Interview with Sher

Interview with Quadrillionaire Sher Trott Bailey

Interview with Sher

Interviewer: A lot of your content on 1drop deals with women and sometimes describes them as

” evil bitches” Do you dislike women?

Sher: ” To be fair I also describe some men as evil bitches. You can be sure that evil is genderless. No I don’t dislike or hate women but I am no longer naive about them. Especially in this time period where everything is about women empowerment and women seemingly can do no wrong. It’s just that I realize that women are the biggest oppressors of each other. The same bitch on YouTube or at a United Nations conference encouraging you, is the same one at work doing her best to stop you another woman from being promoted.

Many women are also very small minded

.Mother’s are not always good, best friends have agendas, many female bosses are the biggest bitches to female coworkers, female influencers are offloading bullshit into the ears of their female audience etc. I just see through women nowadays. If you think i’m harsh about today’s women , you wouldn’t want to hear how God describes them. I’m very tame compared to Him when he gets started on all the ‘despicable, stink, maggot ridden pussy bitches’ walking around.”

Interviewer:So can I assume then that you have no close female friends?”

Sher: ” I have none and I want none.
Interviewer: What about male friends?
Sher: ‘ I have none and I want none.”

Interviewer: And how about Mr Bailey your husband? Does he keep any close friends, male or female? Is there any other married couple who you consider as friends?

KB and I are of the same my mindset, we have no desire for any close friends whether male, female or another married couple. There is just nobody who thinks like we do and we don’t want to be influenced by friendship. Let me tell you what’s bound to happen when you let people who have a worldly and system cookie mind to be your friends:”we will want to do something or say something that is offensive to many. When you allow friends or family members into your ear because you hold them in some esteem, what was once easy for us to say or do, now we may start hesitating or tempering our speech all because that friend gave us a call or made a comment saying that they thought what we said was too radical. And it’s the same attitude towards letting investors into our business-we want none. There is only one person who we want as a friend and whose viewpoints and perspective influences us and that is God.

“Interviewer: What kind of friend is God?

Sher : ” God is full of life and energy! Talking with him gets your blood fired up. He is very funny and he quickly puts things into perspective. Everywhere you turn in the world their is someone ready to tell you about something sad or fearful or gory. God is the opposite. He is always calm and ready to tell you that everything is always okay. He is also the one who has given us a lot of insight and knowledge about all sorts of people, he has been the one to strip away my naivety, increase my confidence and just made me a free minded person. I cuss more, I speak my mind and I know that the only purpose of my life is to enjoy myself. That’s the only thing God wants for me, to just enjoy everyday.”

Interviewer : So are you completely uninterested in people then?

Sher: ” Yes and I want to become even more uninterested and not influenced by them. Doesn’t mean that I will be a recluse or hermit or even unkind. It just means being beyond their ability to affect my mood or happiness.

“Interviewer : Some would say that outlook seems rather ” cold”.

Sher: “I don’t care what some would say. Mhmm think of the opposite way-to be that person who is ever passionately fighting some cause or carrying people’s burdens, or being nice to everyone. So tiring! So miserable! Quickest way to become rundown and bitter! Especially when most people don’t even want to help themselves. You can council a fool with good advice all you want and they will still run their lives foolishly. And that’s the type of people one should care about? That’s the type of people that I should pause my happiness for? Hell no! This is a world ran on sentimentality but little common sense. You see the sad mother on social media posting about her sick child and ohhh your heart goes out to her, you pity her, you think why is life and God so unfair? and you would never see into the bitch’s evil heart to see that her delight and happiness comes from her child being sick and getting all the pity and well wishes she can get. You would never know that even while the baby was in the belly she was dilligently studying all the things that can go wrong with her pregnancy and secretly hoping that her child was born with something. Only God can tell you these things. Everybody nowadays wants pity, they have no ambition to change. Everything is about getting the ego stroked. They watch what is currently trending in the movies and they pick the character they want to act like and that’s their life. This one wants to be ‘ the suave player guy’, that one wants to be the ” dreamy hero doctor”, this one wants to be ‘the bitchy boss’, ” the overly concerned mother” etc. People just living their life according to the next trend. They have no vision for themselves or their family. And I should give a fuck about them? Hence I don’t want to hear or carry anybody’s burdens. I don’t want to hear your sad story. Let God handle the affairs of people , I will handle only myself and my family.”

Interviewer: Well, it’s been really insightful to hear your perspective, and we have reached the end. Thank you.

Sher : No problem.

Interviewer: A lot of your content on 1drop deals with women and sometimes describes them as ” evil bitches” Do you dislike women? Sher: ” To be fair I also describe some men as evil bitches. You can be sure that evil is genderless. No I don’t dislike or hate women but I am no…Read MoreRead More

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