Juanita’s Victories Chapter 11

Juanita’s Victories Chapter 11

Juanita I’m so happy for you. You sold three items already. And you went auditioning for a movie! And Adrianna was auditioning too! Hope she fails! So much drama happened while I was away”  Meera almost screamed on their video chat on FaceChat.

yep my friend, yep!” Juanita answered goofily making a funny face.

Oh my God. So when will you know if you got the part?” Meera asked excitedly

I don’t know yet. The director and his friend will call us to let us know. Maybe we will have to audition again in a second round.” Juanita answered shrugging her shoulders.

Ahhhh all this excitement makes me want to not bother with Harvard,” Meera said poutingly.

I already told you Harvard is a waste of time.” Juanita voiced her opinion.

Tell that to my parents,” Meera replied.

Juanita, what are you wearing to Adrianna’s party?” Meera asked dying to know.

It’s a surprise Meera. I really want to stand out so I can be photographed and I can get some customers.” Juanita said

Something will work out for you Juanita, I swear it’s like good luck is attracted to you,” Meera said emphatically.

Well, I will have to up my game. As a matter of fact Juanita, I showed your website to a couple of my family and friends and even some girls I met at Harvard’s orientation. You may get some orders soon.” Meera said preening proudly.

Thanks, girl, I’ll take all the word of mouth I can get,” Juanita said smiling.

Knowing Adrianna, she’ll go all out for this party since her reputation is on the line. Do you think her father’s party was big with the Xena Performance? I bet you she books a whole slew of famous artists for this one. Her dad will spend the money for her too, he gives her anything she wants.” Meera said knowingly

We always end up talking about that girl, I swear you’re obsessed with Adrianna,” Juanita said pulling Meera’s leg.

I just can’t stand her that’s all, her family and mine are arch-rivals. I can’t help it.” Meera said shrugging her shoulders.

So do you need help with anything else? Your makeup or hair. I could set up an appointment for us to get our hair and makeup done on the day, my treat. You can come over and get dressed” Meera offered getting excited at the prospect.

I would love to but I can’t, I’m going to be too busy in that same week. I will have to get dressed here.” Juanita said. True to his promise Mr.Martinez had given her the week off for the party.

Okay, but I feel like I never see you anymore,” Meera complained poutingly.

We will see plenty of each other at the party babe.” Juanita assured her.

Alright alright. So I hear Adrianna’s uncle is super hot and gorgeous. Who would have thought that she had a young and brilliant uncle. I can’t wait to meet him. Will he be at the party?

I don’t know really. We haven’t really talked since the auditions. It’s usually his friend Marcus that keeps in contact with us. I’m pretty sure Marcus will be at the party though.” Juanita stated.

Is he cute?” Meera asked squealing.

” Who Marcus? If you like the preppy type then I guess yes he is.” Juanita answered.

Oh…Ugh…I got to go, Juanita, mom is calling me to the dinner table. We have important guests tonight. She’ll eat my head off if I’m too late.” Meera said bolting up from her bed.

ok bye bye girl.” Juanita quickly replied

Bye,” Meera said and clicked off.

When Juanita had hung up the phone she began rethinking her outfit idea for the party. In fact, she decided to use some of the silk material from some Indian Sarees she had bought. She had always admired the way the Indian women dressed in their Sarees, crop tops and Lehengas. The Indian designer Sarees were especially beautiful with interesting patterns and designs.

Juanita decided to use the fabric from the Sarees to make a Jumpsuit. She wanted a backless jumpsuit. She had some beautiful pink and blue saree with a stunning pattern that she could use for the jumpsuit. She would also create two dramatic waistbands that could tie at the back into either dramatic bows that would drape at the back of her jumpsuit. She decided to take the material to a well-known dressmaker who could give her a high-quality finish. She would design, sew and embellish the blush pink waistbands herself and bring those to the dressmaker to attach after she was done making the jumpsuit.

With this plan in mind, she promptly called the dressmaker and set an appointment. She then found an image of a jumpsuit design that she was going for, to show the dressmaker. She wanted a corset-type top for the jumpsuit. For the mid-thigh going down to the foot of the jumpsuit, she wanted to add some edginess to the design by using alternating pink hooks as embellishments to both separate and hold together cuts in the jumpsuit.

It took two weeks for her to get back her jumpsuit and to have the dressmaker attach the large embellished waistbands perfectly.
When she took home her outfit, she began slitting neat lateral slits into the lower half of the jumpsuit. She then inserted the pink hooks between the edges of the slit material. This she continued on the other side. By the time she was done, the jumpsuit was even more stunning. The back was so appealing and sexy. It was sure to make a statement. She had also added lovely pink and blue beadings and crystals around the top of the bustier jumpsuit. When she tried it on, it fit like a glove to her curvy frame and it made her butt look so juicy.

To complete her look, Juanita decided to wear her Indian Nath nose ring. The one she had was a nose ring for non pierced noses. She decided to keep her earrings as simple pink flowers, but she did have a dramatic pink and blue Indian choker to wear around her neck.

Finally after hiding her outfit from every curious eye. The day of the party finally arrived. To her surprise, Salvano had called her three days before the party to ask her if she was going and had offered to pick her up. So, he would be arriving in three hours’ time to take her to the party. Her mother had already been staying overnight at the estate helping with preparations for another super party.

Meera had predicted it correctly. The buzz around this party was tenfold that of the first party. Literally, every tv host, radio station, social media site was trending about Martinez’s upcoming party.

Mr. Martinez had splurged on getting five international acts to come to perform at this event. There was nobody who was an ‘it person’ that wasn’t invited. Juanita heard that even sons and daughters of dignitaries from Colombia, Venezuelan, Brazil, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Guyana, etc and other places were coming. The party had gotten so big that large brands were actually begging Mr.Martinez to be a part of his event and to sponsor it.

Juanita took a long shower and washed her hair. She then used a nice leave-in conditioner in her hair and used her fingers to twist and define her curly hair. She pushed up the back and sides of her hair allowing her curls to fall to the front of her face. She used some gel to smooth the front and sides of her hairstyle. When she was satisfied with how sleek and cute her hair looked, she began putting on her jewelry. She didn’t do anything to her face but she did put on a light pink gloss on her lips. By the time she was done with her hair, two hours had already passed.

Finally, the time came to don her jumpsuit. She had texted Salvano the directions to her house hours ago and had received a text saying he knew her area. He was on his way and would be there soon.

She loved how she looked. She felt like a stand-out queen. However, she was having trouble tying the upper waistband at the back. After trying for several minutes to get the desired look she wanted, she was still failing. Sure enough her phone soon began ringing. It was Salvano saying he was pulling up outside of her house.

Okay, could you come inside, I need your help with something ” Juanita replied over the phone.

Yeah ok,” Salvano replied.

She went out of her room, through her living hall to open the door for Salvano. When Salvano saw her for the first time in her jumpsuit he was blown away. He literally couldn’t stop staring at her. Her nose ring also added to the exotic vibes she was giving off.

Well, I will take your expression and silence as a compliment. Come in, please. Do you want anything to drink? Are you thirsty or hungry?” Juanita asked.

Ummm no, no thanks. You look very beautiful Juanita.” Salvano said.

Thanks,” Juanita said blushing.

I need your help though…I need to tie this band at the back. It’s supposed to be a dramatic bow. I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble with it.” She said turning around.

If Salvano could have died and come back to haunt Juanita as a ghost, he would have died happily right there. If he thought she looked stunning before, the sight of her smooth, toned back in the deep backless jumpsuit going down to her perky and full booty, was exotic and sensual.

Can you help me to tie it? And how does it look from the back. I want the bows to fall in an interesting way. I don’t know if I should make them both symmetrical or let  one be off-centered.” Juanita said her meticulous nature kicking in.

I think you’re overthinking it. You can’t do anything wrong in this outfit.” Salvano said while tying the bands at the back. Even the bands were embellished with pretty little embellisshy things.

I like it symmetrical, it shows the design more. I didn’t tie it too tight, it looks better draped.” Salvano said.

Ok let me go look,” Juanita said walking off

Salvano watched all that sexiness walk away disappearing down a hall. She soon returned with some pink and blue delicate-looking shoes in her hands and a pink purse. Salvano had taken a seat on a couch.

Who designed your outfit, Juanita?” Salvano asked really curious.

I did,” Juanita answered.

You mean you sewed it and all,” Salvano questioned.

No, I brought my fabric and a picture to a dressmaker. She made a basic jumpsuit. I sewed and embellished the bands at the back and got them added to the suit. Then I added the hooks at the front of the pants. It’s not about the person who executes it but more about the person with the whole vision .” Juanita said

Once again you look stunning.” Salvano complimented again.

Thanks, you look really handsome too. You look like a bad boy in that outfit.” Juanita commented 

I’m all good on the inside I promise. Are you ready?” Salvano asked.

Ah yes, let’s go,” Juanita said breathily.

Salvano waited for Juanita to lock up her house. He opened her side of the door to let her in his Chevy Camaro. Salvano had been thinking about her since the auditions. She had made the perfect Polly, the heroine in the movie Body Strike.

That wasn’t the only reason though why you’ve been thinking about her though,” his mind mocked him.

When Salvano got into the car and drove off the two of them began chatting again nonstop for the whole ride. Salvano found Juanita very entertaining.

So you’ve started a fashion business, your selling things on the internet, you’ve already made sales and you’re hoping to use this party to promote your designs and business even more.” Salvano summarized from their conversation.

Yep.” Juanita nodded,

Amazing! I’ll help you out in any way I can tonight and from here on after. Just ask me.” Salvano responded.

Thank you.”

Ah I wanted to wait until it’s official but you got the part of Polly. But you sound like a busy woman. Are you sure you can find the time to commit to shooting Body Strike?” Salvano asked.

I feel like I would be stupid to miss out on this chance. So I will definitely make the time. If it’s even to go on part-time up by the estate. Anyway, I want my business to grow to where I no longer need to work up there and to where I can get my own place.” Juanita shared.

Salvano discreetly took in the level-headed and lively girl. Her cheeks were shining with good health, her eyes bright with excitement. He felt a punch in his heart. He looked away, concentrating on the road. By now, they were only fifteen minutes away from the estate.

Salvano heard his phone ringing, it was Marcus calling him to see when he would get there. Shortly after, Juanita’s phone began ringing too. It was Meera asking her where she was. Both friends were told respectively that they would be there in fifteen minutes.

When the beautiful couple arrived at the party, it was already jammed. Good thing the estate was so large that it could hold the crowd. There was valet parking and immediately the cameras started snapping as Juanita and Salvano emerged from their car. A buzz went up as the surrounding people took in the striking couple.

Once they were able to get through the crush of reporters and cameramen, they were able to present their invites at the entrance. The estate had been beautifully transformed. There were already live performances going on and lots of young people dancing on a wide dance floor.

Inside there were even more cameras and they had created a walkway where people were posing and answering questions asked by various magazines and media houses. When Salvano and Juanita began walking down the walkway, once again the cameras came alive. Reporters started shouting out questions

Whose the designer for your outfit?”

Are you a family member of any dignitaries?”

Are you Latin actors?”

Your one of the best dressed I’ve seen so far.”

Can you make a comment to our hair magazine?”

Salvano squeezed her hands in his encouragingly,

Remember your objective, Juanita. Let’s dive in.” He whispered.

With his words of encouragement she fought off any shyness or doubt and they began talking to the press.  She met up with Meera and Marcus who had apparently already met up and hit it off.  Salvano and Juanita danced a lot on the dance floor. They were constantly being stopped or interrupted by women asking her where she had bought her outfit and who was the designer.

Juanita had replied to all of them,

I’m the designer and this is a $3,000 jumpsuit from my couture collection. Here’s my business card if you want this or a similar design.

One cheeky woman had looked over Salvano and quipped

” Can I buy one of him too?”
To which Juanita had charmingly responded,

I’m sorry but he’s a one of kind, limited edition.”

The Martinez’s party was themed ” Mixed Cultures” and they had created separate streets with food stalls serving foods from different cultures. For example, they had a whole street dedicated to Turkish street foods. The chefs/servers were also dressed in Turkish traditional dressing. Similarly, they had a street for Indian food, Chinese food and Italian food. They also had local Belize and other Latino foods as well.

They had also created a whole mini country and western-styled town called ” Scare Town”. There were people being welcomed in by actors in very realistic scary-looking costumes. Participants were outfitted with a chest sensor and given fake laser guns to protect themselves in scare town. Those who made it out “alive” won some nice prizes. You could hear screams and laughter frequency coming from over there.

For other entertainment, there were string men competitions where anyone could enter, they had ‘walking on hot coals’ contests for those who felt brave and eating contests with large cash prizes. Food and drinks were abundant. The reporters and press were well taken care of. They even had a doggy bag section for people who wanted to pack foods to go.

The Chinese ambassador and the South African Ambassador in Belize had also organized a joint dance performance displaying their cultures mixing.

It was well done and very entertaining.” Juanita had thought after watching the performance.

Then there was a spontaneous ” Best Dressed” competition where organizers started pointing out and picking people to come up on stage. The reluctant ones were cajoled and playfully dragged up to the stage. Salcano and Juanita were among the chosen.

The MC for the segment asked everyone to strike their best poses. Juanita decided to do a thirty-second handstand, while Salvano did a cheeky one-handed push-up and smiled charmingly. Needless to say, they had won the overall competition. They had each collected a cheque for USD$5,000 and gotten their photos taken.

The party lasted well into the early mornings and no one was allowed to leave without a breathalyzer test, anyone with a high alcohol level was taken to the coffee stations to sober up before they were allowed to drive. There were local police on duty to help control the crowds. These little touches went a far way in making a good impression on the guests.

By the time Salvano took her home it was 4:30 am. She had introduced Salvano to her mother at the party earlier and had spoken to her in private. She had asked her mother’s permission to let Salvano have a shower and sleep in their guest room before driving back home. Maria would still be staying up by the Estate for the next couple of days anyway so it wouldn’t be any imposition. Maria had graciously agreed.

At first, Salvano had said he was fine and he would try to make it back home. But he had sleepily nodded off in mid-speech. She had to tap him awake.

Finally, he did come inside and take a shower. She left him a clean bathrobe to wear and took his clothes. Juanita put his clothes in the washing machine. She freshened up the guest room while he showered. When he hit the bed, he was out like a light.

A tired Juanita then went to undress and shower. It took her a while to finally fall asleep. A mixture of tiredness and excitement keeping her awake. She got up and put Salvano’s washed clothes in the dryer. She fell asleep right after going back to lie down.

” Juanita I’m so happy for you. You sold three items already. And you went auditioning for a movie! And Adrianna was auditioning too! Hope she fails! So much drama happened while I was away”  Meera almost screamed on their video chat on FaceChat. ” yep my friend, yep!” Juanita answered goofily making a funny…Read MoreRead More

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