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The Kimroy Bailey Group is the world’s largest Interactive Training, Business Process Outsourcing, Consultation and Software Development company for the Renewable Robotics Industry. The KB Group seamlessly integrates Renewable Energy Solutions with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The Group operates in  Istanbul, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, New Dehli, Hamburg, Zurich, Miami and Manchester.

As we continue to grow our global operations our goal is not to feel ‘BIG’, we want to feel like the company across the street where you can jump on their website, start a conversation and get an instant response.  If we miss the mark of an instant response, our team has a listening ear, you can send us a message by emailing [email protected]

The Kimroy Bailey Group of Companies is owned by Kimroy KB Bailey, his beautiful wife Sherika Sher Trott Bailey, their adorable baby, Keilah Trott Bailey and the little Trott Baileys to come. The Trott Bailey family proudly believes in Popsie (God) and the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

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