Kimroy Bailey renewable robotics camp

3D Printing Robotics
Learn how to design and build your OWN robots with 3D Technology
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Our students love our training program and we love our students!
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Build & Program
All ages and all stages can learn to build and program their robots!
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Mobile Robots
Have fun while learning!
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Wind & Solar Training
Students learn about wind and solar energy and going Off the Grid
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Build Rasta Robot

Students will get the chance to assemble and build Rasta Robot! The robot can search for a candle lit fire and extinguish the blaze and a LOT more fun features while learning!

Wind and Solar

Students will get to assemble a basic solar project. Students will also get to assemble wind turbines. The best part is, once completed the renewable energy will be used to power their devices!

Small Price Big Impact

The cost for the Renewable Robotics Summer Camp  is J$19,900 per student per week, students may enroll for two consecutive weeks at the same location. This fee is inclusive of a $5,000 non refundable registration fee and $14,900 camp fee. This covers course material, which will be provided, field trips and a Certificate of Participation from Kimroy Bailey Robotics.

Two week Discount 🙂

Students who enroll in 2 weeks will pay $35,000 instead of $39,800.

Pay at Any Bank of Nova Scotia:

Account Name: Kimroy Bailey
Account Number: 816602 Branch: Liguanea

Email an image of your payment receipt. Upload the receipt using the option below  and Voila! You’re Registered.

Email: [email protected]

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