Dean of Engineering: Exemplary Student Award

Dean of Engineering: Exemplary Student Award

The recently concluded award ceremony for the Faculty of Engineering and Computing held at the Alfred Sangster Auditorium turned out to be a great proceeding for the grand occasion. Over 72 awardees were acknowledged from various categories and I was honored to be selected as the first time recipient for the Dean of the Faculty, Exemplary Student Award. I  also collected the Professional Student Body Award on behalf of the IEEE Student Group for our accomplishments through out the academic year.

Exemplary Student Award, presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Mrs. Charmaine DeLisser

Award description as prepared by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, Mrs. Charmaine DeLisser

“This faculty nurtures the development of Computing and Engineering professionals and is guided by the tenets and values of these professions. Above all the faculty is guided by Godly morals and standards. This award, another first of its kind, is designated for the student who (over consideration for two years), has at all times acted with fidelity, fairness, and loyalty to peers and faculty. It is designated to the student who has demonstrated devotion to high ideals of personal honour and professional integrity and who has extended self to assist and inspire others. Finally it is also designated to the student who has been the best ambassador for the Faculty locally and internationally.

Exemplary Student Award for the Academic year 2010/2011

… This year’s awardee is Mr. Kimroy Bailey. Kimroy has been a great motivator and inspiration to students and staff. Under the guidance of Academic mentors, he has played a significant role in building the IEEE Student Chapter, encouraging and leading the team through the challenges of preparing for international competition, and on to victory at the highest levels. He has always been willing to share his knowledge with other students and to promote the faculty of Engineering and Computing in the local media. He has been an excellent Ambassador and an exemplary student.”

Kimroy Bailey (left) and Mrs. Charmaine DeLisser (right) presenting the Exemplary Student Award

I was selected to present the vote of thanks on behalf of the Awardees to end the nights proceedings. For that publication and additional photos please click here. Feel free to ‘Like’ this post, and provide your feedback by adding your comment below.

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