Engineering Award Ceremony, Thanks on behalf of the Awardees

Engineering Award Ceremony, Thanks on behalf of the Awardees

The 2012 Faculty of Engineering and Computing Award ceremony honored over 70 individuals, among which I was received the Dean’s Exemplary Student Award and was also asked to prepare the vote of thanks on behalf of the awardees. The ceremony acknowledged  both students and graduates from categories such as: the Dean’s list, outstanding major projects and co-curricular involvements.  

Acknowledging distinguished guests prior to the vote of thanks
“It’s not the speech, it’s the delivery.”  Author Unknown

I would like to think that this quote also applied to the public presentation I delivered on the night of the Faculty of Engineering and Computing award ceremony at the University of Technology, Jamaica. I took this opportunity to post my vote of thanks in its entirety to induce and inspire you to aim for greatness regardless of the task or tasks you are currently undertaking.

The five minute speech, as presented…  

“…Deputy President: Mr. Kulkarni, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering: Mrs. DeLisser, Head of School of Engineering: Dr. Smith, Head of School of Computing: Mr. Campbell, Masters of Ceremony, Guest Speakers, Administrative Staff, Awardees, Parents and Guardians, Ladies and Gentlemen a pleasant night to you all.

 Years of sleepless nights and restless days have culminated to this; where the devotion, dedication and determination of exceptional student engineers have not gone unrecognized. On behalf of the 72 awardees from over 15 different categories, 2 different schools, but 1 prestigious faculty, I would like to say thank you. We are grateful to the administrative team who deemed it necessary to acknowledge our continued efforts in making this noble institution the premiere choice for engineering and computing studies in the Caribbean. To the organizers, you have done a splendid job and I am sure we all can agree the venue was well orchestrated for such a memorable occasion like this. 

To our treasured parents and guardians who have been there for us every step of the way. You have prayed fervently, gave selflessly and supported us passionately; we are truly overflowing with gratitude.

Dear awardees, it’s not by chance we are here tonight and for that let us take pride in our accomplishments. Our keynote speakers Mr. Godfrey Boyd and Mr. Wayne Christian spoke eloquently about the history of our schools and the destiny of our faculty, let us hereby build on our rich tradition of supreme quality. The faculty of Engineering and Computing has been on a journey to greatness and it can only succeed through the combined support of our individual contribution and cross faculty integration. I have been honored to lead the IEEE group of dedicated volunteers and partner with SAPNA’s exceptional computing students, whose combined contribution resulted in UTech’s recent success at the IEEE Conference in USA. This truly speaks volume to the synthesis of our faculty.

Individually, no one knows your pain, your struggle nor your story the way you do. You have toiled hard for this precious moment: you have sacrificed nights, days and weekends for your own taste of excellence. Therefore, I challenge you to continue in being the catalyst of positive change that our lovely island is in dire need of.  Once again, thank you all for making this event a cherished, reality.

I Thank You”

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