Juanita’s Victories Chapter 10

Juanita’s Victories Chapter 10

Juanita’s Victories Chapter 10

Salvano pulled up to the gates of Mario Martinez’s grand estate and gave his name to the security.

” Ah Mr.Martinez welcome, please drive down the road and take the first left for parking. I have already called the house, someone will meet you to take you to Mr. Martinez.” The security officer said courteously

” Thank You,” Salvano replied and drove off through the gates.

His half-brother had been persistent in trying to get through to him and had even sent his busybody assistant to Salvano’s home to say that Mario Martinez wanted to discuss something very important with him. So finally Salvano had decided to hear the man out.

When he parked his car and got out, he saw a tightly dressed girl sauntering towards him. Salvano recognized his niece Adrianna.

” The irony, we look the same age…yet I’m her uncle.” Salvano thought.

” Well if it isn’t the black sheep of the family. Welcome uncle.” She said while making quotation marks with her fingers at the word uncle.

” Well if it isn’t the brat! Still, the same I see.” Salvano replied dryly.

” The one and only,” Adrianna replied sarcastically.

” Listen brat, I don’t want to talk to you. Can you take me to your father?” Salvano said abruptly

” What, no how are you doing Adrianna?” Adrianna said stalling

” You’re doing fine by the looks of it,” Salvano replied looking over the estate.

” Grandmother Gerta wants to see you,” Adrianna said in an abrupt and commanding tone.

Salvano’s eyebrows peaked at her tone, his backbone stiffening instantly. He was not the kind of person to subject himself to authoritative people.

” I didn’t come here to see her. I don’t want to see her. Take me to your father.” He said authoritatively back at the snobby girl.

” It’s not a request, Uncle dearest,” Adrianna replied saucily.

“I don’t need this bullshit,” Salvano said and turned to open his car door. He sat and started his engine. He was getting ready to reverse out of there when Adrianna came up and hit the front of his car bonnet and shouted.

” Fine! Let’s go to Dad. You didn’t need to get your panties stuck in your ass like that.”

Just then Adrianna heard loud giggles and laughter to the side of the parking lot. A haughty smile came to her lips when she saw Juanita and Lizzie walking by in fits of giggles and laughter.

” You two! Come here now.” Adrianna commanded loudly
The two girls’ laughter’s instantly dwindled at the sound of the voice. Juanita and Lizzie turned off the side walkway to go to Adrianna.

” Juanita take Uncle Salvano to meet dad down by the stables,” Adrianna ordered.

” Oh my god! It’s you.” Lizzie exclaimed in surprise and grabbed Salvano’s hand shaking it enthusiastically. Amused by the lively girl’s obvious excitement, Salvano said

” Have we met?”

” No, but your Salvano Martinez. Marcus sent us your script. We love it. I don’t know if Marcus told you but we are coming to the auditions. Juanita and I.” Lizzie said pointing to Juanita.

” Mhmm, I can’t remember if Marcus said anything, but nice to meet my potential actors, Salvano said sincerely.

” My brother Pepe and his friends volunteered to help with any editing you might need or any extra hands.” Lizzie gushed wanting Salvano to remember something that Marcus might have said.

” Ok fan girl you’ve said enough. Get back to your duty. Take  Salvano to father.” Adrianna interjected harshly.

” Yes, Ms. Martinez” Lizzie replied instantly quailing.

With that Adrianna stomped off. Salvano tried to comfort the girl by saying he did remember Marcus mentioning Pepe’s skills. Juanita reminded Lizzie that it was her lunchtime and that she would take Salvano to Mr. Martinez.

” Go eat something and raise your spirits. Chill with Jennifer and the rest of the girls. I will come join you guys after.” Juanita said comfortingly.

First, it was Ms.Vassell constantly picking on Lizzie, now it was Adrianna coming at the high-spirited girl. Juanita really didn’t want her to feel discouraged.

“Ok J.C sounds good,” Lizzie said calling Juanita by her new nickname invented by Lizzie.

” Bye Mr.Salvano.” Lizzie waved and walked off.

” Bye Lizzie.” Salvano chirped.

” Ah what should I call you? It’s kind of weird to call you Mr. Martinez. I mean I can if that’s what you want.” Juanita said looking at him directly for the first time.

Salvano took in the girl with the pleasant voice.

“What a cutie.” A thought instantly flitted through his heart and mind.

” Ahh, Salvano is fine. Mr. Martinez makes me feel old.” Salvano replied with a charming smile.

” Ok Salvano, right this way. We’re going to take a golf cart down to Mr. Martinez. Follow me please.” Juanita said in her most professional voice.

” Ok, Juanita.”

Juanita took him to where a bunch of golf carts was parked. They were electric and were started using a code. Juanita entered her code and the dashboard came to life. They began their journey towards the paddocks and stables. It would be about a thirty-minute ride in the golf cart as the horses and other animals were kept far out from the main estate.

” So I read Body Strike and I couldn’t stop laughing. What also surprised me a lot was when you wrote that it was inspired by the Trott-Bailey’s. Are you a fan?”

Juanita said striking up a conversation

” Yeah, I live on 1Drop, Salvano answered openly, he felt comfortable around the girl.

” Me too,” Juanita replied.

” So do you like it here, up by the Estate?” Salvano asked curiously.

” Yeah for the most part. The environment is beautiful and it’s not too rigid or structured you know. You feel like you can sneak some free time.” Juanita answered.

” So are you coming to the auditions next week?” Salvano asked.

” I was skeptical at first but having seen the script and now met you in person I will definitely come. What part should I try for?”

” I think Polly would suit you the best,” Salvano answered.

” Am I getting any favor since I’ve met you before the auditions,” Juanita asked cheekily

Salvano chuckled and answered,

” You have the look for Polly but I still need to see you deliver your lines. Some people choke up once a camera comes around.” Salvano revealed.

” Have you ever choked? I mean I heard you’re going to play Tahsin.”

” No Juanita I never choke,” Salvano said giving her an arrogant but totally cute smile.

Juanita couldn’t help the smile that formed on her lips at his confident reply.

” Oh boy, he really was gorgeous. No wonder Christina said it was hard when it came to the cute guys” Juanita thought.

” Your very young looking, I mean to be writing and directing a movie…I told Lizzie that I wanted to see who had the guts to be trying to revive the movie industry in Belize. Never expected a guy like you.” Juanita said while slowing down and turning the golf cart onto another road.

” Well, I’m glad you got to see me. I’m twenty-three by the way. I’m not intimidated by it at all. Don’t despise small beginnings they say.” Salvano replied.

” So what’s some of your favorite parts in Body Strike?” Salvano asked

” I loved the idea of the body parts getting to talk and joke in the confessionals. I was thinking too that at the part where they are trying to exorcise the demons out of the Pastor’s dick, that we should get a Catholic priest, a Muslim İmam, and a Buddhist to all attempt to get the demons out.” Juanita said trying to hold back her laughter.

That’s a great idea,” Salvano said excitedly

They continued talking non-stop like that for the whole journey. When they finally arrived at the paddocks and stables, Mr. Martinez spotted the oncoming vehicle and waved. He started walking towards them. Juanita stopped and reversed the gold cart confidently towards the walking Mr.Martinez.

”  Ah Salvano, Welcome. I had an emergency down here. I’m sorry I didn’t meet you up by the house. But I see Juanita took care of things.” The charismatic Mario Martinez said loudly patting Salvano on the back.

Juanita leaving so soon? Why don’t you stay?” Mario asked sweetly.

Ah sir it will soon be my lunchtime and I wanted to get back to eat with some of the girls on my shift.” Juanita replied.

Ohhh, well you could eat lunch down here. I can order something for you. Keep me and Salvano company.” Mario tried cajoling.

Ah, maybe she would prefer being with her friends than two bulls talking about business,” Salvano interjected.

Ah well, I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable Juanita,” Mario said sincerely looking at her.

It’s ok Mr.Martinez, but it’s better I go back. You two can talk in private without having to think about me.” Juanita said.

Well, are you coming to the party? you know you can take the week off if you want. I’ll tell your mother and Mrs. Sabderson.”  Mario asked still wanting more of her time.

I will definitely be there sir.”

I heard about your idea for the voter’s id. and no it wasn’t a campaign manager’s idea it was my idea for the party. I’m not just a pretty face you know.” Mario said cheekily.

Oh Gosh, Mom talks too much.” Juanita said feeling embarrassed like she always did when she was around Mr. Martinez.

Don’t sweat it Genius. Drive carefully.” Mario said finally.

Good day Salvano, Mr. Martinez,” Juanita said waving goodbye.  The two men watched her as she started up the golf cart and left.

Salvano finally turned to Mario and said,

So why did you want to see me so badly brother?

Salvano I’ve been hearing some amazing things about you. Things that you’re doing in our country. Your name is going around in some pretty big circles both locally and internationally.” Mario began his opening monologue.

Like what things?” Salvano asked dryly.

Well for one, your opening your home to be a training ground for our athletes to train for the upcoming Olympics. You training and recruiting young talents to represent Belize in more uncommon sports like archery, rowing and weightlifting. I hear you yourself will be representing Belize in rowing at the Olympics in 2028.” Mario stated.

Well don’t you know a lot,” Salvano replied with raised eyebrows.

Plus I hear you’re shooting a movie.” Mario Martinez carried on unperturbed, ignoring Salvano’s dry tone.

Let me guess, you want to somehow use me as a part of your political campaign right?” Salvano said getting straight to the point.

Salvano you don’t have to be so defensive. I simply wanted to ask you to cast Adrianna in your movie. I would of course come in as an investor- any amount of money you need I would fund it.” Mario explained.

First of all, I don’t want any investors. That’s never going to change. Second of all, no money in the world could let me endure your daughter’s overbearing and haughty attitude.” Salvano said not mincing his words.

I can talk to Adrianna about her behavior.” Mario quickly interjected.

Your eighteen years too late. The horse has already gone through the gate with that girl.”

Hey, that girl is my daughter!” Mario said showing the first sign of irritation since they started talking.

Look at your response, I’m telling you the truth about your brat and your getting defensive.”

Salvano!” Mario said warningly

Mario,” Salvano answered back.

Calming himself, Mario Martinez quickly switched back into his smooth and charming politician and businessman persona.

Come come now Salvano, don’t be stubborn to take the help offered to you. chances like these don’t come along every day.” Mr. Martinez said warningly.

Your chances come tied with a lot of contingencies I can tell. No thanks.” Salvano said firmly.

I see you’re feeling a bit stubborn, I can offer you five million dollars right off the bat for any movie or Tv series you plan to do. No questions asked on how you want to spend it.” Mario tried again.

I said no thanks,” Salvano said unmoved.

Whatever family feuds we had before, whatever scandals or disruptions of the past, I’m willing to put that behind us. My mother is 100 percent in agreement with me as well.” Mario said trying to approach Salvano from a different angle.

Well, thanks. I have no hard feelings about it all anymore either. But I still don’t want an investor. It has nothing to do with our past, it’s just my stance.”

In this day and age Salvano, who doesn’t want an investor? Who refuses help? You’re sounding crazily stubborn almost.” Mario said turning to lean against a fence.

With an investor on board, I’m sure along the way he or she will want to chip in or mandate their own ideas. Some conflict between us is bound to happen, some irritations. Everyone has their agendas and motives when they come along. I will not be controlled or annoyed by anyone.” Salvano replied.

I’m sure you won’t be so biased as to even deny Adrianna the equal chance to audition?” Mario asked frustratedly.

No, I won’t be unfair. Let her come and audition. I’ll let you know the date.” Salvano answered.

There’s going to be parties here for a while. You and your friend Marcus are always invited of course.” Mario said graciously.

Thank you. Maybe I will come to a few.” Salvano agreed, thinking of Juanita.

Mhmm, are you hungry? We can have some lunch sent down to us very quickly.” Mario offered.

Thank you I am hungry actually.”

Okay, let’s go up to the main house instead. I will drive us up there. I’m done here anyway I think. Excuse me for a bit, let me just clear up some things with my farm manager. Promise I won’t be long.” Mario said courteously, ever the smooth host.

  True to his word he returned in under five minutes. They drove together up to the main house and had lunch al fresco on a shady verandah. Salvano couldn’t believe after all these years he was eating at the Martinez’s estate as a welcomed guest. The two men talked about sports and other things happening in their lives. Mario did not bring up their previous conversation again. He decided instead to bide his time. One way or another he would get Salvano to come to him for help.   

Salvano pulled up to the gates of Mario Martinez’s grand estate and gave his name to the security. ” Ah Mr.Martinez welcome, please drive down the road and take the first left for parking. I have already called the house, someone will meet you to take you to Mr. Martinez.” The security officer said courteously…Read MoreRead More

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