Juanita’s Victories Chapter 12

Juanita’s Victories Chapter 12

Written by Sher Trott-Bailey

When Juanita fell asleep in the early morning, she had the most fantastic dream. In her dream, there were groups of happy people running around. It was a very cheerful and exciting atmosphere…as though they were preparing for a party. No one seemed to notice her but her feet knew where she was going. At the end of a large garden, she saw a beautiful table and someone sitting around the table. She already knew it was God.

” Well hello Juanita, come child come and sit here with me,” God said to his young guest pointing out a very majestic-looking seat. Juanita was startled at the beauty of God’s attire and his crown. She had never seen anything like it before.

” It is made of the finest gold, gold so pure it appears like it’s clear. As you can tell I have a thing for white.” God answered her thoughts and pointed to his attire while popping his collar.

The white he was referring to was a military-looking type of dress that he was wearing. The white of his clothes was dazzling, the fabric was textured and finely embroidered with white. It looked like he was wearing white on white on white. His outfit did not look one-dimensional. He had a majestic cape hanging off his back.

She found herself seated beside God. On the table before them were all types of lovely foods, some she recognized and others not.

” Taste, eat, don’t act like your not hungry,” God said gesturing with his hands towards the table of food with a smile. Juanita smiled and said

“how you know”

She picked up a bright-looking seven-colored fruit and bit into it. It was absolutely delicious.

” When the first man Adam and woman Eve were in the Garden of Eden, all these foods were available to them. Those were very happy times. However one day they ate a fruit I told them not to eat. You know the story, Juanita?” God finished saying with a question.

” Yes, I do. They were asked to leave the Garden of Eden because of disobeying you and eating the fruit” Juanita replied.

Mhmm, that day Adam started having his own opinions on things. I was no longer the only voice he trusted. Now he trusted his own knowledge. When he understood he was naked why did he decide to hide from me? He could have thought to himself ‘ though I never knew before that I was naked but now I do, God my father and friend has always known, and has never been embarrassed at seeing my nakedness. So why should I be embarrassed at letting him see me now?’ But instead, he formed his own opinion on the matter and hid from me. I couldn’t let him stay in Eden because he would have one day eaten from the tree of life and then he would have been stuck like how he had become. Eternally stuck with a double mind.” God explained.

Juanita listened keenly. She had enjoyed eating her fruit and she reached for another. She waited until God began speaking again.

And so it has been with man and woman since then. They gained knowledge and decided to trust their own opinions above mine. I said to man

‘nothing on Earth can harm you’, but now they replied ‘ the wild beasts can rip us apart, the snakes can poison us and sickness can cause death ‘. So instead of listening to my word and standing on my authority, they slowly over the centuries began heeding their own words, their own ideas and opinions which were contrary to mine.” God explained.

Here is a creation that ate a fruit that gave them some level of knowledge. Really mankind’s knowledge and understanding of things are like that of a penguin yet with great arrogance they continue to heedlessly charge ahead, following their own understanding until they have reached this point where belief in my very existence is now questioned and argued about heatedly on the Earth. Ah…. well mankind is certainly the most entertaining of my created children” God said chuckling.

So why don’t you just fix us?” Juanita asked.

You have already been fixed. Jesus fixed it all. I couldn’t leave it in your own hands to save yourselves so I did it for you. It is only left for mankind to choose this way. We never force.” God replied.

That’s another thing I don’t quite get. How many Gods are there? Is it one or two or three?” Juanita asked.

Everything is always simple Juanita. Look at you, you are one yet you are comprised of a mind, body, and spirit. In the same way, there is me God the Father, Jesus who is God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Where God and mankind differ is that inside of you, your body can disagree with your spirit and your mind can disagree with your body and you must choose whom to listen to, whether what your body is telling you or what your mind or spirit is telling you.

For example, you may feel in your body a fit of instant anger that calls for revenge, while your mind may remind you of your legal system on Earth and the consequences of taking a vengeful action, meanwhile your spirit tells you to be calm at the moment and leave it to me God to deal out vengeance on your behalf. Three things going through one person at one time. This is an internal struggle that accompanies many humans throughout their life. Yet there is never any struggle between Us. All three of us: myself, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always and forever in one accord, in full agreement and full peace. Jesus will never differ in opinion from me, nor will the Holy spirit ever be against my will. Hence we are One.” God explained.

How can God have a son wouldn’t you need to have sex with a wife?” Juanita asked.

You are thinking like a human. Remember it is I who created humans. Humans did not create me. Hence I am not subject to your rules. The notion of having children came from me first. Which means having a son begins with me. I chose the manner how you humans procreate and breed the next generation. I am the Creator, I am God I can do anything I want. I don’t answer to mankind or follow its rules, for I am the one who sets those rules. Now they wish to confine and explain me by rules I set for them. Laughable!” God answered.

It is the same way they will say I can’t lie. But then humans judge what is a lie by their own standards and understanding. When I tell a man that I will make him the wealthiest man alive and that he should speak of his wealth boldly by faith- even though his pockets are empty, Am I lying?

If he goes out and speaks what I have told him, is he lying? By the world’s standards, both that man and I are liars. But isn’t that what faith is? Calling that which you do not yet see or feel or taste with your natural senses as though they were real because God said it’s real. My words can never return to me unaccomplished, so what was a lie in the world’s eyes must manifest into physical truth.” God explained.

Come there are things about you that I want to show you. Let’s leave these vain philosophical questions for another time. Only remember this Juanita, all your questions have simple answers.” God said.

Suddenly their environment changed and they were standing before a large open door.

What’s this God?” Juanita asked.

“It is one of the many storerooms of heaven. This one is specifically picked out for you and stored with things meant for you. What do you see?” God spoke.

I see many lands with different terrains and with different people. Wow, how can a room hold so much land?” Juanita said her mind blown.

This is a never-ending room, the things picked out for you are never-ending. Things you never even knew you wanted or desired.   Things only I know. What I am showing you now is what you can understand and digest.” God explained.

What does it mean? What I am seeing?” Juanita asked him.

All the lands that you see are yours, the different terrains represent different lands. Belize has no snow so it couldn’t just be Belize that I am giving you. The grassy plains are yours to claim. Go and claim lands, Juanita. The different people you see are your servants and helpers along the way. In distant lands which you will travel and conquer you will have many to help you.” God explained.

Can I see more of my storeroom?”

God nodded and indicated with his hands for her to walk forward. In her storeroom, she saw beautiful fabrics and clothes, beautiful embellishments, and beautiful shoes. She saw animals, she saw ships, she saw mountains of gold. Then she saw children running on a large farm through fields of fruits.

Who are they?” Juanita asked,

Each child represents a new generation. They are your family.” God answered.

And the man standing far away. He looks so happy, who is he?” Juanita asked.

He is your husband,” God answered.

Why can’t I see his face?” Juanita asked.

Let things happen naturally Juanita. The time will come for you to know.” God answered.

Suddenly the scenes changed again and Juanita witnessed a scene. She saw her mother coming into a room.

Maria Cortazar knocked at Adrianna’s bedroom door. She had received an abrupt call from Adrianna to come to her room.

Come in Maria,” Adrianna said.
When Maria went in she saw a very distraught and red-eyed looking girl pouring over newspaper after newspaper, magazines after magazines and sitting before an open laptop.

Adrianna then angrily slammed down several magazines and screamed. She banged her fists into her bed over and over.

She outshines me at my own event. Your arrogant daughter Juanita had the audacity to act like this at MY party.” Adrianna said

It was supposed to be my day, my night, all about me. But no not with Juanita there! Always taking away my shine. Maria, you have to do something about your daughter. Look at this! Look here in these magazines, look at the front page of the newspapers, look at the gossip sights. Everything is about Juanita and her outfit. No one remembers me”  Adrianna lamented.

Didn’t you know what she would be wearing Maria? How couldn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you burn her outfit? She wanted to upstage me at my own event!” Adrianna screamed out again, banging her hands and tearing at her hair.

Ms. Adrianna please calm down, please don’t do this to yourself,” Maria said moving towards the girl and taking her hands out of her hair.

I can’t calm down, I can’t. How dare she upstage me at my own event!” Adrianna said angrily throwing more magazines.

How can Juanita upstage you Addy? It’s not possible. Are you sure you’re not overreacting?” Maria asked the distraught girl.

Maria look for yourself! She’s gone viral on every fashion site, every entertainment report, she’s been declared trendsetter of the year. They even printed that she has her own design business and how you can contact her for designs. Then on top of it, she went and did that silly handstand in front of everybody. Even the sports section mentioned her abilities. I’ve never seen anything like this! How can the whole world go crazy over one jumpsuit.” Adrianna said falling dramatically back on her bed and slamming her legs over and over on the bed.

Ms.Adrianna please calm down. Don’t take it to heart. Please I will talk to Juanita, I will put her in her place. Please calm down.” Maria said comfortingly.

Just then Adrianna’s phone began ringing. She angrily answered the phone with a rude,

Hello, what do you want?”

I was reading the magazines and all the tabloids,” Meera said gloatingly.

I always knew Juanita would be the thorn in your side. That’s why I befriended her at Queen Mary’s. Something inside you recognized from day one that she was better than you didn’t you?” Meera said chuckling.

You bitch! How dare you call me to gloat!” Adrianna shouted.

Calm your horses queen of bitches. I can always make things difficult for you with your father. Right now your father needs my father’s approval for clearing more forest for his lumber. I’m sure you wouldn’t want any hiccups.” Meera said with superiority.

Don’t even try it. Do you think you are the only one that knows how to fight? Don’t let me have to post your picture of what you did with Frederico and Phillip during summer break last year bitch.” Adrianna shot back

You evil bitch!” Meera said sneeringly

That’s what you get for being a whore Meera. Don’t threaten me again and don’t call me.”

You will never be as good as Juanita! You will always be the loser, even with all your money. Like a peasant to a queen.” Meera said her parting words and hung up.

Adrianna’s temper boiled even hotter and she threw the phone across the room.

Do something about your daughter Maria or else!” A wild-looking Adrianna said to Maria.

When the scene was over, God took her away. They were back to sitting but this time they were on a beautiful verandah overlooking a game reserve in what Juanita knew to be Tanzania in Africa. There were bunches of elephants eating, some were playing in the mud. A cool breeze washed over her face.

Why did you show me that scene with Adrianna and my mother?” Juanita asked.

To show you people’s true face, not that it is anything that the Holy Spirit hasn’t been telling you for a long time now,” God replied.

And here, why are we here?” Juanita asked.

We are here just to relax and talk some more,” God answered.

Why can’t I speak to you like this all the time?” Juanita asked.

But we do speak all the time. When you were passionately counseling Christina and the other girls- that was the Holy Spirit talking through you and with you. When you created your fashion board I was there. When you created your jumpsuit I was there giving my two cents. When you are embellishing your clothes Jesus is there, the Holy Spirit is there, I am there. When Michelle gave you the mangoes for you to enjoy I am there. When you’re quiet in your room I am there, when you’re on 1Drop I am there. We are always talking.” God replied.

When I’m in the toilet are you there?” Juanita asked cheekily bursting out into laughter.

Ah I can’t stay in the toilet with you or else I would be suffocated by the scents.” God answered back chuckling heartily.

But what if I’m having a really hard time? You know it won’t come out easily that no. 2?” Juanita pressed.

Then I promise to never leave you or forsake you and you must say to the do-do, ” Be ye lifted up and cast into the toilet bowl!” God responded in all mock seriousness.

The two laughed and laughed for a good while. Juanita couldn’t believe God had really responded to her joke. when they had finished laughing Juanita said,

But I mean sometimes I want to ask you something instantaneously.”

But don’t I answer instantaneously? Like the other day, you asked me how you could make your outfit edgier. I told you to put the pink hooks in the knee.” God replied.

But I want to talk to you like how the Trott-Bailey’s do. You know to hear your voice without having to dream.” Juanita countered.

Juanita you are still young in things of the spirit. Let me tell you something, the time it would take for you to stop and ask me what to do in a situation and then for me to speak aloud in your human language versus the instant leading of the Holy Spirit is much longer. This is the main function of the Holy Spirit to be with you in every moment and action instantaneously. He creates deep impressions in your mind using the things around you and your experiences. Something that I would have to stop and explain to you in words and pieces of evidence, the Holy Spirit can show you instantly. So please appreciate each member of the Godhead’s function and role.” God explained.

Everyone thinks you love the Trott-Baileys the most since you’ve made them so great. I want to be like them.” Juanita said out loud.

Juanita you have truly decided to believe in Us with all your heart and so now you are my legitimate child. You have your own destiny to live out, as do the Trott-Baileys. All that I have is yours.

If a father calls his children to the table and says eat as much as you like, yet one child decides to only take bread, while another takes bread and meat, while another decides to take the whole table, has the father restricted any of his children?

If a stranger comes along and sees one eating just bread, while the other eats meat with his bread, while the third gladly full his belly with all manner of things, Wouldn’t the stranger think that the father was preferential? Judging from the outside he would think the same as you think. But the truth is that the father had freely given all three children access to the food on the table. Some chose a few while some chose plenty. If the children had wanted they could have ordered for tables upon tables of even more food. The father would not have restricted them.” God answered.

So you’re saying the Trott-Baileys took the whole table while those who complain only take bread.” Juanita summarized.

Not only did they take the whole table that was offered to them but they believed for all things, tables upon tables,” God replied chuckling.

When they started out their relationship with me, as you are starting now, the first thing I told that couple was that I would make them the wealthiest family in the entire world. A wealth never seen on the Earth in times past nor in the present nor will ever be eclipsed by anyone else in the future. By all eyesight, they had no reason to believe me, but they did! They proclaimed their faith for all to see. They were betrayed and abandoned by family because of their faith, labeled as liars and thieves because of their faith, ridiculed and mocked, called insane and became homeless because of their faith. Yet they stuck to their God, listening only to me, abandoning all for me. This is the destiny that I have chosen for them and the destiny they have believed and accepted. You have your own destiny, Juanita.” God answered.

Pausing to absorb all that God had said, Juanita finally asked after a time.

What is my destiny, God?” Juanita asked sincerely.

Chuckling, God said

Good, you can finally take your eyes off of the Trott-Bailey’s and focus on what is yours.”

Let me say this though, my promise to the Trott-Baileys was only the tip of the iceberg of all the goodness I had planned for them. I only told them what I knew at that time they could believe for. Now as the years pass and our relationship gets closer and closer, their faith becomes greater and greater….things they never imagined they would do they are now doing. In the same way Juanita, I will only tell you what you can handle and digest about your destiny at the level of faith that you are now.” God said calmly.

Ok,” Juanita replied.

Sometimes you second guess yourself when you are embellishing your clothes. You wonder if you’re really a designer or cheating to charge higher prices on the embellished dresses. Stop this nonsense. Look at BMW for instance, a company that purchases its car frames and engines from Toyota and simply pretties up the outer frame with a fancy-looking body kit. Then sells these as luxury. No one faults them, so why should you fault yourself?” God asked rhetorically.

And you already know this Juanita. These are insights the Holy Spirit has given you time and time again. Look at the many catwalks shows you have watched and you knew that the designer didn’t really design those clothes. You got the insight that they just bought some clothes from here and there and styled a look for the runway. But because there is glitz and glam attached to the runway they can charge high prices and there are plenty of fools gathered eagerly to buy the designer brands. Even if you told them point-blank to their faces that the designer TShirt and the one from the cheap store are the same, they refuse to believe. Why would you feel guilty over such doe doe heads? They want to pay high prices. So charge them the high prices.” God schooled Juanita.

Look at all the designers selling polyester fabric clothing as luxury. Marketing cheap uncomfortable plastic as them saving the world. So it’s uncomfortable and unnatural but the fools cue up to buy the designer pieces anyway. And you, my child, who is the head, should you not benefit from the clothing industry? You should play the fool? Never!” God said.

Your embellishments alone will make you famous and wealthy. I have given you the mind and ability to create unique embellishments. Sher Trott-Bailey whom you admire so much will be your biggest client. For I have risen you up to be among Sher’s helpers in turning a millennium-old  clothing industry, that is set in its ways, on its very head.” God replied.

How God? will I meet her? when?” Juanita asked.

The how and when are not for you to worry about my dear. Everything will come easy for you. For all of heaven is with you.”God replied.

I have already told you about your claim on lands and new terrains. I have shown you ships that will carry your goods, mountains of gold that you will discover. I have shown you the animals you will own and I have shown you generations of your family which you will make with your husband. This is enough revelation for now. Go back to sleep Juanita, my child.” God said.

Juanita wakes up:

Juanita woke up at 2 pm and she felt well-rested. She remembered Salvano and got up to see if he was awake. She didn’t see any sign of life walking around her house, so she went to the guest room door and knocked.

” I’m up Juanita. Thanks. Ah, do you have a spare toothbrush?” Salvano asked opening the door.

” Yes, I’ll go get it. Are you hungry?” Juanita said

” Yes, a little bit,” Salvano answered rubbing one eye

After she had given him the toothbrush and his clothes. She went to the kitchen and made two omelets and poured some soursop juice. Salvano showed up just as she was finished making their breakfast.

” Your house is pretty comfy. Nice bed too.” Salvano said

” Yeah, mom and I do try. Especially since mom works up by the estate she’s developed what she calls ‘good taste.’” Juanita said making air quotations.

” Mhmm, this omelet is very delicious. Do you have any pepper? I love my food very spicy.” Salvano asked taking another large bite of his omelet

” Yep, let me go get it.” She answered moving towards a far cupboard. She took out a bottle of hot chilli salsa.

She watched as Salvano added a spoonful of chilli salsa to every bite of his omelet. She cheekily said,

” How much spice can you really take?”

Salvano looked up at her and arrogantly answered,

” I’m the King of spice. There is no pepper I can’t handle!”

” Mhmm is that so?” Juanita promptly turned and went out of the kitchen, she walked out of the house to go around to her little garden where she was growing Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers. She had gotten the seeds from a Jamaican chef that had worked up by the estate for a short while. She picked a mixed-colored pepper and brought it inside. She showed it to Salvano and told him a little bit about it.

” Bring it, cut that baby up!” Salcano said confidently

Juanita did exactly that-seeds and all. Salvano then bravely spooned a bunch on his Omelette. He quickly ate a few more bites while confidently staring at Juanita. Juanita calmly went to the fridge and took out a jug of lime and sugar juice. She waited for what she knew was coming.

” Whoo ah open the windows, turn on the fan it’s hot in here,” Salvano said tugging at his shirt.

Salvano’s mouth was on fire! His eyes were watering and to be honest he couldn’t eat the last bite of the omelet. He so badly needed a drink. But he didn’t want to lose in front of Juanita so he continued to bear the heat.

Juanita carefully disposed of the remaining cut peppers, clearly seeing that Salvano couldn’t handle anymore. She washed the knife, her hands, and the cutting board carefully. She smelled her fingers for any lingering traces of the pepper.

Meanwhile, Salvano couldn’t take it anymore. His face was completely red, his lips and tongue were burning horribly.

” Juanita give me something to drink please.”

Giggling, Juanita quickly poured him a large glass of lime juice. He drank heartily and fanned his mouth with his hands.

Written by Sher Trott-Bailey When Juanita fell asleep in the early morning, she had the most fantastic dream. In her dream, there were groups of happy people running around. It was a very cheerful and exciting atmosphere…as though they were preparing for a party. No one seemed to notice her but her feet knew where…Read MoreRead More

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