Jamaica’s Engineering Future

Jamaica’s Engineering Future

I lift my hat to every Jamaican Engineer who puts 40 hours in a single days work. Who works hard while the rest of the world is sleeping and work twice as hard when the rest of the world is working. Whether its a 9 – 5, a first degree or an entrepreneur, the engineer who wakes up before the sun and never sleeps until the work is done. Who dreams the impossible, pray for the intangible and has the drive to reach the unattainable, I salute you!

Jamaica is a blessed island and like a young child we are born with limitless potentials, eager to learn and fascinated by new discoveries. Its up to us as young engineers to srtive to make this nation the lighthouse of the Caribbean, the manufacturing hub of the Western World, the birth place of ingenious engineering programs and a culture of new creations. May our trend of engineering capabilities soar like the reputation of our talented athletes, musicians and historic leaders.

Marcus Mosiah Garvey implored us to ‘Rise Up yea mighty nation’, Bob Marley prayed that we ‘Emancipate ourselves from mental slavery’ and I wish to add my small voice to the echos of our fore fathers and customize one of my favorite verses, ‘We can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us!’ So help us Dear God to know that despite circumstances we endure, you are our strength. Olives are pressed to get oil, fruits are squeezed for juice, stones are heated for gold, flowers are crushed for perfume,  so even though our small island is being pressured help us to see the beauty that you are just trying to get the best out of us. May we strive beyond the tendency of thinking inside the box and playing on the safe side, but instead push us to find unique ways to solve some of the world’s leading problems, ways of using our few resources and limitless brain power to change the world and become the smallest country to reach the highest heights.
God Bless our land, God bless our people, God bless our future engineers, God Bless Jamaica.

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