First Day of Poster Presentation

First Day of Poster Presentation

Here is a photo update of the first of three days of presentations at the Global Humanitarian Technical Conference. It was a great day, basically you stand beside your poster all day and persons come over to hear about your project are you give 2 or 3 precious minutes to make them believe that your innovation is the greatest of the five on display. This has presented me with a grand opportunity to expand my network exponentially, its also very tiring to be presenting all day to over 250 attendees. A major factor in the selection of the overall winner is the number of vote that a finalist gets from viewers who walk up to hear the  3 minute presentation.
Here are a few photos of the first of three days of presentations. 
From left Josh ScotlandKiran Rajmohan, and I

Student Poster Competition Organizer, Ramesh Nair

Kiran’s 3 minute pitch on an Android App that informs Paramedics if you are in a accident
Tropical Storm Wind Turbine Controller Poster.

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