete the script for body strike and find shooting locations. We might also have to shoot some of the couples at different times because of their work schedule. İ have enough actors I think.” Salvano calmly summarized.

” Where do you get the time?” Juanita exclaimed.

” When we’re young we go at it right. Anyway, I really like and enjoy all the things I’m doing” Salvano replied chuckling.

” Wanna know which idea I love the most out of all your business ideas?” Salvano asked smoothly

” Mhmm of course!” Juanita said her ears perking.

” All of them! But especially the farm-style luxury hotel. İ feel like you could combine all your ideas into one and develop a property where you do manufacture garments, you do make ice cream and plantain chips and raise animals while still having luxury lodgings, seaside access, and nature trails, and delicious farm to table dining. Everything… all in one. Just to find the right location.” Salvano explained.

” Listen it’s started raining and I’m going to drive back home. İ will call back later when I settle in. We will talk more. Okay?” Salvano said while hurrying through a sudden outbreak of heavy rain.

” Okay most definitely,” Juanita said hearing thunder in the background.

” Ok bye for now.” With that last goodbye Salvano hanged up leaving a smiling Juanita feeling the tingles.

Salvano reaches home:

When Salvano returned home, he returned to find Selena Archuleta and Marcus in his house. He was surprised to see the woman and not in the least bit happy. When the two heard him come in they had walked out from his kitchen to greet him.

” Hey bro. Can Selena chill here for the night? She was passing through here on work errands when the rains came. By the looks of it, it’s going to be a rough one, maybe even causing mudslides. Wouldn’t want her driving so far in this rain on those roads.” Marcus said quickly, clearly, he had practiced his speech and had it down pat.

” İ really don’t mean to be an imposition Salvano and we tried calling you to ask beforehand but kept getting a busy signal.” Selena Archuleta said trying to seem as innocent as possible.

” Sure no problem. You can use one of the spare rooms here on the downstairs.” Salvano said placing her away as far as possible from his upstairs Master bedroom.

” Ok great, thanks so much. I’m going to go settle in and change into something more comfortable. Then we can all catch up!” Selena said thanking her lucky stars for the sudden rain or else she would have to try their original plan. Good thing she had roped in Marcus.

After Selena had disappeared to her room, an annoyed Salvano stared down Marcus.

Written by Sher Trott-Bailey After Salvano had left, Juanita spent the rest of the day sitting on her verandah. She watched people pass by on the roads, some greeted her. She even got four breadfruits, some green bananas, and pineapples from Mr. Santo. Mr. Santo had the hots for her mom and was ever leaving…Read MoreRead More

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